14th Aug 2008, 14:41

I've had my 2005 Mazdz6 since Christmas 05. I've been through the check engine problem. I've had my headliner replaced because it fell down. I had to have the back door arm rest plastic pieces on both doors replaced because they were cracked. I've had a new transmission put in when it was less than a year old. It started with problems shifting while driving like a lot of you are complaining about. I had it in 2 times for this problem and was told each time it was fixed. The third time I was on the highway going 70 mph when it all of a sudden felt like it was in neutral. Thank God it wasn't rush hour or there would have been a major accident. I had to put it into manual shift to get it to move again. I took it right to the dealership and they kept it for a day and told me there was nothing wrong. I refused to take it back until they found it. I had one of their mechanics drive it home that night. He had the same problem on his way into work the next morning... they replaced the transmission. I've also had it in 4 times so far for my a/c blowing hot air. Each time they've said it was something and swore it was fixed. Well this last time they said they don't know why it happens. I'm done..I'm looking to trade it in but not for another Mazda. By the way the car I bought was in the showroom..so much for buying "the best".

1st Sep 2008, 10:08

I have a Mazda6 5dr, which while accelerating transmission would jump out of gear. Changed the transmission body as per Mazda bulletin 05/16/06, no problem since.

9th Sep 2008, 17:08

Bought a 2004 Mazda 6 GT. Brake are rusty. Squeaky noise on break pedal when depressing.

16th Sep 2008, 09:56

I bought a brand new 2005 Mazda6 and its given me more headaches than I can handle. Mazda Customer Service is appalling. I've had 4 transmission problems with the car and it has less than 40K miles. After the transmission was all together replaced, the car died on the expressway in pouring rain only 4 weeks later. I have been fighting with Mazda to get an extended warranty on the car because of all these issues, but they have denied my request but instead will look into a "goodwill" offering of a free car payment, gift card, etc. Hm.. if a car company would rather give you hundreds of dollars then an extended warranty... what does that tell you about their own faith in their vehicles? Never buying a Mazda again.

20th Sep 2008, 13:49

Our '06 Mazda with the 3.0 V6 and 6 speed auto. suffered the same 5th/6th gear downshift banging in and out of gear upon hard acceleration. We visited the dealer armed with a printout of the TSB which addresses this issue as it relates to the valve body. After all of 5 minutes, the technician placed a call into Mazda with our VIN # and mileage (45,000) and he was promptly told to replace the entire transmission under warranty. He indicated he's seen so many of these he didn't even need to test drive the car to know the problem! He indicated to me that had the car not been under warranty, we'd be looking at a $6,000+ repair bill!!!!

11th Nov 2008, 08:34

Hello All, I have a '06 Mazda 6 V6 & it has 37,000 miles on it - THANK GOODNESS I bought the extended warranty!!...I just found this website & am in awe because I thought I was the only one having problems.

First problem - in early '07 during a rainstorm, my car must've experienced something electrical because the alarm wouldn't turn off, the blinker lights were stuck, the doors wouldn't lock and when I called my sales person to tell him that something serious was going on with my car, he told me to bring it in the next day. Well, suffice to say when I brought it in the next day, it was if nothing had happened. Several weeks later, when I went away for a day, my car was sitting in the driveway & again it was raining. My alarm went off & kept going off - it wouldn't reset itself... my poor neighbors had to hear that alarm for 8 hours until I could get back into town. I'm sure they were ready to strangle me... I brought it back to the dealership - again, nothing wrong, no codes - no nothing!

Second problem - type of clanking/clunking noise when stepping on the brake or letting off the brake.

Third problem - door locks would either lock or unlock and continue to do so. Sometimes it happens out of the blue - it's like it's possessed!!

Fourth problem - transmission shifts out of gear upon acceleration. There have been times I'm trying to pass someone on the freeway or even on the city streets & the transmission comes out of gear, the RPM's rev and the car loses speed. Then the car jerks forward & then it gets back into gear. The same thing happens when I'm going up a hill - how scary is that???

To this day, still don't know what the first problem is & it's never been fixed. Every now & then the alarm will go off & the doors will lock. I've basically given up on this issue.

I've taken the car to the dealership AGAIN and this is what I'm told, the second problem is a normal noise so not to worry about it. Third problem turned out that I had a bad door locking module & they have to replace it. This has already been ordered. Fourth problem is currently being worked on as I type. I am getting a new transmission. The service tech at the dealership was telling me that Mazda knows about it & there is a bulletin out on it. And if the transmission has a certain amount of miles on it, which my car does, they have to replace the whole thing. I can imagine that if it only had a few miles on it, they'd put a band-aid on it and send me on my way...

Other than those 4 problems, I do love my car... but I think it is time for a new car - no more Mazdas!!!

2nd Dec 2008, 10:21

Hello all! I just purchased an 06' Mazda 6 v6 w/19.5k miles and I have to say that I love this car...I'm sure that some of the older models had some problems as I have read, but the only problem that I have run into is the transmission slip when pressing all the way down on the gas pedal @25-35mph but I have never run into this problem when in manual mode. For all those who are having this problem I suggest that you don't go "balls out" when in automatic mode. I have only had the car for about a week and I know what some of you are thinking... just wait right? I'll have this car for some time and I have the extended warranty. I think the slip is from the car jumping down 2 or 3 gears at a time then slamming into gear to meet your demands as the driver... my advice is when trying use your car to its potential use manual mode. Well I hope that this sheds some light at the end of your tunnels.!!

John, Mcallen, Tx.