1987 Mazda 626 LX 2.0 injection 8v from North America


A cheap and robust sedan


Automatic transmission went bad at 170000km. Very expensive to repair, I replaced it with a used one.

The valve cover gasket started to leak when I got the car. Still not fixed, it doesn't leak enough.

Rear shock mounts were very rusted when I got the car. I fixed it with metal sheet and metal screws, it's still holding on.

Rear shock are very worn, looks like a lowered suspension! ;-)

General Comments:

Very reliable 2.0l engine, always started even in the winter at -35 C, burns very little oil for its mileage.

Good highway stability, I often drive the car at 140kph and it's sleeping.

Fuel mileage is poor for a 4-cylinder engine, I hardly do more than 460km with a 60-liter tank.

Performance is average, 93 hp with an automatic transmission means it's no drag racer.

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Review Date: 25th December, 2003

1987 Mazda 626 DX from North America


Very reliable and cheap.


Leaky valve cover gasket.

Clutch (at 220,000 miles)

Gas Tank had a Leak.

Air Conditioning did not work.

Radiator went bad at 240,000 miles.

A few more odds and ends, but what do you expect from a car with a quarter of a million miles on it.

Rusted real bad by the fuel door, and under the car especially by the rear shock mounts. (that rusted through) which is why I sold the car.

General Comments:

That Car was great!

I could always depend on the car starting.

The engine never ever gave me problems.

I loved that car it wasn't the most beautiful car ever, but it was a comfortable ride for the money.

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Review Date: 19th November, 2003

14th Nov 2004, 11:30

I have a 1987 Mazda 626 with 225,000 miles on it. I find it to be a very economical car to maintain and drive.

I had a 1986 323 which went 445,000 miles and only required a fan belt since 1997. I love Mazda autos!!

1987 Mazda 626 LS 2.0 turbo Gas from North America


Royal pain it the rear


First the radiator went, then at around 100000 miles the turbo seized so I had to spend $750.00 to get a new one put in. Then the clutch went. After another 150 miles the right wheel bearing cracked in half (the bearings are pressed on so good luck trying to change them yourself). Then short after that my water pump se seized to and with it my timing belt got busted.

General Comments:

The car is nice to ride, but it's a money pit. one thing breaks after another and the parts are a pain to get. Suspension is great, gas mileage is excellent.

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Review Date: 8th May, 2003

1987 Mazda 626 Coupe GTi 2,0i SOHC 8v from Finland


Drive ability, low cost's and reasonable preformance


I had some rust problems at the beginning.

And the fuel tank has been replaced.

At 250000km I had to replace various rubber bushes to the rear suspension.

General Comments:

The general quality of the car is very good.

The engine still preforms well.

The reliability is good.

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Review Date: 13th July, 2002

1987 Mazda 626 2.0 gasoline from North America


The most reliable car I have had so far!


The engine had a small oil leak (one quart per two weeks).

The clutch was slipping (had to replace the clutch disk and it worked super!).

Manual windows were very tight and one quit working.

General Comments:

I am very satisfied with this car.

It really never got me stuck, even though it had a big mileage.

The engine always started when I needed it -- very reliable! During wintertime (0 degrees Fahrenheit) it always started at the first attempt!

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Review Date: 22nd November, 2001

1987 Mazda 626 LX 2.0i L four cylinder from North America


A workhorse


Driver's door power window regulator (x3).

Lost some speaker connections (blew one of the 2 channels on the amplifier).

New clutch at 275,000.

Power locks stopped working somewhere in the low 300,000's.

By the end it needed new struts - going through front tires every 30,000 km's.

General Comments:

Besides the above minor details, I loved this car. Originally my dad bought it, it became the kids car in 1995 and we drove it until 2000. Ultra reliable, only once did it ever 'die' on me, and that's when it needed a new ignition coil.

To date it and the new (2000) Mazda Protege are the only cars that are still comfortable after a 6 hour drive. Everything important still worked at the end, sun roof, cruise control, radio, transmission was great.

One warning to the do-it yourselfer though: The front rotors for this model are pressed on, not bolted on. This makes them very difficult to remove and replace, especially after 200,000kms. We ended up having to take it into a shop and they removed the entire drive shaft from each side and then stuck them in a hydraulic press to get the rotors off.

I loved this car. Not too sporty, but very reliable, comfy, and practical. I was sad when I had to let it go.

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Review Date: 19th April, 2001

25th Sep 2001, 22:11

I now have 220,000 miles on this 87 626 which I bought new for 13K; I've replaced both front axles once.

At 160K I had to replace the head gasket; I also did a valve job and replaced the rings (very good idea).

The AC has never cooled the car and I had to replace the window gear motors/ratchets (found two at a junk yard for $20 each).

The engine is sound and I haven't done a brake job in 3 years (no blue smoke). I've also replaced the clutch (150K).

Only one speaker (right front) works and I've had trouble with the tail lights burning out. Just now the left front axle has begun to click and I'm hoping I can get away with replacing only that one; by the way, according to the shop manual there really isn't an actual axle just a joint between the drive shaft and the wheel. Whatever.

A fine, dependable car. Oh, I also had a fender bender in this car, and the engine caught on fire once; I put it out with a garden hose. I didn't mention this to the mechanic who did the head job. This is between me and my car, only.

1987 Mazda 626 DX 1.8L from North America


Nothing flashy, but keeps money in your wallet


Original clutch gave out at 149,000 miles.

Electric window opener (driver's side) replaced at ~97,000 miles.

Manual tranny bearing blew at 75,000 and 130,000 miles.

General Comments:

Dependable. Vehicle kept outside for 13 years and started showing rust only 2 years ago. Best car I have had to use for commuting.

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Review Date: 21st February, 2001

1987 Mazda 626 GLX 2.0 carburettor petrol from UK and Ireland


Main bearing oil seal, driveshaft CVs. Apart from that just usual wear and tear items. Had new brake discs at 105,000.

General Comments:

It's my second 626. The first was a manual 5-speed injection which I sold on at 156,000 still with factory-fitted clutch and gearbox. The head had never been off as far as I know. Never took a single drop of power steering fluid in the 66,000 miles of my ownership. This one is an auto and the gearbox is wonderful. As usual all the little gadgets and gizmos work perfectly. It's losing a bit of transmission fluid but, hey, it's done 120,000! Smashing car.

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Review Date: 9th August, 1998