1994 Mazda 626 GX 2.0 from Puerto Rico


Mazda is a wreck and lemon car you should not buy


Almost everything had gone wrong on this pitiful car.

Timing belt had to be replaced. Alternator and a/c belt has to be change every 4 to 6 month.

Radiator leaks. Had to change it.

Motor leaks.

Transmission fluid leaks.

Speed Sensor Switch.

Air pump had to be replaced.

Air Conditioning has to be fix every year in summertime.

Transmission shifting problems.

Muffler repair.

Had to replaced the Alternator.

Starter had to be repaired.

Thermostat- few replacements were done.

Valve Cover Gasket replaced.

Water pump was replaced.

General Comments:

I still don't know if I did describe my problem with the car but I absolutely need to borough some tears because I lack of mine. I bought a problem for myself and now the transmission was fixed and I am still having the gear shifting problem. At first, I went to the shop and the guy told me to change the Speed Sensor Switch and I did it and solve my problem for another year. At the present, I have done the entire repair on the transmission, the SS-Switch is OK, solenoids had been change and we don't know how to solve the shifting problem. Any help on this? Any suggestions?

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Review Date: 5th June, 2008

1994 Mazda 626 LX 1.8 DOHC Direct Fuel Injection petrol from UK and Ireland


Excellent reliability, well-built and economical


Had some issues when acquired at 94k miles, replaced gas struts in rear hatch, new brake pads and bushes etc. New clutch. Resprayed because red tends to fade badly.

Always trouble once or twice a year with Handbrake slacking off and needing to be tightened.

Seats are quite worn, hard to clean, LX spec is low, but seats are comfortable and all switches etc are well placed around cabin.

General Comments:

Excellent build quality, beautiful rear spoiler and rear light bodywork.

Cabin is quite boring in colour, but functions very well. No electrical faults.

Engine is very good, 105 bhp, quick through the gears, but 5th is a cruising gear only, has moderate acceleration in it.

Fuel consumption was quite good, I drove 200 miles on a long run once a week, another 100-150 miles around the city (mostly on dual-carriageways), returning around 36 mpg overall, so not bad.

Highly recommended.

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Review Date: 19th March, 2008

1994 Mazda 626 ES 2.5 V6 from North America


Not reliable, expensive to service


Bought the car for $2k and sunk $800 only to be faced with the low oil pressure issue a few weeks later. Based on all the reviews I've read, I'm going to bail get rid of this car ASAP. I wish I'd found this post earlier. It's one of the best looking driveway queen's out there.

112k miles is not a lot by today's standards. Most of the problems I've read and seen are due to poor engineering.

General Comments:

Might have been a nice car < than 100k miles, but soon after becomes a money pit. Very expensive to sevice. My recommendation, DO NOT BUY A USED 1994 626.

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Review Date: 3rd October, 2007

1994 Mazda 626 cronos 2.5L V6 from North America


Very reliable, I must have got lucky


I have changed the starter ounce at 295,000 km and the alternator twice since I've owned it. Transmission finally went at 330,000 km. possibly motor going too.

General Comments:

This car could be faster. Not as fast as my 2000 Grand Prix GTP. Rides very nice, the suspension was completely redone before I bought it and had regular tune ups every 20,000 km except oil every 3000 km. Its been in my family since it rolled off the dealers lot. The car has held up pretty good for 330,000 km without any major problems unit now. Comfortable to ride in and drive.

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Review Date: 26th July, 2007

27th Jul 2007, 05:37

330,000 km on the original transmission on a 626? This has got to be a fairytale. I've never ever heard this transmission go past 150,000 miles without problems. Typically they go at 80-100,000 miles, but can very well go at 50 if you get a bad one. And why are you quoting mileage in kms? Is this a car originally sold in the US?

28th Jan 2010, 20:12

Most of the world now uses the metric system.

30th Jan 2010, 08:35

The reviewer is Canadian, hence why the mileages quoted are in kilometres. Canada uses the metric system, USA does not.