2014 Mazda 5 Sport 2.5 from North America


Reliable, economical and comfortable



General Comments:

A recent purchase that was prompted by poor seating in our previous car (Impreza). Health issues required that I trade in a flawless little Subaru; I almost had to lift my wife out of the car, while hoping each time she wouldn't damage her back in the process.

I found the Mazda 5 to have very good seating arrangements, and after researching and test driving, I decided all things considered, price included, that the Mazda 5 was our best bet. I will from time to time share my experiences with the Mazda.

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Review Date: 21st September, 2015

21st Jul 2016, 01:30

My first update on the Mazda 5... approaching 19000km without any issue. It's a very comfortable, economical and nice driving vehicle that seems a lot larger than it is. Definitely a recommended buy.

17th Jan 2018, 20:30

The Mazda 5 @ 42000 km is still flawless. My wife is now in need of wheelchair and this little van stores it nicely behind the rear seats. I am amazed that more people aren't demanding that car makers sell such vehicles; practical, economical and fun to drive, not to mention durable.

22nd Apr 2019, 02:00

My Mazda 5 is approaching 55000 km and still flawless; why Mazda stopped making these vehicles is a mystery.

22nd Apr 2019, 14:17

Mazda stopped making them due to slow sales, hardly a "mystery"...

24th Aug 2019, 23:55

Thanks for solving mystery, but think when oil hits 100$ a barrel Mazda is going to wish they still had the 5 in their showrooms.