1994 Mazda 626 LX 2.5L V6, DOHC 24 valve, mpfi from North America


Mazda needs to watch how Honda creates customers



Rear calipers (twice)


CV Boot (the clunking noise when turning)

Replaced bearings in left front wheel.

O2 sensor.

Only current problem: Check engine stays lit until the engine warms up. After that, it goes off and purrs. Codes indicate an airflow sensor issue.

Annoying issue: Every 626 to America has the radio antennae broken in the up position.

General Comments:

I like driving this car. It's fun and fast.

It's not been overly expensive to maintain and has been generally reliable, but my daughter bought a used 1996 Honda Civic with 165,000 miles and in two years has needed to change the oil and add gasoline to the tank. Honda even sent her a re-call notice on an emissions part and then threw in approx $500 worth of maintenance for free including:

Oil change

Air filter

Replaced the 02 sensor

Distributor cap and rotor

Spark plugs and cables

And – yes the emission part that might have caused her Civic some trouble.

All for a car that is over 100K and 10 years old!!!

Mazda – are you listening? I have not heard from you since 1994……………………………

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Review Date: 23rd August, 2006

1994 Mazda 626 LX V6 2.5 DOHC from North America


It's a money pit


Valve Cover Gaskets - Previous Owner.

Radiator - Previous Owner.

O2 Sensors - 91K.

Alternator - once by previous owner & at 95K miles.

Distributor - 96K & 102K miles.

CV joints - 112K miles.

Transmission - 135K miles.

General Comments:

I have never experienced such breakdown of car components as I have with this car. Granted my Transmission lasted longer than most, probably because it was the G4AFEL with the secondary cooler installed, however $3500 to repair is outrageous, and it was the first transmission I ever had fail, and I had gotten 350,000 miles out of my 87 LTD's original. I will not be repairing this car needless to say.

Repairs are costly, time consuming, and the breakdowns leading to them leave you stranded when they happen.

I'm glad Mazda discontinued this model car, and I can only hope they have corrected this issue with their newer vehicles.

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Review Date: 29th June, 2006

1994 Mazda 626 LX-V6 2.5L V6 from North America


Well-built and easy to maintain vehicle from the 90s!


I can smell the clutch beginning to lose its catching capabilities, but that's only because it's the stock clutch. It's been through a lot and I plan on replacing it soon.

General Comments:

This car is very easy to maintain. The only reason for anything to go wrong with the vehicle is through harsh driving, rough terrains, or improper use of a the vehicle in general. The acceleration for the manual transmission is as expected with plenty of fun and drivability. The interior is as spacious as every other midsize sedan and I feel it's perfect for anybody in college such as myself. I purchased the vehicle because of it's known reliability. Everything on the vehicle is stock and nothing has had to be replaced except the right rear caliper which is a manufacturer defect on the Mazda 626, MX6, and Ford Probe and is completely unavoidable. The belts have been replaced and other routine maintenance as any other vehicle, but for major components, nothing has had to be replaced. Excellent car and handles well. I look forward to owning this vehicle for an extended period of time and will recondition it to an "as new" state because of how pleased I am in this car.

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Review Date: 30th March, 2006

1994 Mazda 626 LX 2.0 Liter I-4 from North America


Best car I've ever owned


The sunroof came off the track at 130,000 miles.

Minor spots of surface rust on the hood.

General Comments:

The car is quick at taking off and spins the tires in 2nd gear.

This car handles very well and shows no signs of understeer through the turns, though the ride is rather harsh at times.

The car attains an average of 32 miles per gallon.

It is a very reliable car and has never broken down in the time I had it.

This is one of the best cars I have ever owned and I would not hesitate to buy this car again or another Mazda.

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Review Date: 22nd February, 2006