26th Sep 2007, 11:43

I bought a used 2003 Mazda6 S in February 2007 in Georgia. I drove it back up to Missouri no problems, but then 2 months to the day after I bought the damn thing, it starts making this noise. I pull over, call a tow truck and take it to the nearest dealership. I was dubbed a negligent driver, and when I called Mazda USA the guy didn't even know about an oil light, and used the excuse that he "wasn't a technician". I'm sorry, but I even know that the light comes on when there is no less than a quart left in the oil pan. They now tell me that I have a blown motor however I'm thinking it's the transmission (clutch, throw out bearing, etc.)

To the people who commented on March 20th and August 11th, I am very interested in talking to you. My email is babygurlhbpic_em@yahoo.com. If you would be willing to talk about your problems, please email me.

31st Oct 2007, 12:54

The clutch on my 2004 Mazda 6 slipped after only 11K miles. Had the seat covers replaced at 11,000 miles and had them replaced at 46,000 miles due to them balling up and looking ratty. The CLUTCH DISK They replaced that one under warranty, because it was "shuddering." The clutch went again now at 55K miles. This time the bill is mine to pay: $1037.00! There is CLEARLY a problem with the parts, not with the drivers. Mazda is POOR for these problems. I had the car towed to Mazda in Ft. Myers Florida for no service to be done as they are too busy too work on my car. So I had it towed again and after I get this car back there will be a for sale sign. My battery went at 50,000. Tires replaced. MAZDA dealers all have different prices on parts and labor. I called in 10/31/07 and spoke to Mazda Corp to TIM, he said for me to get the car back to Mazda for them to look at the problem. The problem with that is the Dealership wouldn't even service my car as they were bought by another dealership and more than 75% of their workforce left or were fired. I asked Tim can you guarantee me that you are going to help me. He said they would see if they could extend the warranty, but no guarantees. Well too late. The other person has installed the new clutch. No More Mazda for this Family. BUYERS BEWARE. I will never buy another Mazda again. GO AMERICAN BUY CHEVY, I WILL.

19th Dec 2007, 08:57

Yet another comment on the apparent poor durability of the clutch in the Mazda6. My 2004 was purchased in late '04 and has about 40k miles. The 3 year old clutch is slipping and I'm told it's around $1300 to fix. The fact that this is a common problem with the Mazda, is not a warranted defect (even though it is relevant to the drive-train), and that Mazda Corp is turning a blind eye to the problem is frustrating. I will not buy another Mazda and I will tell as many people as I can to avoid this problem-plagued vehicle. I have signed the petition mentioned in earlier posts and I will tell the auto-technician to save my shoddy clutch for me when he replaces it. I plan to give Mazda back their defective part. Maybe if enough people did likewise, they would get the point.

23rd Dec 2007, 01:17

I also have a mazda6s. Car has been one problem after another. Right around 53k had to fix oil leak 600.00 Clutch started slipping at around 50k. I also experience shuttering and most recent the right front axle needs to be replaced for no explained reason.

26th Jan 2008, 01:02

My 2004 Mazda 6...

Replaced battery at 15K, 25K, and 50K.

Replaced front brakes at 50K.

Had a huge ordeal trying to figure out what was making my "fuel too lean" according to the check engine light, eventually turned out to be fuel sensor.

Have had to change out different headlamps out at least 4 times at a cost of $50 a pop for dealership service.

Now at 71K the clutch is gone, looking at $1000+ PLUS towing.

CD player has ALWAYS been a piece of junk.

I love this car, but god I hate it too.

I'm going to trade it in before it gets worse.

**just in case you care: Japanese parts and assembly was less than 30% in this car.

12th Mar 2008, 18:11

I have a 2004 Mazda6s. I have owned 7 manual transmission cars in my 62 years. And I have NEVER had to replace a clutch.

I have driven old cars for a good portion of my last 15 years and finally moved up? to the '6', new in 2004. the last manual car that I owned before this Mazda was an '89 626 that I bought with 97,000 original miles on it, and drove "through hell and high water" that finally got crashed-up and I STILL drove it until I couldn't anymore because the clutch was finally DONE.

THAT happened at 240,000 miles. It started to slip at about 220,000 and I nursed it until it was just senseless to keep it. I bought an old Buick to tide me over until my finances got better and I bought the '6'. I have 39,000 miles on mine, so I seem to be fairly high, actually, in the clutch slippage situation.

I am going to start my campaign with the dealership in two days. If anyone can give me advice on getting some satisfaction I would be grateful. I WILL accept a "prorated" solution, provided that it is based on at LEAST a 100,000 mile lifetime for a clutch. It will still hurt - a lot.

17th Mar 2008, 07:26

Hey me too!!! Even in Australia. Never Mazda again... even been to court! any one got problems with a/c?

22nd Mar 2008, 17:50

The clutch problem is well known around the world. Look at numerous Mazda forums. Sometime ago, there was a TSB (technical service bulletin) issued, for a redesigned clutch. The claimed reason for this was to reduce clutch judder.

However, I think it's because of the very high incidences of premature clutch wear and failure.

Look at What Car UK (www.whatcar.com), various Mazda forums, here in Australia (www.ozmazdaclub.com), (forum.mazda6club.com), and many others. Do a Google search, and you will find information on the clutch problem issue.

To the poster above - whereabouts are you situated over here? You went to court - what was the outcome? What happened? Did you gain an acceptable outcome? Mazda Australia are very well known to deny liability when anything monetary is involved. I've had trouble with Mazda Australia myself, but for a different issue.

Thankfully, Mazda products are very good here in Australia (all our Mazda 6 models are fully imported from Japan). Just be very wary of the customer service department. They are as trustworthy as fireproof petrol. Never, never ever trust them.

3rd Jul 2008, 10:48

Hey Guys.. As of now I am driving a 98 Mazda MIllenia.

I have grown up in a Mazda Family and so far we have had two Mazda 6's (both S models)

We haven't had any problems at all.. then again they were both automatic and the main problem I have been hearing about is the clutch slipping on the manuals.

Tomorrow am going down to the dealership to test drive a used 05 6s with 65,000 miles on it.

Sorry guys..But, I don't know why you guys are having soo many problems..

Leaves me wondering if I should get a used or not..