31st Aug 2002, 21:28

I would also have to agree with the above comments. I currently have a 94 626 lx and trasnmission is bad, its sluggish and sometimes doesn't respond when the engine is accelerated.

16th Jan 2003, 15:20

I agree with what I have read. I had the transmission rebuilt on my 626 two years ago and now I am having problems with it again. The car will not go. If it was not for the automatic transmission it would be a really good car.

26th Jan 2003, 00:29

Great Motor, excellent reliability. But I also agree with the author on the bad points. The automatic transmission V6 shifts with such abrupt force, the car feels as if it hit a large pothole. I have also had problems with the power window operation, suspecting a broken regulator.

27th Feb 2003, 09:34

I have just read your comments on these particular engine problems concerning the 626; although my vehicle is the MX-6, it has the same V-6 2.5L automatic engine with the same problems. I have been told that the hard shifting is due to a broken valve body in the transmission. I suspect the distributor is going faulty as well. Overall the car has been reliable, but I'm unsure how long that will last. I do not think I will purchase another Mazda again.

26th Jul 2003, 22:53

I really agree with the bad transmission and all because I use to have an 1990 Mazda 626 and that car didn't last me long. Now I have another 626 but it was also the same as the 1990 it had a bad transmission. The car that I have right now is a Mazda 626 1995 and I still can't believe the people who make Mazda don't even bother to fix that problem. But overall nice mileage and everything else besides the catylac converter.

27th Sep 2003, 21:51

1994, Mazda 626 - Transmission had to be completely overhauled at 105,000 miles, radiator has holes already, had to replace the catalytic converter and both oxygen sensors, and now oil leaking into the spark plugs, combined with crankshaft errors... this is after $1700 Canadian engine service, and replacement of timing belt through Mazda (current is 210000km or 132,000 miles). Worst piece of garbage I have ever owned. Save money and time and buy a Honda!

The Spirit.

28th Nov 2003, 21:49

About the Mazda 626 Shifting Hard.. I have a 1990 Mazda 626, the cause of the abrupt shifting is from worn engine mounts. I belive there are 4 ( not sure ) you can get a diagram from any local AutoZone or etc. Replace them and it will shift as if it were brand new again.

7th Jan 2004, 19:03

I have a 2001 Mazda 626 I bought at a dealership with 17,000 miles on it. I had to replace the transmission at 27,000 miles and now, at 30,000 miles I am on my third transmission, By the way... my significant other had to replace the transmission on her mpv van at about 40,000 miles.

3rd May 2004, 21:54

I have a 94 626. I bought it when it was 54000 miles and now its close to 100,000 miles. In the last four years that I have owned it - I have experienced problems with the engine light coming on intermittently, car stalling occasionally especially in winter and in rain, changed the alternator once and exhaust pipe and mufflers twice. The last few days the engine has been running hot and I am afraid the transmission might have been affected. Overall it's a good car, looks and handles great, but these frequent maintenanence problems is vexing enough for me to look at other brands when I buy my next car.

5th Sep 2006, 19:17

Hello. I was reading through these notes about Mazda 626's when I came across this. I bought a 1994 Mazda 626 a month or so back, and have come to notice that somethings up with the transmission fluid leaking, and it being jerky (recently) when I drive it. Does this mean I'd need a whole new transmission?

11th Jan 2009, 18:05

Add me to the list. I bought a 94 Mazda LX, I have had it for a month and the automatic transmission went out this week on the highway. It first started when the first week I had it, I was going up a steep hill, and put it in low D2, and it started slipping real bad, and the Hold light started flashing. The guy I bought it from said the transmission was rebuilt 8 months ago. Basically, I didn't check it out thoroughly at first. I did check it out on a car review site, and it got a fairly good review, so I went on that when I bought it.

The motor mounts and the CV axles are bad too. I'm gonna get it fixed and drive it till it it dies again, then junk it, and buy anything but one of these lemons.

Gary P.