10th Nov 2003, 05:05

January 2003 I bought a used automatic 94 Mazda 626 with 122,000 miles on it. The condition of the car was great and I was very happy with it. There was a problem with, I believe, was the shank cranny? (Forgive me, I am a woman who knows nothing about cars) The dealership fixed that for me because I asked them to check out the noise the car was making.

About a week ago (Nov 2003) the hold light started flashing and the car didn't seem to be changing gears correctly. A friend who is a mechanic looked at it and changed the transmission fluid (he said the old fluid was not supossed to be the burgundy color that it was). He still couldn't find anything wrong with it and he used the diagnostic equipment. He un-hooked the battery for 5 minutes and when he rehooked it the light was gone. It ran great for a day and a half until the hold light came back on. It wasn't changing gears right again.

So, then I get on the Internet and find 100's of people with the same problem. I can't believe that Mazda has not recalled it. From the research that I have done, there is only problems with the Mazda's with a Ford transmission, which began in 94. It looks like even if I get it fixed that it will continue to have problems. Someone probably had some kind of problem, fixed it and then traded it in. There is a class action lawsuit in Michigan for this. Plus, there are places to make a formal complaint. I am telling everyone that I know not to buy a Mazda or Ford.

23rd Jan 2004, 16:58

Wow, I wish I would have found this website before buying my 94 Mazda 626. But, since I bought it from a family member thought I could trust them not to sell me a lemon. Boy was I wrong. I've replaced the struts, timing belt, the water pump, and other things. Now the hold light is blinking, and it isn't switching gears correctly. The Air Bag light is blinking also. I've had a few people say it's the transmission. But one place said I just needed to clean the filter, and also the transmission fluid is dirty. It will go in reverse sometimes, but it doesn't drive well in Drive. Also I had it in Park, and I pushed the gas pedal and it went forward. So maybe there is something wrong with the Linkage? I have no idea, I wish I would have NEVER bought this car. There should be a recall on them.

25th Feb 2004, 06:27

I bought my 94 Mazda 626 in November of 1993. It is now February 2004. During that time frame, I have replaced the water pump, shocks, struts, timing belt, had the transmission "rebuilt", radiator replaced, and the list goes on. Right now, my "hold" light is flashing - which the books says is an electrical transmission problem. My transmission will not go beyond third gear. Don't know how long this will last. Thanks a lot Mazda. I cannot believe the financial burden this car has placed on my family. I can't afford to buy another car right now. I wish I had known these problems existed before I bought the car. BUYER BEWARE!!!

16th Aug 2004, 08:57

I have owned a 1994 Mazda 626 with a manual transmission and the 4 cylinder engine since January 2000. I have heard about all the problems that people have had with this car, but have not experienced them myself. I tend to take extra car with my vehicles and have replaced a few things on the car, but it has been the best running car I have ever owned.. I had to change the fuel pressure regulator at about 80,000 miles, the oxygen sensor, then the timing belt all at about the same time. These were all things that I felt were necessary - I have been nothing but satisfied with this vehicle.

20th Oct 2004, 05:50

From TheSpirit, owner of a 1994 Mazda 626, V6 2.5L, Automatic... take my advice buy a Honda! Have had this car and had to replace O2 Sensors, Struts, Transmission rebuilt twice, Engine rebuilt by Mazda, and that's not even scratching the surface! repairs have been non-ending. Currently have a very loud squealing / screeching from the engine in cold weather (continues for 4-9 min. until the engine warms up)... any thoughts on what it could be? Also the engine oil disappears monthly (oil light comes on), but no evident leaks on the driveway, where is it going? Basically this car is in at a mechanic every month. Currently has 228,000km. First engine and tranny rebuild at 165,000km.