1993 Mazda 626 LX from North America


I like this car, I just wish I didn't have to replace every single part!


Car overheated and sensor did not indicate this, causing a series of replacements including:

1.Timing belt.

2.Spark plugs and spark plug wires.


After these were repaired the transmission went out. Literally, right after these repairs. Luckily, this was covered under some warranty that I didn't know I had (I bought it "as is" but I believe the dealership had pity on me by this time).

When I received the car back again after what was now 3 weeks of in service time (almost officially a lemon) the transmission slipped out again. And no, I did not drive this car hard at all.

I then received my car back again, and this time it did OK for about 1,000 miles and then it started overheating (mainly in traffic jams). Then I noticed it started burning oil and prepared for yet another horrible conclusion : (New head gasket.

General Comments:

So now it is 3 months later, and the car is actually running very well now. Not one problem in 8,000 after all of these repairs, and hopefully not jinxing myself when I say that I don't really expect any right now either.

The car and I have bonded, and I only have $300 more to pay for all of the repairs ;) She is now reliable, good with gas, and comfortable.

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Review Date: 26th October, 2003

29th Dec 2005, 21:24

Preach it! I love my 6er, but its costing me an arm and a leg! I got my car a year ago, I had slight problems, but that's to be expected with an older car. 7months having the car, I got my breaks done, a month later had a $500 steering system done. I couldnt tell the difference either way. A year and a week on the dot. It all went down hill. My car was fine then out of the blue it starts "jumping"..2 days in the shop I got my needed spark plugs and wires done along with some belts changed and other stuff that cost 1100 bucks! 3 days later (on christmas) my car OVER HEATS! The gague never moved, filled with water and let cool down. Next day $300 bucks later the radiator flushed and new thermostat and new top hose was done. Drove it home, and the check engine light still came on! Popped the hood and sure enough it still over heated! Next day went back where I had the radiator work done and they said it was a small leak in the water pump. Went back to the place where I had the spark plugs done to see what was going on. They tried to "help" me out with 10% off, but its still gonna be $400. That brings a grand total of $1800 in 2 weeks and in a year $2600 with is more than I paid for the car. I think a new car is in the near future! Looking at the newer 626s or a 6.

I love the car because its my first and picked it out myself and have paid for everything. Its been a real lesson, but wouldn't trade it for the world!

17th Mar 2006, 14:50

Mazda 626 V6 manual transmission: bought it at 6 years old. Every year, I put $1000 of work into it: central computer chip; distributor (don't use after-market distributor--it died three years in a row) ; spark plugs and wires; wheel boots; expensive 60k, 90K, 120K maintenance (because V6 engine requires more work to get deep into it).

1993 Mazda 626 GLX 2.0 supercharged diesel from UK and Ireland


Nice cruiser


Belts slipping on supercharger unit had to replace all belts( there is a lot of them)

Back calipers replaced

Passenger electric window works, but only from controller on drivers side.

No problems with transmission yet but am aware that these transmission can be faulty.(I have changed transmission oil every 10000 kilometers which helps

General Comments:

The car is comfortable, reliable and economical. I get 40 miles per gallon more on motorways. If you are happy to cruise along its great, but it would not win any races. I intend driving it into ground so I won't be changing it for a while. Starts on a frosty morning first time.Supercharger unit gives great torgue for towing.Lovely whine off the supercharger unit. Very quiet for a diesel.

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Review Date: 18th September, 2003

14th Jun 2004, 10:57

I would like to know what type of supercharger you had on your Mazda 626 and where you got it from. please contact me at rswann2316@yahoo.com.

16th May 2006, 12:44

I had (sadly) this version in the from of a hatchback. It drove like a dream, and with the all new ABS brakes it stopped as well. Mine was the 118bhp version in the form of a 2 litre engine. Richard Hammond of Top Gear called the smooth ride of a Micra 'witchcraft' but he should drive the 626. The power steering worked in a fantastic way and the car handles like no other. The auto 'box is another bonus feature in the 626. It is so quite it is scary, although tire noise is an issue. Fuel economy was good, not great, and selling it was the hardest thing I had to do. I never loved a 'car' as much as this Mazda. I before it had a Corolla, and now I have one. They were both terrible compared to the 626. Oh, and one thing I should mention: my children, watch a show about an experiment, called experiment 626!

19th Sep 2006, 09:29

I am still in the 1993 2L,the cam belt has been replaced 3 years ago, the new cooling tank 2 years ago. The car is roomy and is very quiet, the steel is very light that I can drive with fingers, enjoy this car especially in the congested traffic. But somehow the first gear keeps skipping to the second which the mechanic told me long time ago, this is still okay, but until recent, the 626 has a very big appetites which take 11 liters for 60 kilo, which normally can run 100K.

Have already changed the motor oil and the gear ATF, the fuel system is okay, but when this in on the road the transmission is slipping. Would guess this the the gear slippage problem. Would need to seek for advise and help from here.

I still love driving it, the engine is still very quiet, but not if this is burn gas. Would very much appreciate to receive advise and help here. thanks.