2003 Mazda 6 Sport package from North America


This car is a nightmare


Thus far, I have received 5 recalls on this car, two of them safety related!

Additionally, the left speakers cut out regularly (70% of the time) and will only come back on if I hit a bump or roll up the left rear window. The dealer "could not recreate the problem," so it remains faulty.

The cooling fan in the engine ran intermittently for no apparent reason, even when the engine was off. It was replaced under warranty.

The brakes make a clunking sound upon hard braking which also throws off the steering a bit.

General Comments:

The automatic transmission is programmed very poorly. It takes enough time between applying the gas and the car actually accelerating that I do not feel like it is safe to drive in congested city traffic.

This car depreciates at an unprecedented rate; over $10,000 in one year! I am afraid that I will be stuck with it forever.

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Review Date: 23rd September, 2004

24th Sep 2004, 19:40

I haven't heard anything about speaker problems, seems like you should just have the dealer examine the wiring.

As far as the "bumps" when hard braking, that's the anti-lock brakes kicking in. They automatically pump the brakes for you to keep the wheels from locking up.

The low-end torque on this model is a problem that a lot of people talk about, but once it hits higher RPM's it really moves :)

2003 Mazda 6 GT V6 3.0 litre V6 from North America


A great looking, reliable, fun to drive car.


Pulsating from front brakes, rotors were replaced by dealer.

General Comments:

I have owned many cars, this is my 53rd. to be exact and I think this is the overall best car of them all.

It has great looks from any angle, seats are very comfortable and supportive, instruments and controls are well laid out, but most of all the handling, braking and performance of this car are, in my opinion, far superior to any other vehicle in this price range.

It really does put a smile on my face when I get it out on a twisty hilly road and put it through it's paces.

On the practical side, the ride is firm, but comfortable, seats are comfortable and supportive, trunk space is surprising and visibility is good.

I just finished a 4000 km. trip to Eastern Canada and averaged 32 m.p.g.

I read many articles and reviews on new cars and I notice that many more expensive cars advertise things like Side curtain airbags, latest design front airbags, whiplash reducing front headrests, power heated seats, 6 disc in dash CD player, tilt & telescopic steering column, Automatic climate control, anti-lock brakes with electronic brake force distribution, traction control, steering wheel mounted controls for radio & cruise control and many other features too numerous to mention --- My Mazda 6 has them all!!!

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Review Date: 3rd July, 2004

2003 Mazda 6 S 3.0 from North America


The best sports sedan you'll ever drive


I had a few problems with a squeaky noise coming from the brake pad. Mazda came out with new brake pads they were installed and it sounds great.

General Comments:

The Mazda 6 is one smooth ride and it handles great. This car is extremely comfortable. I love the look of it, it's so sporty with tons of room inside. Forget the craze of Hondas this car is rated Best. It takes a lot of gas to fill it up, but not a gas guzzler at all,it's easy on the pockets. I love my car and would buy another one in a second.

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Review Date: 15th June, 2004

2003 Mazda 6 S 2.0 from United Arab Emirates


Awesome sport, but left me sweating


The air conditioning is the only serious problem.

General Comments:

This an absolutely fabulous car to drive. Is it a sport? Or, is it a saloon... It's fun trying to figure out which.

In the past, I have owned a 323 SE hatch and generation 1 RX-7. This car continues in that spirit. I would highly recommend it except for one problem: the air conditioning doesn't work well in the extreme desert heat conditions of the Emirates. If you live in a hot climate, skip the Mazda 6. If you live in a cold place, have a blast!

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Review Date: 10th June, 2004

24th Oct 2004, 16:59

I have a Mazda 6 luxury sedan and I find the climate control air con brilliant. I live in Australia where we regularly get 40-45 deg C days in summer and I only use the aircon in "eco" mode as it easily copes with a day that hot with the inside temp set to 23 deg. Sometimes I even have to turn the temp up a bit as I start to freeze. It has one of the best air conditioners that I have found in a car, even better than the locally made Holdens (GM), Fords, Toyotas and Mitsubishis which are designed for our climate. Maybe there could be something wrong with it??