1990 Mazda B2600 LE-5 CAB PLUS 4x2 2.6 from North America





General Comments:

Bought for $1000 from a Dealer Friend of mine in Santa Fe. Previous 1 owner truck, never garaged, some paint/oxidation, interior slightly worn, but it is rock solid!


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Review Date: 13th June, 2006

1990 Mazda B2600 SE-5 2.6L from North America


I can't believe this truck isn't worth more!


Replaced gas tank. Leak at the seam of tank.

Cleaned brake drums, they were locking up very bad.

Replaced passenger side CV joint & boot. CV boot was torn when I purchased vehicle.

Replaced clutch at 58000 miles.

Power steering fluid leaks excessively at 62000 miles. Still adding fluid as needed. No mechanical failures.

Replaced exhaust at 62500 miles.

General Comments:

Interior is in excellent condition.

Exterior is starting to rust. Very minor.

Mechanically in good shape, a few hiccups here and there.

I gather that whomever owned this vehicle before I drove it off the used dealer lot let it sit for a long time. a 1990 with 63000 miles on it now.

The 4 Wheel drive is great for this truck. The light weight allows you to really get some good wheel spin and glide right through mud & sand.

Could definitely use some more horsepower. I'm considering adding a MSD box and some beefier plug wires, perhaps a cold air intake.

Getting horrible gas mileage -- 15mpg!

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Review Date: 30th September, 2004

24th Apr 2005, 22:44

I just bought a 91 b2600i 4x4 with only 137000km. Its seems to run very hot when climbing and also gets terrible mileage. Any idea what may be the problem?


5th Jan 2006, 22:47

For more horsepower try replacing the fuel injectors. There are ones with a much higher flow rate available at a variety of aftermarket websites. Relatively inexpensive, also.

1990 Mazda B2600 SE 2.6 from North America


Excellent performance and reliability!


The engine pings at times when using 87 octane. This may be due to the fact I have not replaced the oxygen sensor at the recommended interval. I may try a colder spark plug since they're cheap.

The radiator is starting to leak, but that is to be expected given the age and mileage and the fact I haven't flushed the system since I bought the truck.

The engine is starting to burn oil at initial startup through the valve stem seals, but I think I can forestall a total valve job for awhile by replacing them.

Based on information provided in a title history, it appears to have failed an emissions inspection prior to my ownership. The previous owner had bought a new F150 and that truck has since been declared an utter failure in the crash test, so I can put up with a little extra hydrocarbon or carbon monoxide if need be.

General Comments:

This truck has been an awesome investment! Absolutely reliable every time I get in it and turn the key. I pull a 16 foot fiberglass boat and trailer with it, although it is somewhat underpowered on inclines with the load.

Gas mileage is 22 highway, 19-20 city, which is pretty good considering it it a 4x4 extra cab. I am planning on rebuilding the engine and replacing the clutch when it finally gives, rather than trading it in.

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Review Date: 23rd April, 2002

1990 Mazda B2600 i 2.6l from North America


A long lasting economical truck


General problems, like the radiator went out, and all the belts were worn out.

The A/C broke.

Rust is a problem, and it leaks a little oil.

General Comments:

This truck still runs good, has plenty of power for a 4-cylinder, the cab is roomier than many new small trucks, and the gas milage is decent (mid twenties).

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Review Date: 26th March, 2001

18th Aug 2001, 22:31

You must have gotten a good one, because mine was a piece of junk!

12th Aug 2005, 11:45

I can't complain about my 1990 b2600i mazda the little truck is really good all around. normal wear and tear ball joints, exhaust, tie rods.

It leaked oil when I first got it, and I noticed all it was the oil plug was loose.

24th Aug 2008, 04:44

Most all problems if undetectable are the stupid ECU. They have a 100 percent failure rate. You have to get the leaking capacitor fixed by a specialist. The leaking fluid causes all sorts of problems as the capacitor (or whatever it is called) leaks all over your ECU circuit board behind the passenger kick panel. The capacitor still will function but the liquid that leaks on the circuit board causes all of other problems. Depending on how and where it leaks.. ALL of them will do it someday!!!

13th Mar 2016, 21:27

I have a 90 SE5. When I got it, it had 187,000 on the clock. It was running kinda rough. Did some cleanup to the IAC, then it would run fine for a while and start acting up again.

I read about the leaky caps in the ECU and took it apart and did some inspection. It had already been replaced fortunately.

Upon further inspection to the engine, I found the cam chain was at its furthest adjustment. So me and a friend tore into the engine and replaced a lot of worn out components. It's been running strong ever since.

However all of a sudden it's been getting horrible gas mileage. I figured according to the gauge 7.6 MPG. Not good. And the funny thing is the truck is running great. Plugs are good. Air filter is clean and the tires are fine. Does anyone know why it's drinking so much gas? I just can't believe my truck went from 18 MPG city to absolute crap in 2.5 seconds flat. Any suggestions how to fix this?