2015 Mazda 6 Sport 2.5L I-4 SkyActiv-G from North America


Best in class driving experience


None, no NVH issues as a new car. Will provide a follow up review in 1 year's time.

General Comments:

I paid $18,000 USD including tax, title, and license to make this my new daily driver. I had a very limited budget for my work vehicle, and found a dealership willing to make an aggressive deal.

This car is a base model, but comes standard with alloy wheels, cruise control, steering wheel audio controls, projector-cased halogens, lined trunk including hatch, automatic hill start assist that holds the brakes as you accelerate from a stop (manual transmission only, and works very well without taking away from the experience of a proper manual transmission), traction control, manual lumbar support for the driver's seat, leather wrapped steering wheel and e-brake, USB/Aux ports with iPod integration on the base stereo.

The car has decent acceleration, but all other factors like steering and handling, clutch and shifter feel, and braking make this car absolutely fun to drive for a FWD sedan. I wanted the 2015 for potential of adding an aftermarket stereo with touch screen navigation. Initial build quality is terrific, and my only complaint is seat comfort... the leatherette seats are better.

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Review Date: 2nd May, 2015

4th May 2015, 07:16

The price in the UK would be a lot more for the same thing. That was a very good deal!

5th May 2015, 23:03

In NZ we will be paying over 40k easy for that type of model, which is 30k+ USD.

25th Apr 2016, 03:27

So I am the original author of the article providing a 1 year update. My update is this... nothing. The car is still operating perfectly and has shown very little wear in the last year. I am averaging about 34 MPG in mixed driving. No NVH issues of any kind, and I enjoy it as much as when I bought it.

26th Jul 2016, 15:16

I really LOVE the styling of this car, and how fun to drive it is.

There are a few things holding me back from buying one:

1. In the US, it is still (as of late 2016) ONLY available with the skyactive 2.5 4 cylinder. While that is a remarkable engine, the performance is merely average and doesn't match the car's aggressive looks. The car handles amazing, but a Mazdaspeed V6 or a Turbo 4 would make this car a really hot seller in my opinion. We were also promised the diesel that the Euro cars can have; now it looks like that isn't going to happen either.

2. The trims and option packages severely limit a lot of features that come standard on other brands. For example, if you want satellite radio standard, you are forced to buy the Touring model with the Tech package, which includes the Bose Audio system, and sunroof... jacking the MSRP well over $25000. Same thing for heated mirrors, both satellite radio and heated mirrors are pretty standard fare in all other manufacturers in this class. Fog lights only come standard on the Grand Touring, which starts at over $30000 MSRP. Outside of the sunroof, you can have the dealer install most of these options... But outside of the entry level sport, a lot of these options really should be standard.

3. Ventilated seats would be nice on Touring and GT models.

I wish I could spec a sport model with manual transmission, cloth seats, a sunroof, satellite radio, fog lights, nav, and the turbo 4 from the CX-9...

Then Mazda would really have a hit!