1987 Mazda B2000 2.0 from North America


One good truck


I have done nothing to this truck. I change the oil, put gas in it and drive it. Hauled just about anything I needed to. The best little truck I have ever owned.

It is a 2nd owner truck. The previous owner said he put brakes on it. And alternator, spark plugs, wires and cap at 99000.

It's been a very good truck!

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Review Date: 9th March, 2016

10th Mar 2016, 02:29

175000 miles on top of 121K miles and no repairs?

At best, hard to believe...

12th Mar 2016, 23:17

I had a Dodge D50 that was was awesome too.

It is hard to believe yours is still going. Good job. That is some serious miles.

1987 Mazda B2000 Base 2.0 from North America


This truck makes me smile!


Bad thermostat, which has caused the engine to slightly overheat.

The truck has also had a consistent problem with master and slave cylinders, which I am having to change out almost every other year.

General Comments:

I love this truck, it was given to me as a gift, but after driving it now for over three years, I would have gladly paid for it.

It usually seems to run cold, so in the winter it is somewhat of a pain to try and let it heat up to an acceptable running temperature.

For a small truck, it accelerates well, and handles whatever you throw at it; it's a beast!

Stock seats were a little uncomfortable, but I was able to easily switch them out for a pair of bucket Corbeau seats.

This truck is easy to modify and work on, and gets amazing gas mileage.

This truck has no blind spots, and is very easy to drive.

I cannot say enough good things about this truck; I love it so much!

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Review Date: 13th March, 2012

7th Feb 2014, 21:52

If it is occasionally running hot but usually running cool, your thermostat has probably seized open. When it seizes open, it can overheat because the coolant does not stay in the radiator long enough. It will usually run cool though, due to the constant flow of coolant. Honestly it is very easy to replace the thermostat (my sister has had to do it) and it's not an expensive part; you probably should just replace it before it really does run hot and does serious damage.

1987 Mazda B2000 2.0 from North America


Used and abused, yet it still runs and is driven daily


Valve seals worn at 174000 miles.

Burns and leaks oil.

General Comments:

In consideration of all that is wrong with this truck, it should not be running right now, yet everyday it takes me to work and brings me home, and everywhere in between. This truck can take serious abuse and brush it off.

I am the umpteenth owner of this truck, it smokes terribly due to worn seals or rings, has poor compression, and leaks oil all over the ground, yet I still manage 21-22 mpg city, and it starts each and every time I turn the key. It truly is a shame they don't build engines like this anymore.

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Review Date: 22nd May, 2007

13th May 2011, 08:52

I agree. I too own a 1987 B2000. I bought it from an older guy. It was sitting in his covered barn for 15 years. He barely drove it. It had 87,000 miles on it when I bought it in Nov. 2007. It fired right up. It now has 135,000 miles on it and runs great. I get about 32 miles per gal. It's my everyday truck.

1987 Mazda B2000 from North America


Very reliable


The head gasket needs to be changed.

Carburetor runs fast.

General Comments:

Not much on creature comfort, but this is normal for a work truck.

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Review Date: 24th August, 2006

1987 Mazda B2000 regular cab 2.0 normal asperation from North America


Very reliable machine, love it to death


Had a leaky valve cover gasket.

Broke a small cooling hose under the intake manifold.

Clutch slave cylinder went out had to be replaced.

Headlights were horrible so replaced them with new clear lens upgrade type with replace able bulbs. This helps make it appear more modern as well.

Total time to fix 1 day for all of the above. Total cost $14 dollars.

General Comments:

I have made a few engine adjustments, now this truck moves, and it still gets about 20 MPG in the city!

I tend to treat vehicles rough, but this truck takes it all.

I have carried almost 2,000 pounds in the bed and she still out accelerated most of the traffic. And carried me down the free way at 80MPH (130KM/H).

I have made a few interior changes to the dash and put in a 208watt stereo with the speakers and woofers in doors. And a 750watt subwoofer behind the bench seat. I don't have a much space as I did, but I still remain relatively comfortable.

Empty that truck really moves even with the original power train. 70MPH is easy to achieve even in 3RD gear!!

So far I have not gone any faster than 95MPH (150KM/H). Even then I still had throttle to go and RPM's to spare. (In 4th gear)

Someday however I will try to see if she really can hit that 110MPH (180KM/H) mark. I know for sure though that I will need to use 5th gear for that!

When the engine finally goes I will put in a Toyota engine probably something rebuilt from a Trueno.

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Review Date: 29th June, 2005