2nd Aug 2007, 07:53

Have had my 323F ZXi V6 SE for 2 years now and have just put it through the MOT today. Passed with only needing a new hand brake cable. Very pleased.

Before this car I had a MX6 (2.5 older sister of the 323!) and I can honestly say that the performance is soo much better. The 2.5 feels enormously more powerful which I was surprised at. The 323F is really nice to cruise down the motorway because the power is at the top end. 0-50 I think any car could beat or keep up. Above 70mph is a different story. There is a never ending source of power.

Fuel economy is poor which is why if you can pick up a good looking non-V6 then I would.

I'm selling mine this week to buy a honda civic. Need more economical miles. Loved it while I owned it though. If fuel prices were sub 80p It would never leave my possession.

20th Aug 2007, 13:27

Hi all. A few months ago my mate bought a very special red ZXi. This car was special because it sparked off a big love affair between me and 323 ZXis. After 2 weeks of constant nagging, my mate let me test drive it. Straight away the first thing you say when driving these cars is wow.

After the test drive, I was 323 ZXi hungry, so I spent weeks constantly looking for a ZXi of my own. Eventually I found 1, which isn't easy considering the rarity of these cars now. Cost me £1850 with 76000 on the clock, 1998 model.

The only problem I have is my drop link bars are making knocks; nothing major and easy to fix. Nothing else is wrong with her.

One thing I was told when buying this car was to look for rust, as when it starts, it will rust a lot. A good place to check is in the petrol cap.

I was also told the engines are bullet proof by two different people.

I love my Mazda, and what you get out of it is well worth the petrol. This car will be a future classic.

6th Nov 2007, 16:42

Hi, great series of comments about a great car.

I owned the 1.8 in 1997 in Australia, and when I came to UK found a 1994 GLX (previous name for ZXi) for £650 - who could argue?

It's just been taken off the road, but the Mazda service guy had one for sale for £1500, so I did a deal and got a 1998 version - feels much tighter, I think Mazda really got their production worked out by then.

But... strange thing, the 1994 had more response from 3000 rpm, I've noticed a lot of comments about the later version only kicking in more power about 4000 rpm, and have noticed the different feel when gunning it.

Does anybody know if this is a fact (ie Mazda changed the programming of throttle response) or is it just my imagination/ the particular examples I had?

12th Nov 2007, 07:33

I owned one of the first 2.0 V6's in 1995. It was a GXi before it got rebadged to ZXi (had one of each). I had it in Germany and my wife and I got 148mph out of it flying down the autobahn to Munich! Great little car with an engine that purrrrrred. Now 12 years on I'm looking to find another one. Great fun, but practical with 4 doors.

20th Nov 2007, 14:41

Hi! I have had a 323 v6 for two weeks of super fun, but it has a tapping from the engine. Would it be the valves? It likes its oil. Help!

21st Nov 2007, 18:33

Having been underneath my MX-6 enough times in the last four years, I'm still trying to figure what "boot pistons" are in the original review.

Maybe it's a spelling mistake (the original review had enough of them).

22nd Nov 2007, 20:20

Regarding the tapping noise from the engine and thirst for oil, I can probably help out on the latter having just picked my 97 ZXi up from its MOT. I was informed my sump has corroded, resulting in a frequent need to top up over the last two weeks. (suggest you crawl under or get car on a lift to have a look at the sump). Also if ethe xhaust smokes, it's not yer sump, it's a knackered engine!

Incidentally car passed test with flying colours.

The performance of car is gradually improving with frequent caning, as I'm told it led a quiet life before I owned it, and it certainly was a tight and quiet engine when I first picked it up.

Regarding the sound of these beasts, had car for six months now and still not switched the CD player on yet! Just prefer the engine roar combined with the sucking noise of all that petrol being drawn in! Certainly one of the nicest sounding cars I've ever driven, and will continue to do so until it dies. Just a shame they stopped making them.

Paid £1500 quid for mine in June 07 with FSH and mileage of 84,000. Best 1500 I've spent in my life, and I'm old!!!

Apparently I'll be even greyer according to the mechanic when I find out the price for the replacement sump...

2nd Dec 2007, 10:02

I have just purchased a 1997 Mazda 323 ZXI V6 24V, and am very pleased with the performance. Unfortunately, the rocker cover gaskets are leaking (the only problem) but still feel I've gotten a bargain. Does anyone know if this is a common problem, and how much this will cost to repair in the garage?

Nice to see this car getting so much positive feedback! ex' review at the top is very helpful.

20th Dec 2007, 16:06

In answer to the BOOT PISTON mystery, I believe he means the tail-gate lifter rams.

30th Mar 2008, 05:25

Hi all,

I had a 1995 2.0 v6 323, wow, what a car, so much fun to drive. In response to some of the comments, yes it drinks fuel, but when touring down the autobahn in Germany and Austria for a holiday we managed about 32 mpg at best, ho hum, did a two week holiday with wife and Daughter with all luggage, it did the job well, also noticed that erm, nobody knows how quick these things are, BMW drivers really get taken aback. Onto a more serious note though, got a choice of a Saab Aero or spend 10% of that cost on another of these, strange though it may sound going to get another Mazda, the Saab is an amazing car, just feel that the Mazda will be more fun. You don't really know how well it handles till you take an extended test drive in a car that should be far better and 11 years younger, found I felt more confident in its handling that a BMW Z4 2.5, might just be me though.

28th May 2008, 12:59

Hi. I am a Mazda 323f fanatic. I first owned a 323f 1500 which was a lovely little car. Sold it on with 200,000 miles on the clock 3 years ago. I still see it about now. Then I moved onto the 1991 323f GTI 1800 DOHC. This car was a real joy to drive. So much power for such a light car. 140 BHP but about 400 kilos lighter than the zxi. I sold it last month with 198000 miles on the clock as I've been after a zxi for a while. I work for a car dealership and they had 1 in part ex. 128,000 miles, 1 lady owner FSH. I got it for what it owed them £800. Best money I've ever spent. Not as quick off the mark as my old GTI but so smooth to drive. The gearing is not as good as the GTI either. I could pull away from 20 mph in 5th gear and get higher speed in each gear before changing up. Having said all that though, I would not swap back. This car handles like a dream and corners at speed like the old Minis used to. I also like the fact that the power does not arrive till after 4000 rpm. Fine for town driving which is what most of us do. Gotta love that V6 purr as well. Puts a smile on my face every time I start it up.

Ps. My wife is on her 3rd Mazda 626. The 2 previous ones went to over 200,000 miles before we sold them. Mazda make such good engines. Just change the oil every 3000 miles and they last forever. Can you tell I like Mazdas.