3rd Oct 2003, 10:07

I have a 95 Mazda 626 with a 2.5 automatic. I had the transmission replaced at 100,000mi. After I drove the car 5,000mi the transmission overdrive light began to turn off and on, and the speedometer needle bounced from 0-140mph. I had the transmission rebuilt and also found out the speed sensor was bad. That cost $80. I have put 30,000mi on it, and haven't had a problem with the transmission since, but on the other hand the valves on the engine have started to rattle.

4th Oct 2003, 18:16

Hello everyone, I just bought a '97 Mazda 626 and everything was working fine for the first day. I have since put about 100 miles on the car and notice there's a puddle of transmission fluid on my driveway this morning.

Last night, while out driving in my 626, I noticed smoke coming from the engine compartment. I immediately pulled over and noticed transmission fluid dripping down onto the pavement at an alarming rate. When I got home, I raised the car and noticed fluid leaking from the two black rubber plugs (between the transmission mount). That's the only visual confirmation I can see. Anyone got any idea what's wrong with my car? Thanks in advance.

4th Oct 2003, 22:52

Yeah, it's broken.

20th Oct 2003, 06:53

Hi Everyone.

I've just finished reading through all the comments concerning Mazda 626's. For what it's worth, I have a 1988 with over 130,000 miles. The tranny just died - not too bad for all those miles. I bought the car new in 1988 and rarely had any trouble with it. It was the best money I ever spent on a car.

I also have a 1994 Ford Probe. Can you say money pit? I've put more into the Probe than I ever did with the Mazda. I replaced the transmission in the Probe at just under 100,000 miles and now can feel that other things are going on it. It's sluggish, slow starts, etc. Since Mazda and Ford share so many engine parts, I think the best advice is to avoid the Fords of the 90's and stick to the classics from the 80's.

27th Oct 2003, 12:00

I just brought my car 2 days ago. When I test drove it, it worked great, couldn't find anything wrong with it. Now after having and driving for 2 days my engine light is on and the O/D button is flashing. It is very rough changing gears and when I'm sitting still it shakes. Now I'm stuck with the car. Wish I found this site before I bought it.

14th Nov 2003, 08:30

First, I feel all your pains!

Yes, IT is a 95 Mazda 626.

IT's transmission was replaced at 65,000 miles when the O/D light wouldn't go off.

I had a chance to trade IT in for a Toyota in 2002. The dealer offered $1,800 and I decided to keep IT. I bought the Toyota anyway.

I gave IT to my dad who needed a car so badly.

Around 110,000 miles, my poor father had the O/D light come on to stay, and he had to replace the transmission.

My dad moved out of state (from CA to NH) and couldn't take IT along so he gave IT back to me 2 months ago.

IT now has 136,000 miles and the O/D light is back!

I should have traded IT in for $1,800.

Anybody knows a good non-profit organization that wants a donation?

24th Nov 2003, 19:15

I own a 96 Mazda 626, bought it in January of 97 with 20K miles on it. Now I have 151K on the odometer.

When the car had ~70K miles, the O/D Lights blinked and I had to change the transmission. Luckily I had Extended Warranty and I only paid $50.

Now my check engine light is on. I took it to the shop, I had to change the Thermal Reactor. Now the Engine light is still on, and I need to change the O2 Sensor. Is it easy/difficult to change the O2 Sensor that connects to the Manifold?

3rd Dec 2003, 09:35

I have a 2000 Mazda 626 with 64,000 miles. The transmission is now being replaced. It also has gone through two sway bars.

9th Dec 2003, 13:38

I own a 1997 Mazda 626, I recently bought the car 1 month ago. I had warranty, but the warranty is 2 months and 2,000 miles. I went to the dealership to see if they could fix my car and they said it was fine, and that it had no problems. Well except for little problems! I went to a transmission specialist and they told me that the whole transmission needed to be repaired. My warranty will not cover it! I am a college student who supports herself and cannot afford to buy a new transmission. If you know anyone who can help me! Please e-mail me at jackiecavazo_20 @yahoo.com ,Thank you.

10th Dec 2003, 13:48

I owe 1996 Mazda 626 LX with 120,000 km (75,000 miles). The automatic transmission needs to be replaced (nothing new) at the cost of $2000 (minimum) for the rebuilt one and twice as much for the new one. I decided not to do it. I know that I'll get only few bucks for my Mazda in "as is" condition, but I don't want to put my money into the "bottomless pit". Anyway, I was thinking about a new car, but guess what, it won't' be Mazda nor Ford. Thank you!

I'm thinking about Subaru or Mitsubishi.

11th Dec 2003, 05:18

Look into a Chevrolet..

Or another GM car..

22nd Jan 2004, 09:56

Gosh. Wish I had been able to warn many of you to stay away from Mazda. I owned a 97 626 from May 0f 98 until December of 2002. Luckily, I bought an extended warranty from the bank that financed it. First transmission failed at 69,000 miles, second transmission failed at 80,000 miles, third transmission failed at 98,000 miles. The third time, I picked it up from the repair shop and drove it straight to a lot to trade. I was honest with the salesmen, and I told them NOT to sell it on their lot, but to take it to auction. I traded for a 2000 Camry -BEST THING I ever did.

Besides the transmission, I also replaced the O2 sensor twice, along with many other costly repairs. I warn everyone I know to NEVER by a Mazda.

2nd Feb 2004, 14:08

I bought a used 97 Mazda 626 in year 2000 with a LOT of money. It has 90 K on it now. I drove it rarely, but still got a lot of problems. Recently the O/D light is flashing and when I shift to D it jerks heavily. After reading you guys posts, I kind of know the transmission is in trouble. I have already paid about 2000 dollars on other repairs. Don't know if I should put more on it.

Very sad about this car. I can only blame myself for being such an idiot to buy this car, but would like to warn anyone to stay away from Mazda.

18th Feb 2004, 16:48

Purchased the 626 new in 1999 for my daughter in college.

This has been a great car for her. She drove to my home last weekend. About an hour into the trip she called me to tell me that the O/D light was flashing. The car has 56713 miles. Called transmission shops and got estimates from $1000 to $2500. I am selling this car, but must first repair the transmission. Will go to the nhtsa sight and make a report. I have called the Law office in Michigan and am waiting for them to return the call. What a bummer! She really likes her new Escape!