26th Jun 2007, 15:20

Has anybody had issues with the manual transmission? because it seems you all have the same issues with the automatic tranny. I'm looking to buy a '95 Mazda 626. and it's kept well and has low miles and is in good shape. it's an LX so it's a V6 and it's a manual tranny. I don't expect it to have issues like the automatic, but it's good to ask. if you have any input email me please.



2nd Jul 2007, 01:07

Hi everyone.

I read all your comments and found guilty that why didn't read these comments before buying my Mazda 626 1996 model. Actually I bought this car in Jan 2006 with 86060 miles and ran smoothly till September 2006. In between this period, I noticed two or three times o/d lights popping up and gear slips. Imagine it happened to me in highways when I am driving at the speed of 70mph. It's a petrifying experience. Later I am driving slowly and I didn't pay much attention to o/d lights off. When check engine showed up then things got really screwed, it showed the code P1744, torque converter solenoid... I really felt to bang my head into the wall. So far I have driven around only 6000 miles (92,101) in two years and I am not willing to spend my money on this useless car. I just want to rip this car by adding more mileage. Do anyone know whether lawsuit action against Mazda is still going on??? I wish to join myself...

5th Jul 2007, 11:32

I too have just purchased a 1995 mazda 626 for my daughter for $300.00. The A/C is ice cold and the guy says he is just not sure why the light keeps blinking, so I thought it must be an easy fix so I bought it. So, I took it to a local shop and they said it needed a new mass air flow sensor. It took one day and $390.00 to fix and the car drove great for about 7 Hrs. Then the light came back on and the car is running the same way it was the day I took it to the shop. Can anyone explain this.

Thanks, Kelly.

1st Aug 2007, 14:00

1999 Mazda 626 bought new, Transmission is starting to go out.

It has 112,000 miles which it sounds like I should be happy with (but I am not), bought it new, never did anything to the transmission (maybe I should of..?)

Considering rebuilding the transmission for $2500 since I have not heard of many engine problems.

I have replace timing belt, air conditioning belt, tires, spark plugs, oil and that is about it.

2nd Sep 2007, 19:10

I also own an 1989 626 LX with tranny problems. I bought it used with 145k done out with many aftermarket parts. I paid 3600.00 but am still very satisfied. I'm up to 178k and have only replaced the alternator and brakes. It is fun to drive, and I hope the tranny holds on a little longer. I also read that the tranny cooler in front of the rad is worth maintaining.

Kelowna B.C.

13th Sep 2007, 15:59

I paid $1800 for '95 Mazda 626 LX in 2004 and I spend at least $1500 on repairs on a constant basis. Even though I am still driving this Mazda, I will never purchase another Ford/ Mazda. It's 166K now and I worry constantly this car will stop soon. The previous owner rebuilt the transmission on 120K. Imagine; the previous owner paid $5000 at the dealer, and spent over $2000 just for her three-year stay in U.S.A.

Is it true that even with all the coolant/transmission problems, '95 Mazda still has the best engine around?

Just want to evaluate my options here on this Mazda,

Thank you.


24th Oct 2007, 10:06

Hi All Readers.

I hope the following will help someone. I have a 1995 Mazda 626 4 cylinder with automatic transmission, 135000 miles. I've had the car for 7 years and with the exception of timing belt and front half shafts, I work on the car myself, with a lot of help from above. Some problems. This is not the best of cars, but when a problem comes up, and here is where the help from above comes in, I've done the right solutions, at least for this car.

I changed the rotor, distributor cap and wires at 70,000 miles. I change the transmission fluid every one and half years, more if I 'race' the car. I found that the Mazda replacement thermostats, placing jiggle pin up, works better than aftermarket, don't know why. I flushed cooling system, with garden hose at a normal low pressure, first the radiator, than the block and heater core. I cycle air-conditioner during winter. I've replaced the oil cover gasket at 115000 miles. Replaced the timming belt at 125000 miles, but I would not recommend you wait this long, just that my belt looked fine at 115000 - flexible with no cracks or splits. The $2 NGK plugs work better than fancy platinum and other exotics, although I haven't tried them all. The NGK give a smoother power band when accelerating.

Five years ago my transmission did the Mazda overdrive flashing light, bucking, shutdown, overflow fluid out of dipstick, heart seizure precipitating routine during a 2 hour

65 mph interstate drive. I pulled to a rest stop, let the car cool down for 1/2 hour added transmission fluid, drove for another 70 miles at 45 mph. At home I drained the transmission fluid, added new fluid, no problems since.

I've clean my mass airflow sensor, about every two years, with Chrysler's throttle bottle spray cleaner, shake out the excess and let air dry 1 hour before I reassemble it on the car. I use Auto-Zone semi-metallic front pads, $26, and - wow -do they stop this car. I use only Mazda rear brake shoes because they have more lining then aftermarkets. I've replaced the radiator, wasn't leaking, just for $120 for a quality radiator and the age and mileage of 124000 and easy replacement, why wait.

I changed the doors locks because of wear. At 135000 miles it looks like the rotor and distributor cap need changing.

31st Oct 2007, 07:46

I bought an imported (Japanese manufactured) 1992 Mazda 626 Automatic (4 cylinder) with very low mileage for its age.

Had no trouble until about 65,000 miles when original transmission died. Mechanic said it was the torque converter and recommended I replace the whole auto trans, which I did with 2nd hand one for about $1,700 because I could not afford new at about $5,000 or re-built at about $3,000. This replacement auto trans leaked fluid as soon as installed (mechanic replaced some gaskets, but leak not solved). Then the Hold Light began to flash. This occurs as soon as car reaches 26 mph, does not matter whether I am accelerating up or coasting down hill or on level road; it always comes on as soon as car hits that speed. After hold light starts flashing the auto trans shifting from 1st to 2nd becomes very rough, 2nd to 3rd is not as rough. However the transmission never changes to overdrive, so RPM are unusually high at highway speeds and fuel economy is bad.

Mazda dealer had no idea what problem was and said they did not have diagnostics for a car 15 years old. But he put in a new cooler line as he said old one was crushed. This made no difference at all (except to my bank balance).

Someone suggested checking voltages on throttle sensor and they were out of spec. They recommended to clean throttle sensor and recheck voltages; this did not solve the hold light and rough shifting problems; but voltages and idle speed (which was fast) are now back within spec. Wish I knew about the auto trans and hold light flash problems and had traded the car when it had done less than 65,000 miles. Now at 87,000 miles and at its age it is virtually worthless; so will drive it til it dies; because reading previous problems it appears that another change of automatic transmission probably won't solve anything. (john)