31st Jul 2007, 19:28

I also Don't recommend any body to speed in this car. It is sooo heavy and has poor handling that it is a recipe for disaster.

23rd May 2008, 04:02

For all you second hand Mazda 929 owners it seems OK; rides like butter, but the car was an absolute failure in my mind. The cost for a new one was around 45000 bucks, and it hasn't held its value.

Any parts are extremely expensive; for most you need to go right to the dealer.

It should be faster for the price; more power.

It's really a lot like a Honda Accord, except the repair bill is triple, and there are a lot more hangy dankly little parts to mess up on it.

18th Jul 2008, 15:47

I bought mine in '98 for about $9500 second hand and it worked great until about two years ago. I was on the road and it started idling up and down. Don't know if it's a vacuum or my dist cap. I looked at the cap and it's kinda worn down. I've worked a little on this engine doing what maintenance I could, but the parts are too expensive. I can't stand such complicated engines. I figured I would have to touch it and it would behave. Luckily it did. The reason I wouldn't recommend is because it's discontinued and it's a gas guzzler. I get about 13 mpg too. No matter how easy I go on it for better mileage, it's does the same. Extremely heavy car.

18th Aug 2009, 22:40

My wife’s had 125K on the clock when we got it second hand from small dealer in 2003. It belonged to some doctor who owned it since new. All I knew was that the timing belt was changed and the A/C compressor was seized – cost me $30 bucks for a used one (new one $500).

Right now it has 173K on it, and we could not be happier with it. In almost seven years we’ve change rear struts, fuel pump & two filters, all four rotors to the cross-drilled & slotted (old ones were warped), one front bearing, both mufflers, sparkplugs, wires, cap, rotor. All these parts cost us $3000 including the most important the mass air flow sensor, which will make or break your wallet when it comes to fuel consumption. You can get one made by Blue Streak for $220-300 bucks or from the dealer for $1500. It’s the difference between 13mpg and 30mpg that we get on the highway and 28 in the city.

An old used up MAF sensor unlike oxygen sensor will not set of your engine service soon light, but it will pour more fuel into your engine so you can watch your fuel gauge move as you drive and you can smell it coming out the tail pipe.

Overall we are extremely happy with this vehicle; parts are inexpensive, but you've got to know where to get them. Excellent fuel economy and great ride/handling at high speed. With 173K there is not a single oil leak to be found, even thou it uses ½ quart every oil change.

12th Nov 2009, 20:29

We have had our 1992 929 since new. Other than having the timing belt changed, and having the rotors turned, and having the rear window drive mechanisms replaced, no issues. But it only has 42000 on it. Mint condition, still smells like a new car inside. It is as nice at 85 as at 40. Wonderful cruise car on the freeway. Lastly, the only downer is the sticky throttle off idle, but it is something you get used to.

7th Dec 2010, 19:50

Unplug the sensor beside the throttle body where the plastic intake meets the engine. It will be under the the throttle cable. There will be two harnesses; unplug both of them. It should run somewhat better. The car's OBD, but the diagnostics are pretty vague. It will most likely give you a general bank or circuit, which is kinda useless without a circuit diagram. The plug in for OBD is close to the airbox. It will say diagnostics and look like a relay, so some people have said.

This only applies to the 1992 model; it may be applicable or may not be to your car.