626 2-door GLE 2.0L petrol

Very good and reliable, and I would buy another one like that

64 words, South Africa

626 GLX 2.0 Magnum

This is a well engineered car by Mazda. It has lasted my family for 24 years, and maybe a lot more

287 words, Trinidad and Tobago

626 GLX 2.0


119 words, UK and Ireland

626 Super Deluxe 2.0L Carby

Absolute piece of crap. More than a lemon... Much more

144 words, Australia and New Zealand, 1 comment

626 LX 2.0 Gas

3 stripe design alloy wheels. DIFFERENT

577 words, North America

626 LX 2.0

Old Faithful

132 words, North America

626 diesel

A good deal if invested in

95 words, North America

626 2.0L

A reliable and quick sedan

296 words, Australia and New Zealand, 8 comments

626 - 2.0L (FE)

Cheap car, cheap to run, pretty cheap to fix

165 words, Australia and New Zealand, 1 comment


Excellent driver with good fuel economy reliability, even though parts are pricey

158 words, North America

626 GLX 1.6 petrol

A good highway car

46 words, Finland