1994 Mazda 626 LX 2.5L V6 from North America


Very reliable. I like it


Well first were the CV joints and the serpentine belt, and I had to put brake lines in as well, but the car runs really good, the motor is strong and transmission is bullet proof. Really nice car to drive.

General Comments:

The 2.5l motor in it is really snappy and has good pull with the 5 speed transmission. Very comfortable on the inside. All beige interior and handles really good - very nimble.

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Review Date: 17th October, 2009

1994 Mazda 626 LX 1.8 from UK and Ireland


Early days yet, but not impressed with performance so far (old man's car if you know what I mean!)


Had to change a rattly water pump after 1 week's usage, but no problems since, touch wood.

General Comments:

Car had been stored in old man's garage for 13 years!

Practically brand new, still has that 'new smell' in the cabin.

Changed all the belts, full service, 1 new tyre (still running on 3 originals in perfect nick), removed mice nest from air filter & repaired various gnawed tubing/ wiring.

Started up & runs like a dream, purrs like a kitten. Excellent value for a second car.

Genuine 9500 miles on the clock.

Interior bit boring.

Sound system plain, but very good speakers.

Comfortable ride but handling could be firmed up (lowered springs perhaps needed).

Not used to petrol consumption, seems excessive (used to driving turbo diesels).

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Review Date: 21st August, 2009

1994 Mazda 626 LX-V6 2.5 Kl-de from North America


A very overlooked car..


MAF sensor is on its way out.

Downpipe has a leak.

Passenger side window switch... and that's pretty much it.

General Comments:

This is the second V6/5-speed 626 I've owned. They are very good, overlooked cars (as long as you stay away from the crappy, FORD designed automatic). I have driven both the Accord and Camry from the same era, and in my opinion, it has a better mix of ride/handling/style/feature content than either.

The best part of the car, in my opinion, is the drivetrain. The klde is a very refined, reliable, and sporty engine (with a 7k redline). It mates to a very precise 5-speed tranny, although 5th gear isn't a true overdrive which makes the engine run at a higher RPM than it should in highway driving. Nonetheless, I average about 26 mpg on the highway.

The interior is great as well. In both 626s, every interior accessory, including the sunroof, still worked just fine. The same can't be said for the Cressida and 530i I've owned in the past. I like the interior design, and the oscillating heat vents are a nice touch. The optional 6 speaker stereo is excellent. My only complaint here is that the cup holders are of a design that is next to useless.

I think that the exterior is very sleek and stylish for what it is. The body on the 626 seems to be fairly resistant to corrosion and rust, and the paint has held up well on both of the cars I've owned.

The suspension is also excellent. My current 626 has front and rear strut tower bars, and it handles like it is on rails, albeit with more body roll than I would prefer. The ride is firmer than the Camry, without being harsh.

The 4-wheel disk brakes with antilock are very good, with good stopping power and pedal feel. The same can't be said of the model without ABS and drums, which I drove once.

The car has a huge aftermarket well, being based off the Probe/MX6. The V6 has a very nice exhaust note once opened up.

Be careful of the weak downpipe. Both 626s I've owned gave the same issue.

All in all, I think that if you are in the market for a mid-90s family sedan, a 626 in nice shape is definitely worth a look, as long as you stick with the 5-speed.

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Review Date: 19th March, 2009

1994 Mazda 626 DX 2l from North America


Competitive car


I changed the oxygen sensor 4 times in the last 8 years and never had a clue why you need to pay around $400 for this job when the part is around $60. Also changed the alternator and the ignition coil. Despite the above, given it still runs well after 13 years I would call it almost trouble free.

General Comments:

Great road feel and handling on twisty roads.

Reasonable power for a 2 liter / 4 cylinder engine.

Head rests are too low.

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Review Date: 1st August, 2008