2005 Mazda 5 TS 2 1.8 from UK and Ireland


GREAT family car, pity about its suspension woes


It has been totally blighted by SUSPENSION faults. It has been backwards and forwards, to my local dealer, whom are... you could pull your hair-out. Stressful really does not cut it. I have spent hours sat in their pretty dreary waiting room, with an equally horrible coffee machine.

It HAS recently repaired "FINALLY" (July 2008), this was only after losing my cool, and taking the challenge up with the dealership manager.

But then, they had been trying to repair it since NOVEMBER (that's 2007!)

But when you do lose your faith in something, you do also lose trust in a product, I do see it costing me BIG MONEY When the warranty does run out!!! unfortunately.

General Comments:

Now on a lighter note it really is a FAB car, I cannot REALLY say a bad word against it, maybe just a few criticisms.

I love the way it steers and handles, it and sticks to the road, but yet very light to steer, and with feed back. You do forget your driving a people carrier.

Totally love the sliding doors, WHAT a great idea to put them on a compact carrier, But why NOT have them all POWERED as standard - my children 9 yrs and 6 yrs can easily work them. But with no safety feature? - if fingers do get in the way, it is a little worrying.

The interior is also very clever, I can only surmise it was designed by PARENTS with children, the seats move effortlessly, the 6+7 seats fold with... well almost magically. But with those two rear most seats in place, either one of them or both simultaneously, it is REALLY REALLY tight with a buggy in there.

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Review Date: 2nd August, 2008

28th Dec 2009, 14:11

Hello, I posted the original review. We said GOODBYE to the Mazda on - 12/12/09. I will definitely NOT miss it.

The endless suspension faults...... the creaks - the groans - the rattling - and THEN the absolute rubbish dealers, and of course NOT forgetting the front tyre wear. To add insult to injury the back suspension (fixed twice before) WAS YET again was making a racket... I had just had it - enough was enough!!

The thought of having to go back YET AGAIN to that flaming garage to sit for two hours for them TO REPAIR THE THING......... having sat some 2-3hrs - they then appear with car keys in hand about - swiftly followed by WE HAVE ORDERED THE WRONG PARTS...... I won't swear.

We traded the Mazda against a very very nice Toyota Previa, it did take some finding but we love it, WHAT a brilliant car.


18th Dec 2012, 11:39

Thank you for this review and follow up, although I am truly sorry to hear of your suffering. Your review was the last of many I read, here and on other sites. Despite the 5's many qualities, it apparently has some insurmountable (for me) weaknesses. I have decided to learn from your experience and not purchase one.

24th Nov 2013, 22:17

I suspect this vehicle had a rear suspension component (the shock absorbers) design fault.

The shock absorbers help reduce the rebound of the car, and soften the passage over street bumps.

Either the shock absorbers on this car were too weak for the car's rear weight, or - and this is hard, if not impossible to correct - there was a manufacturing design fault in the geometry of the suspension, leading to premature and repetitive wear of the rear shock absorbers.

If there was a manufacturing fault, there is no remedy. The rear shock absorbers will keep wearing out at regular intervals, at the expense of the owner.

I am not aware in which year Mazda fixed this manufacturing issue.

2005 Mazda 5 TS 1.8 petrol from UK and Ireland


Good car, spoilt by issues with the suspension and brakes


Loud graunching noise from nearside front suspension when passing over speed bumps.

"warped" brake discs.

Loud rattle from dash-board.

General Comments:

We purchased this car new in September 2005. We chose this model over the Vauxhal Zafira, Ford C-max and Toyota Corolla Verso due to the sliding rear doors.

The sliding rear doors really are an excellent feature and are not available on any other mid size MPV. They are great in tight parking spaces, allowing easy access to the middle and rear seats.

The 1.8 Petrol engine has loosened up nicely after around 10K miles and provides all the performance we need in this type of car.

The car is generally well equipped, especially in terms of safety with airbags covering all 3 rows of seats.

The interior trim on the TS model is quite light and has not worn too well over, I guess the darker trim on the TS2 / sport would have been more family friendly.

The car has been into the dealers on 3 occasions, but has yet to be put right. Mazda UK just tell me to refer back to the dealer.

All in all a good car let down by issues with the brakes and suspension.

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Review Date: 13th March, 2007

25th Dec 2007, 11:16

We too are having the same problems. The dealership are... well, BANG your HEAD off the nearest wall!

By the way a great car, love to drive, handles really well, and ours is also the 1800cc, and for such a big car it goes surprisingly well.