4th Sep 2007, 11:13

I am having the same problem. It seems like as soon as I get one thing fixed, my check engine light just comes right back on to let me know that something else is wrong with my vehicle. Just curious to know if anyone else is experiencing their engine running a little bit hotter than it should? What are some things I should be looking at for causing the over heating?

17th Sep 2007, 01:34

Wow, the check engine light seems to be very popular. I just purchased a used Mazda 1997 LX with 68K on it for 3K. The car had just received a state inspection from Virginia and Washington, DC where I live. I purchased the car on a Friday afternoon and on way to work Saturday night the check engine light came on. I could not believe this. It appears to be a bit noisy, although the handling is nice. I will use a higher octane to see if the light goes out and monitor the O2 sensors. Keep the comments coming as I will do the same. If anybody has any other advise let me know. Email is greg20032@aol.com. Happy riding!

29th Sep 2007, 16:15

Hello everyone, I just bought a 1997 mazda 626 lx automatic and yes my engine light is on (surprise!) however the only problems I'm having is the shaking I get when I hit 65 mph, I am assuming I need a alignment, my car was stalling out at stop signs, but starting right up again, I found out that it was the fuel sensor regulator, previous owner had mickey moused the wiring so I just rewired and presto no more problems.. so far. it really is a nice, but noisy car that runs good and looks good. for all you owners, best of luck.

7th Oct 2007, 16:33

I just bought a 1997 Mazda 626 two weeks ago, and my airbag light came on last week. Then the O/D light came on two days ago. Then I began to research for solutions. Airbag light went off yesterday, but O/D light was still blinking. RPM went up real high before gear was automatically shifted. Do I have an expensive transmission problem??? anyone has an inexpensive solution??? Please help!!

19th Oct 2007, 12:18

I helped my daughter buy a Mazda 626 about 10 months ago. In the past few months the OD Off light has been flashing, and the engine light comes on. The OD Off light will clear when you turn off the engine. The engine light will go off if you remove the negative cable from your battery. When the OD Off light flashes & engine light is on, the transmission will jerk the car so badly that the tires will squeal. When both lights are off, the transmission runs smoothly. I finally researched this in the inet and called a Mazda dealer this week. The Mazda dealer told me that putting on a transmission cooler for $175 per Technical Service Bulletin SB634465 or Bulleting no. 05-005/02 solves the problem in 99+% of the cases if it is brought in soon enough before transmission trouble occurs. The OD Off flashing light is a transmission fluid temperature sensor. If the transmission stays hot too long or gets hot too many times, it will destroy the engine. A cooler costs $50 at the well known parts stores, if you are willing to brave putting it on yourself.

24th Oct 2007, 15:41

I purchased my Mazda 1997 626 LX in 2001. About 6 months after purchase, my check engine light came on (and has been on since, 6 years later.) Went and put it on the computer at a Mazda dealership, (catalytic converter). Put it on a computer at Auto Zone, oxygen sensor. Now, 6 years and 118,000 miles total, the transmission is slipping. This car has never given me any problems that I didn't cause myself. I've taken care of it because it has taken care of me. So now I'll try the oxygen sensor and the catalytic converter. (The second one; I already have got the first one replaced.) If that doesn't fix the problem, the transmission will be exchanged for a new one.

So I can't necessarily be as mad as most of you all, although I have experienced the same exact things you have. Its just the car. Its given me 6 years trouble free, now its time for some money to go into it.

Gotta do what you gotta do I guess.

1500 now is a lot better than 2-300/month for who knows how long.

18th Apr 2008, 14:07

I have owned my 1997 Mazda 626 since Sept 1999. My check engine light has been almost 7 years (oxygen sensor) and 2 years ago my transmission slipped, still drive-able but can't get on the freeway (won't exceed 60 miles an hour). I was going to have the Transmission fluid changed 4 years ago and the dealership told me not as the gaskets were probably varnished and it may start leaking. Well, I am going to have it changed and flushed and hopefully this resolve my problem.

2nd Jun 2008, 13:55

Wow, you know what's funny, is the fact that I have a '94 Mazda 626 LX, not one problem... It even sat in a yard in the middle of the country for a few years... With a few minor repairs after sitting (spark plugs, air filter, brakes, rotors, and a full tune-up) it runs great, haven't had a problem.

We have owned the car since 1995, and that's the only repairs ever done to the car besides normal maintenance... perhaps maybe bad parts is the cause of not using the recommended premium in the gas tank, this causes further wear and tear on the engine because you're not running the cleaner, higher octane gas...

I think also, people expect a car to be absolutely perfect, most of you are talking about 1997 Mazda's and posted this in 2007! The car is ten years old for cryin out loud... mine's 14 and has never had any problems!

29th Jun 2008, 19:22

Yes, I too have the dreaded 1997 Mazda 626 LX. I too have had the check engine light on for nearly 3 years now since I bought it in 2006.

I recently am having problems with it jerking as you accelerate. I'm assuming my transmission is going out. Has anyone else had this problem?

Also I was wondering if anyone's Mazda idles rough at a stop sign, or when you come to a stop. Mine sure does. If you give it a little gas it's perfectly fine. Anyone have any ideas.

Oh, I just changed the plugs, PVC valve, and air filter and oil. I also have an oil leak, which I'm sure will cost a fortune to fix. I just keep the oil full every day, I check it. Guess this goes with the territory when owning this car.

I like the gas mileage. That's the only reason I'm keeping this car. LOL ;)

7th Jul 2008, 14:40

I am planning to sell my 97 Mazda 626 soon (146K miles on it), but never thought about looking on the Internet to see if I have the same problems as others. Well, I'm glad it's not me! :)

My engine light comes on periodically too, but it hasn't stalled recently when the light is on. When it was still in warranty, the engine light came on twice and both times, the car would not start. I got that fixed since it was still in warranty.

The light that is forever lit on my 626 is the ABS brakes. I haven't seen anyone else have this problem. It came on at about the 80K mark, but was told it wasn't an emergency repair. The parking and deceleration brakes are most important, so if those work, you can put off the ABS brake repair. So when I did try to fix it, the dealer estimate was $3500 to fix. That's more than the value of the vehicle!

So I've been driving around since then with no ABS brakes. Luckily, I haven't had a need to use them, but it's always in back of my mind that I will probably have to pump my brakes instead of keeping my foot firmly on the brake to prevent a spin-out.

I also have the ticking noise that drives me crazy when I accelerate from a cold engine.

The jerking while accelerating that a previous poster had is not a good sign. I remember my 1986 Cadillac El Dorado doing that and it blew the engine.

Anyway, it's good (?) to see I have company in my 626 woes... I think?