21st Sep 2004, 09:29

I agree with the second guy. My V6 323 is awesome. The fact that it doesn't boot until 4000 revs is the only thing that stops it wheel spinning everywhere.

I love this car!!!

9th Aug 2005, 07:05

I wrote the original report.

The ZXi I owned until recently, was in good condition with full dealer service history. There are just some laughable design flaws.

I have not had to replace anything with the engine. It was the BOOT pistons that needed replacing. Other end of the car sir!

Quite frankly, anyone that has driven a V6 Alfa will laugh hysterically at the Mazda 2.0 V6. It is just not sporty. The return is absurbly slow. The throttle response is lamentable. The gear ratios don't match the engine. The suspension is so hard. The steering is too light at speed as Mazda saved money and didn't go for variable assisted. The headlights, even upgraded, are a joke.

It is a well constructed car, but has design flaws aplenty.

14th Sep 2005, 06:46

Actually, I disagree. The Mazda V6 2.0 and 2.5 engines have to be two of the best engines every produced. They are silent, very well mannered and are bomb proof- they cover over 300,000 miles if looked after. A Mazda is a far superior car in every way to an Alfa, the V6 units in the 166 at least are nothing special themselves.

10th May 2006, 05:49

Well this all makes it very confusing for me. I am considering buying a ZXI because I am so pleased with my 1.5 LXI, but now I am not sure what to expect. Is it going to be reliable, expensive to run, is it going to be hard work to drive if it has a peaky engine. Can anyone give me any answers?

14th May 2006, 03:37

It will be completely reliable, but a fair bit thirstier than the 1.5, however it is well worth it listening to the purr of the V6.

10th Jul 2006, 13:26

Sounds fair.

12th Jul 2006, 03:34

I've had (well my wife has had) a 2.0 v6 ZXi for 5 years. It's a 1998 model and is a fantastic car to drive. I have a BMW 740i (4.5litre monster) but I love getting into the Mazda to blast around the countryside. It's had a few dings and scrapes over the years, but has been regularly serviced and the internals, engine, brakes and handling are superb. It's a point and shoot car. The petrol consumption doesn't seem too bad, but I'm used to 20-25 MPG with the BMW.

The engine responds in a very similar way to the old Honda civic - you need to rev it to get the response. And I can confirm the rev limiter kicks in a little over 125mph.

If you are buying one of these, make sure it's got a good service history as replacement parts are expensive - although many second hand parts from lesser 323's are available.

We're now in discussions with a specialist car conversion company in the South West of England to turn the little beast into a cabriolet.

13th Jul 2006, 01:48

I have had my ZXi for 4 years now and it has done over 130,000 miles. I am still happy with it although at this stage in it's life little things are starting to go wrong. The brake calipers on the rear have needed replacing as the hand brake has failed. (through no fault of my own) the electric aerial has stopped working and the bushes on the anti roll bar are worn. However considering the mileage the car has done none of these problems concern me overly. It has been a great car that has taken me a long way and I've never had to worry about it breaking down. (Touch wood) I'm planning on selling in the next year only because I want to move up to a faster car.

9th Sep 2006, 10:23

If you want the Mazda 323F ZXI to take off like a rocket just shove it in first gear, take your revs up to just over 4000, let the clutch up sharpish... and prepare to get glued to the back of your seat...awsome...although you do have to shift into second a bit quick to avoid red lining it!

(6500-7000 revs)...Have fun, and look out for the next gas station...lol.

12th Sep 2006, 09:13

Like the guy above says. Drop into first, rev to around 4000rpm and release that clutch...See...ya!

70mph @ approx 3500rpm

127mph @ approx 5800rpm.

Engine complains at around 7200rpm (just into the red)

..and keep an eye out for those petrol stations.

4th Dec 2006, 17:18

Hi read all your comments a few weeks ago, and was so impressed by the performance described I went and bought one! and yes its as good as I hoped, and in some cases even better, where have I been without it for so long??? I love it!! no one said it could go near 140mph tho! gotta be worth mentioning!:) thanks for introducing it to me!!!

28th Apr 2007, 13:36

Hi there,

I have a 1998 Mazda 323f V6, I bought it after much encouragement from my boyfriend (who loves it). I totally agree with the last comment. My 323f is running extremely well despite the high mileage (145000). However I have been having a couple of small problems lately i.e. the electric aeriel has stopped working, the CV boot on the passenger side needs replacing and there is a strange rattling noise from the engine. I hope to get these problems sorted in the next couple of weeks so I can drive the car for another 140000 miles. I have a quick questions that I hope some one could help me with. What spark plugs and plug leads do you use in the V6?

14th Jul 2007, 10:56

I've owned two 94-98 Mazda 323f models; a 1996 1.8 Exec which was written off by some Muppet turning right in front of me, and then a 1998 ZXI V6 SE model with all the trimmings.

I have to say that both cars were brilliant to own & run, if a little thirsty on fuel.

The issue with the leccy aerial seizing up is a common problem on these cars, which can be kept in check by putting a small amount of grease on it every year or so.

I never had to shell out any money on these cars other than the usual servicing costs, and nothing mechanical ever failed on them. If anyone is considering buying a V6 version I would say it's definitely worth it, as most are quite cheap now (nearly all under 2 grand) but check it out properly to make sure it's not been thrashed to within an inch of it's life.

Buying one which has had the cam belt changed recently is also good idea, as it's an expensive job to pay for on the V6.

I've now changed to a 2002 323f 2.0l Sport, which is also great to drive and just as reliable, but not as good looking as the 94-98 model. I think Mazda sacked all its designers before it was partly bought out by Ford!

25th Jul 2007, 01:16

Hi, greetings from Malaysia.

I have owned my 323f (Lantis, as it is know here) for like 2 years now and am very happy with it. Mine is a "type R" version; i.e. it has JDM 170HP V6 engine, LSG gearbox and digital climate control. Power delivery below 3500rpm is a laugh, but after that the car simply takes off until the 7200rpm redline thanks to two VRIS solenoids which open/close the airflow path at 3500rpm and 5000rpm. And the noise is awesome!!