1993 Mazda 626 4WD 2.0i 16v from Slovenia


Mazda 626 in general is comfortable, nice to drive,... a car to have if you want a reliable car


When I bought the car there was some noise in the right wheel - I had to replace the homo-kinetic joint (CV joint).

General Comments:

I just bought this car, but my friend had one a few years ago, that's why I know that is good - so I bought it.

The most excellent on the car is 4WD. You can drive it anywhere - it just won't slip.

About the comfort: front seats are very comfortable, but if you seat on the back seats, it's not enough space for your head (if you are a little taller).

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Review Date: 10th March, 2007

1993 Mazda 626 GLX 1.8i from Denmark


Reliable and surprisingly fit


Front brake-discs replaced, low idle fixed.

General Comments:

An excellent choice for those who wants a no quibble car with decent ride comfort.

All electrics OK, no serious problems so far, could need more horsepower (have 105) and torque, interior looks like new, only minor problems with the paint.

Thought it was a bit risky to buy a car with such high mileage, but it drove like new, and continues to drive flawlessly, absolutely recommendable.

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Review Date: 16th July, 2006

1993 Mazda 626 GE 2.2 from Australia and New Zealand




Hold light flashing, harsh gear changed into 2nd and will not engage into 4th gear.

General Comments:

Transmission does not need replacing in these models. It is the computer behind the dashboard, which are supplied by Mitsubishi not Mazda/Ford.

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Review Date: 12th October, 2005

1993 Mazda 626 ES 2.5 from North America


A relatively fun car to drive, but maintenance is not cheap


Rear calipers broke at 175000 km.

Spark plugs wires was change et 203000km (286$)

A crack appear in the windshield at 200000km.

The 2 hand brake wires broke (100$ each)

The driver's door lock don't work well during winter.

General Comments:

The 2,5L is well balance.

Reparations are not cheap.

The handling is pretty good for the weight.

The brakes are not very good even if it is 4 disks brakes.

The engine sound is very cool.

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Review Date: 5th April, 2005

1993 Mazda 626 LX from North America




Better question is what hasn't gone wrong. The transmission stopped shifting.

The car overheated.

Basically, everything under the hood was replaced and the car still was not driveable.

General Comments:

People in my family previously had Mazda's with success, but I am disappointed with the 626.

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Review Date: 14th March, 2005

9th Jul 2006, 14:16

You have had the car for only 500 miles? Maybe you should have checked it out before buying someone's "junk"!

1993 Mazda 626 ES 2.5L V6 from North America


I love my Mazda


Really nothing. Aside from the normal wear and tear, nothing out of the norm has gone wrong with my car.

I'm currently putting new rear struts on it, but they were the stock struts, what more could I want?

I had to replace both the axle joints, but again those were the stock joints.

Other than those absolutely nothing has gone wrong with my Mazda.

General Comments:

This car handles awesome. I put a nice set of seventeen inch racing wheels with low profile tires on it, and that took out all the slack in the turns that the car had with the stock rim, and tire sizes.

I also put a performance exhaust kit on it, and gained about 20 horse power from that. I was impressed.

With a V-6, coupled with the manual transmission this car will take out any Honda, or even Camaro's.

I am currently putting a lowering kit on my mazda 626 also. This is the reason for the new rear struts. The lowering kit I found will lower it 3 inches, and it will give it better cornering, acceleration, braking, and even gas mileage.

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Review Date: 1st August, 2004

7th Sep 2004, 13:43

I have to agree partially with original comment, that better shocks and springs increases handling and acceleration. Accelerations isn't increased by a lot, but the difference can be noticed, because the cars does not tilt a lot on the turns. For the acceleration, Mazda is a front wheel drive and if you have soft shocks, and you accelerate, it seems like there is less weight on the front and the tires might squeal which will slower you during turns. I have just bought 94V6 5spd and hoping it is good.