1995 Mazda 626 ES V6 from North America


A piece of junk


Everything that could have broke has.

The engine blew six months after I bought it.

The transmission has been replaced twice.

The starter had to be replaced eight months after I bought it.

The O2 sensor had to be replaced when I went to get my emissions the first year.

Seats have started to wear badly.

Tires were nearly bald within 2 months of purchase.

General Comments:

I would not recommend my worst enemy to Drive Time.

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Review Date: 29th April, 2003

1995 Mazda 626 LX from North America


Headache with a motor


C/V joints need to be replaced but not going to add more money into the car. Per the previous owner, C/V joints were replaced at 110,000 miles already.

Brakes replaced at 112,000 miles. Previous owner just had new brakes put on at 98,000 miles and stated that they had nothing but problems with the brakes and alignments of the front end.

Fuel pump replaced at 115,000 miles.

Distributor replaced at 125,000 miles.

Transmission O/D light started flashing and would not go into overdrive at 140,000 miles. Took it to the dealer and they stated that the only thing that needed to be added was a transmission cooler. They quoted me a price for the cooler of $320. Dealer stated that the transmission will fail most definitely if the cooler is not placed. Dealer stated that I would not be able to get the part from anyone but them and that it was not an OEM part. I found the part for $20 and had it put on for $45. Total cost was only $65. It did take care of the flashing but read further down for the transmission issue.

Mass airflow sensor needed to be replaced at 145,000 miles. Dealer cost was $350 which I found and replaced for under $100. Parts still are not cheap.

Transmission is now going. Odometer hit 150,000 exactly and then there was a pop and then the transmission started jerking wildly. It was not necessarily a slip in the transmission it just would not go into any gear even if manually shifting gears. Had it examined by Mazda and they stated that the car needed a transmission cooler again. Well what they did not check was that I had it placed on the car already.

Paint is fading in some spots and the seals around the doors are coming off of the body.

General Comments:

My first car was a 1985 Mazda 626. I was extremely pleased to find another 626. However since my first one had given me no unusual problem I figured I would not have any with this one. Well I have. My first 626 only needed routine maintenance done on it plus maybe the C/V joints replaced in the 5 years that I had it. It went well over 280,000 miles before I finally gave it away. The current only still has it and is still having no problems with it. I should have never given her away.

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Review Date: 13th March, 2003

20th Dec 2004, 10:56

Wow, sounds just like my car, (-20,000) but got each of the same parts done.

1995 Mazda 626 LX 2.0 from North America


It's a waste of money to buy a Mazda 626


The transmission on my 95 Mazda 626 failed at 83,000 miles.

General Comments:

I own a 95 Mazda 626 with the CD4E (auto) transmission which no longer works. When you shift the selector from park to drive nothing happens. The transmission has major internal failure according to the couple of repair shops I called. One shop I called said that he was working on three 626's and had a 99 year model in the rack with the same problem. The repair person said that the weld on the internal drums fails which causes the pressure to drop to low to engage.

I have spent loads of money on this car.

Examples 4 sets of tires, new exhaust system front to back, 4th sets of front brake pads / 2nd set of rotors, Exhaust manifold gaskets ($500). In addition to several $100-200 charges for small repairs.

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Review Date: 15th February, 2003

23rd Feb 2003, 10:20

The automatic transmission (made by Ford, not Mazda) has failed three times while I've owned the car (125k miles). The rest of the car has been excellent. I would buy a 5-speed 626 any time, but never an automatic.