2002 Mazda 626 Mazda es 4 cylinder from North America


I have enjoyed this vehicle


The sunroof on the car closes, but it won't seat properly from the tilt position. So far, there is a noticeable gap on the left front side when the roof is closed. It also will not seat properly in the back, as it extends above the roof line when in the closed position. It doesn't leak yet. It will not operate in the open position. It still operates in the tilt position, but will not close properly. Any clues to help?

General Comments:

The car runs fine, but I have already replaced the brakes at 40,000 miles.

I like driving the car, but there are many squeaks. It is not very soundproof at road speeds.

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Review Date: 12th May, 2005

2002 Mazda 626 ES V6 from North America


A car to avoid completely


The interior is coming apart on each of the four doors panels. This is the second time that this has happened on three of the door panels.

The Transmission is incredibly rough. At lower speeds and in traffic, the shifting between first and second is horrible to where it jerks the car back and throws the driver forward. Acceleration from a stop or rolling stop often lags for a few seconds to where you have the gas pedal pressed, but the car does not move.

The dealership has not been remotely helpful in making the car somewhat enjoyable. They claim to hook it up to their diagnostic equipment and find nothing wrong. The diagnostic equipment does not drive it everyday. After having the dealership check the car and finding nothing wrong, I looked at the engine myself and found that four out of six spark-plugs were loose. All the wires were not secured completely. All the plugs were damaged and have been replaced. The car still drives poorly.

General Comments:

When I drove it off the lot I had no problems. I purchased this car because of the options; V-6, leather and sunroof. Compared to an Accord it's much cheaper. A few thousands miles later I realized why it's cheaper. Now looking at the Mazda 6, I wonder if costs were cut on the last 626.

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Review Date: 3rd December, 2004

2002 Mazda 626 LX 2.0 from North America


Fantastic car for the money. Reliable, good looking and economical


I replaced the brakes at 35000 miles.

General Comments:

I bought this car in May, 2003 with 17500 miles on it. It was half the original sticker price.

The car runs like brand new and has never let me down.

This is my third 626 in eight years, and they've all been great.

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Review Date: 17th October, 2004

2002 Mazda 626 Exclusive 1.8 from Norway


The sensible car



General Comments:

This is Mazda 626 number 4 in 7 years, and they have all been very reliable.1985,1991,1995 and now the 2002.

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Review Date: 29th April, 2004

27th Sep 2004, 09:33

My Mazda 626 is great. I love driving around in it. I like the tight handeling and the great sporty look.

2002 Mazda 626 from North America


A total nightmare. Don't by a 626


Bought a 2002 626 because I loved my Protege. Car was fine until just about 5,000 miles, when the transmission on my NEW 626 failed. Mazda insisted they would put a new transmission in the car, but, instead, put in a rebuilt unit. Car was never right after that, but the dealer insisted it was functioning properly. Then just the other day, I had to be towed off a parkway because the transmission failed again. I am awaiting a detailed report from another dealer, as that was the closest one that the car could be towed to.

General Comments:

What are we all going about these problems? Legal counsel, returning the cars, pursuing lemon laws? The transmission is a disaster in this car and I just hope no one is seriously injured because of it.

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Review Date: 23rd November, 2003

19th Oct 2004, 20:14

I have had my 2002 626 for about 2 years. I drive it every day to work to New Jersey and beat on it. Everything is fine with the car.

7th Feb 2005, 15:21

My best wishes for your continued good luck! Our 2002 626 transmission just failed at 58000 miles.

16th Mar 2006, 21:17

Hi there!

Well, I just wanted to forward my comments and concerns about the MAZDA 626, 2002. I bought expensively (maybe I am deceived?). I bought a used Mazda 626, the odometer had 31,600miles miles on it. I discovered failures with this Mazda 626LX which the dealer did not disclose to me. I had to get another used Mazda 626, 2002. The second one had low miles on it, only 31k. But both having the same transmission problems.

My problem now is that this and the previous Mazda, all show transmission problems. Though I do not drive so much, whenever I use it while on the run, they both either jumped or slow down. There is something that holds or pressurizes the car to kind of jump while in certain normal speed. I am worried about that. A couple of times I was about to cause damage on the car in front of me and another time, the one behind almost hit me because my car slowed down suddenly. The engine, when started and is in operation, also changes sounds (sometimes slow and after a while it get down or still loud).

I made a kind of survey by asking different people who drive Mazda 626. They got surprised and tell me the same thing. What happened to the Mazda 626 of this period, 2002?

How can that be remedied? I think it is dangerous for the driver and others if the car is having originally existing transmission problem.

Your advice please? Many want an answer through me.

2002 Mazda 626 LX 2.0 DOHC 4 Cylinder from North America


Great car for the money!


Nothing yet! I have had this car for 1 month now, have nothing to report as being wrong with it.

General Comments:

My mother owned a 89 Mazda 626. She had 140,000 miles on her car, and she had an accident with it, which the insurance company totaled the car. I moved to Florida, wanted to get a automatic car so after many trips to dealerships, I came across this 2002 Mazda 626. Was in awesome condition, and I bought it for $13,000. Had only 9300 miles on it, so I would say I got a good deal!

The only few things I would change are the driver side leg room, as I am 6'2 and I feel like I am squeezed into the seat.

The doors are not easy to close, not sure if it is just a plain old cheap design or if they don't close properly.

Great standard features, Power windows, locks, mirrors, AM/FM CD stereo!

Great ride, a little noisy when it comes to the engine, even when you are passing someone, as it sounds like a really loud lawn mower is trying to pass you. ;)

Overall I think this is a bargain for the money, I just wouldn't pay 20,000 new for it. Just plain isn't worth that kind of money!

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Review Date: 1st October, 2003

19th Feb 2006, 21:44

13,000 for a 626???

Too much. Check the KBB value of this car - its more like $7000.

27th Jun 2006, 09:22

His post is dated '03! Your quoted KBB price is '06.