17th Jun 2005, 12:31

I too recently became the owner of a 1987 B2600 4x4. Everything seems OK so far with the exception of some carb troubles. Cold starts are fine and it runs well once started. The problem is hot starts. This thing floods like crazy every time I attempt to start it after it has sat for only a few minutes. Sometimes I have to crank for up to 30 seconds with the pedal on the floor to get it to start. I think the float level is set high, but I am uncertain how to do the adjustment. The carb on this thing just scares me. I'm starting to think I may have made a mistake buying this truck.

I do lots of year round back-country fishing and thought this would be the ideal truck for me. I had hoped for good fuel economy with the four cylinder, but so far it gets about the same mileage as my 351 ford. I'm hoping this will improve once I can figure out how to lower the float level...

If anyone has any suggestions I'm all ears. I can be reached at tburk@sprint.ca.


29th Nov 2005, 15:31

I picked my '87 B2600 up about seven years ago. I rebuilt the Mikuni. Then rebuilt it again. THEN, the upper catalytic converter, the one in the cast iron housing just off the exhaust side of the head, plugged shut, warped the head, and seized the motor. Okay, so I found a used Dodge Ram with a 2.6 Mitsubishi in it for a lot less than a scrapyard motor, and put it in. First thing with it was the timing chain went, so in went a new assembly. Next thing up was the bolt that secures the sprocket to the oil pump backed out, put a hole through the timing cover, and the shavings clogged the pickup shut and seized the motor...

I used the two motors to make one good one, put it in, and it seized on I-15 at 75 mph after a couple of months driving.

I parked the thing, and it sure looks good sitting in the backyard. Gives me great mileage now, too!

I'm thinking of using the cab and bed and putting them on my rusted out Suburban.

Overall, the worst $2500 I ever spent on a vehicle!

9th Jan 2006, 16:52

I just installed a Weber in my '87 B2600 4WD and tossed the Mikuni and all associated vacuum/electrical connections. Runs a whole lot better, but now I would like to install a header and re-do the whole exhaust system. Does anyone know who makes a header for this truck and where I could find one? Thanks for any help.

10th Jan 2006, 09:05

I have an 88 B2600 and had no end of problems with that abomination Mikuni carburetor. Finally bought a Weber and stripped off all the pollution control stuff (as I recall; about 50 feet of vacuum hoses and 40 pounds of canisters etc). Slightly better gas mileage, but VASTLY improved performance! I can even see the engine now.

Dennis in Saskatchewan.

14th Feb 2006, 11:52

I have a 1987 B2600 with the same carb. problems. what do you all suggest that I do to get rid of that makuni carb. and get my truck running again? does any one have a carb for sale?

12th Mar 2007, 02:24

Anyone looking for a header for their Mazda, I'm pretty sure Pace Setter is the only one that makes Headers. I got one for my B2200 from them anyways.

14th Apr 2008, 16:44

1983-1985 mitsubishi turbo diesel engines will bolt right into a b2600. I'm currently looking for one for mine.

25th Feb 2009, 17:28

In the last 2 months I got 3 of these B2600 4X4's. 2 87's and 1 88. Basically all the same. All have the G54B Mitz motor. All had problems before I got them.

Ebay has Webber carbs and headers for these trucks. I have been fighting my 3rd one for 3 days trying to put back together what someone else took apart.

My problem now is that I don't pump any fuel. Fuel pump has no power to it. Where is the fuel pump control unit? Is that it bolted to the left inside cab under the fuse box? I have a book that tells how to test it but not where the darn thing is.


30th Apr 2009, 03:04

Got a 87 4x4 myself. It's the biggest headache I have ever had. Carb sucks just like every other one. Ordered a weber for it, now removing all the vacuum lines. Getting header next week, cat gone now, just glass pack.

31 tires, new starter, new brakes, new water pump, now needs oil pump, only got 90,000, will let you know how it runs in 2 weeks or so...

4th Jun 2009, 03:27

OK I have a 1987 Mazda B2600. I'm tired of not having the power to play in the mud... does anyone know if the Mazda MPV 3.0L V6 will bolt to my transmission? Or even bolt in the engine bay? Please help (fordpro2001@yahoo.com)

17th Dec 2009, 10:51

I bought a brand new 1997 4x4 B2600..The worst truck I ever owned... It cost me triple the price I paid for it in repairs. Get rid of it fast!!!

2nd Apr 2010, 11:39

Have carb problems, seems like 10 litres per 50km. A friend suggested a 2000 Corolla carb as a replacement, but they seem hard to get locally from scrapyards.

This thread helped me a lot, but lacks the info regarding if your water system has holes (leakage), then the carb guzzles through twice the amount of gas.

35" Mazda B2600 pickup in Iceland.

Have gone riding on glaciers and can ride with 38" fully locked Toyotas etc.

Going to see the volcanic eruption tomorrow, taking the way over the glacier. ;)

Here are some pics of the car:


31st Dec 2010, 12:29

Redline makes a Weber carb setup for the B2600 engine. To the best of my knowledge, it works very well. Google Redline and use their search engine, or call them and they will hook you up.

As for fuel pump problems, you can remove the fuel pump from the tank by replacing it with a piece of metal fuel line, and putting a MR Gasket fuel pump in the line on the frame rail. This works very well, and eliminates the problem of the dirt in the tank, making the fuel pump go out again. If you are switching to fuel injection, some of the Tbirds and Cougars made in the late 80s had a pump on the frame rail, and were fuel injected.

My experience with my B2600 is that it is a money pit. I have stuck so much money into mine that I will never re coop the loss, and have drove it very little. I would like to stick a V6 in the damn thing and be done with it. I have a real nice running Buick V6 I would love to use, but cannot find a kit to change it over. If anyone knows where to find one, email me at tomcole37853@gmail.com

29th May 2011, 12:57

I had a 87 B2600 pickup. From the day I drove it out of the dealership showroom, it has given me BIG PROBLEMS... Most mechanics in Toronto Canada won't work on them.. To make a long story, and close to 7.000 dollars in repairs.. This truck is a pile of junk.. Mazda should be ashamed of themselves to sell such a piece of junk.. I will never look at any Mazda products or buy one.. I know Ford bought Mazda, I will not drive a vehicle with that name on it.