21st Oct 2004, 21:26

Just replaced the valve seals in mine... unfortuneately it didn't fix the smoky morning problem. Mine has only been smoking for about a month, but it has become quite a smoke screen maker. I am now looking into replacing the piston rings... otherwise great little truck.

Good luck.


27th Dec 2004, 18:54

My 1991 B2200 has 176,712 km. I bought it in the 2002 Summer at 153,000 km.

When I bought it, it smokes so much sometime that I lost the truck in the smoke, but only for few seconds. The Mazda dealer said the pistons has some dirt around it that may jams the ring for few seconds. He sold me a bottle of special cleaner that I put in the oil pan then changed oil after 300 km. This made about nothing perceptible after, but I believed the the suggested problem make sens. I changed oil on every 1000 km to help clean, for one year, then after each 3000 km. The method works and it never do that after.

May be some people don't realized oil is cheap compared to engine repair.

6th Aug 2005, 09:25

Hello Mazda lovers. I am one for sure. I own a 1992 Mazda B2200 automatic with A/C. I paid 3200.00 back in 2001. Regular cab and bucket seats.

1. At that time I got me a lemon; no problem, it had 178000 miles. I rebuilt the engine and gave it a valve job. It cost 1300.00 3 years ago. I am in a border town, so things were cheap to overhaul, thanks to our local machine shop, that sold parts at a much lower price than dealers or an auto parts store.

2. Despite regular oil changes, I have replaced the radiator with a metal one; plastic sucks.

3. I had smoking problems, but was white smoke... if you have an automatic, replace your transmission modulator located next to your transmission; it goes bad and burns up transmission oil.

The modulator is hard to find. Be specific about it, because most mechanics never heard of it or the dealer. It cost 84.00 plus 30.00 labor.

4. I have a 1987 Mazda B2200 stick shift that runs better than my 1992. I use both trucks in my pool service business. Yes, I would buy another Mazda only if it were a 1992 or 1993. These new ones are too expensive, and I hate all that fuel injection mess. My trucks have carburetors.

Leo (Sam the pool man), Laredo TX.

14th Oct 2006, 08:35

Bought my 93 B2200 at an auction about a month ago, while it was still warm outside. Now in October, with cool mornings I have also noticed the smoking in the mornings. I was then surprised to discover that the engine is carburated, not fuel injected. This requires there to be an automatic choke on the carb to start when cold. I noticed some slightly hard starting on cold mornings and discovered if I pump the accelerator twice before ever turning the key it seems to start right up. I believe the smoke is just extra gas burning off, since even after 2500 miles no oil was needed to be added. I don't know how Mazda recommends starting up, but this works for me.

17th Nov 2006, 01:16

If you ever find the answer please post. the 91's have this problem too. Smoke for like 1-3 minutes during start up. I put a quart of oil in every 1000 miles too.

3rd Aug 2007, 23:35

Alright so I bought a 1988 Mazda b2200... cost a thousand dollars, 332km rebuilt engine. I'm in school at the moment and I had them replace wheel drums brake pads rotors the works. Pretty much replaced everything and had the truck rewired because it was completely messed up. OH and my axle seals were replaced and stuff, were a huge pain to fix. Anyways I've also put a new gas tank on it as it was leaking extremely badly. So I've put about a thousand dollars into it so I'm at about 2 thousand dollars now, a lot more than I would like. Anyways When I got it the engine was working just fine, but now that I have been running it for a while its been burning a huge amount of oil! But putting liters of oil in it on a two week bases. SO that's a completely HUGE problem, and its also running like crap. Its really bad when I first start out driving, likes to die out when I press on the gas or try to accelerate to fast. Anyone have any ideas I could try? I almost just wanna sell the stupid thing at this point, but its not running good enough to sell at the moment.

27th Aug 2007, 15:46

I bought a '92 Mazda b2200 back in Feb. 2004 with about 153k miles on it. It has always billowed white smoke when it's cold and when it has been sitting more than a day. I've since wrecked it one time, and bent the main pulley on the crankshaft. After running it up over 190k miles, it's still a good little truck, but it smokes every time I start it now, and has a serious loss of power. It is time for a total engine rebuild, but that will cost almost as much as a (new) crated engine. I have absolutely no complaints about the manual transmission, though. It works great, even though the kid I bought it from couldn't seem to find 2nd gear.

8th May 2008, 20:11

I love mazda trucks!!!

22nd May 2008, 06:25

My 1992 Mazda Truck also smoked on start up. I switched to synthetic oil (amsoil 0w-30) and it cleared up after that.

23rd Jun 2008, 13:47

I just bought a 1993 Mazda B2200. 140,000 miles. Love the thing. Just one problem. It seems to chug sometimes. Changed the plugs and wires. That helped some. But it still likes to chug a bit, mostly just when shifting into first and second. And a little bit at 65 and up. Any suggestions? Thanks.

3rd Dec 2008, 05:22

The frames rot out.

1st May 2009, 20:58

I have a 93 Mazda B2200 and it smokes too! I have read the reviews and consider that the valve seals are the most likely problem, but the sticky rings add some validity to the problem. You can try some additives to free the sticky rings, but you might try this first to save yourself some money.

Remove the spark plugs from the motor and fill the cylinders with diesel oil and let the engine sit for a few days plugs out... hood down or truck inside. The diesel oil, after a while, will free the oil rings. This method is used in Eastern Canada to free seized engines and to prevent engines from seizing around the saltwater. This does make a mess of sorts, but a few oily rags around the plug holes as you slowly roll the engine over will help. Depending on the rings, you may have to add more diesel oil in a day or two. CHANGE THE OIL as the diesel will seep down through the rings into the base. It won't hurt if you roll the engine over with the diesel in the base just don't start it.

On another note: My transmission oil is black and is about to give up the ghost. I have acquired another one, but why is it black?