1990 Mazda B2200 Fi 2.2l from North America


Best truck ever built


Replaced transmission at 190,000 because I changed the fluid and filter. That was because I broke a bolt off on the pan and a friend gave me a transmission from a truck he wrecked.

Brake pads replaced.

Tailgate handle broke and is now on its 4th one.

Headlight bulbs replaced.

One reverse light bulb replaced.

General Comments:

This truck is 2 wheel drive. I work on extremely steep and rough roads and have this truck full of tools or wood every day. In the winter these roads get muddy and full of huge ruts and holes. I have not been easy on this truck and have overloaded it a few times. I drive fast (as fast as she will go anyway) and corner hard. One might even say I abuse this little truck.

It just passed smog with flying colors here in California. The smog tech said it was the cleanest running truck he has seen with this high of mileage. I rarely do any maintenance on it. This abused and over worked truck refuses to die and has never left me stranded on the road in any way ever. None of my friends believe how bad I treat this truck and how good it runs. It's a super freak of trucks.

It still starts with no problem, although it blows a little smoke until it warms up. It handles excellent loaded or unloaded. It still has enough power to pass on the freeway and get me up steep grades. The brakes are average and the ABS still works. The only complaint I have is the handle to the tailgate breaks every couple of years.

I have owned several trucks and cars while still owning my B2200 and none of them lived half of the miles as my B2200. It's become a part of me. When it finally dies it will be missed dearly. It has paid for itself 100 or more times. I love this truck even though I treat it like I hate it. There is no better truck on earth. I think I will be dead in a coffin riding in the bed of this truck doing 70mph down Highway 1.

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Review Date: 16th October, 2019

1990 Mazda B2200 Base 2.2 gasoline from North America


Fantastic little truck


Replaced dreadful Hitachi carburetor with a Weber 32/36.

Replaced wheel bearings.

Replaced brake pads.

Fixed exhaust leak.

New thermostat & radiator cap.

Flushed cooling system.

AC needs to be recharged.

General Comments:

Absolutely fantastic little truck. I paid a measly $700 dollars for it, though it was in a sorry state. Replaced the stock Hitachi carburetor with a Weber, put on a Pacesetter header and removed all of the miles of vacuum lines for the emissions controls. It runs fantastic now, even though it's nearing 200k on the odometer. Still passes emissions if I play with the carburetor to lean it out a bit. These trucks are a fantastic buy, and can be had quite cheaply because they don't have the legacy the Hilux does. This truck has been dead reliable, needing only normal maintenance and small repairs.

Mine is an extended cab, and though it's much too small to fit 4 adults, the added space is nice for tools or groceries. The bed is plenty big and I've hauled massive loads of building supplies. I only wish the bed had stake pockets.

The factory bucket seats were terrible, so I replaced them with junkyard units out of a Dodge Neon. Worth every penny.

Gas mileage is acceptable, I average about 23 miles per gallon, though I have a lead foot. I suppose it would be closer to 25 if I eased up a little.

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Review Date: 20th August, 2015

1990 Mazda B2200 from North America


This particular truck is the best $12,000 I've spent


Brake booster,

General Comments:

This truck has been through 4 home renovations, hauling garbage and junk, and allen block pavers, and gravel. lacks a little in the power department, but she always gets me home. I dread the day when she finally calls it quits, but til then, I'll treat her like any other truck. her purpose is to carry things. not be outfitted with boom stereos, or lowering kits.

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Review Date: 31st January, 2008