1994 Mazda B3000 3.0 from North America


There isn't anything better than this!


Radiator went at 300000.

Water pump went at 125000, and again at 400000.

Dash lights went out at 200000.

Gas gage stopped working at 450000.

General Comments:

Excellent vehicle.

Would recommend it to everybody.

Over 1/2 a million kilometers, and it still runs like a charm.

Would gladly buy another.

The only thing really to complain about is trying to replace the dash light; they are almost impossible to get at.

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Review Date: 2nd June, 2009

1994 Mazda B3000 4x2 extended cab 3.0L V6 from North America




Starter Motor 125,000 miles.

Clutch at 137,000 miles.

Alternator at 128,000 miles.

Water Pump at 136,000 miles.

Idle Air Control at 138,000 miles.

Radiator at about 133,000 miles.

Air Conditioner Compressor at about 117,000 miles.

The manual transmission is sometimes difficult to engage in first or reverse. To avoid grinding these two gears, I have to engage 2nd, 3rd or 4th gear before choosing those. It has been like this sine new or close to it. No repairs.

Emergency brake doesn't engage sometimes but, although there is a recall to repair it, I have never taken it in to the dealer. You can tell when it doesn't engage by the feel of the brake pedal. Just release the brake pedal and press it again.

It always engages on the 2nd try, if not the first. This is not a safety risk for me and I didn't want anyone messing with my truck.

Except for the new clutch, I have done all the repairs and maintenance on this truck.

General Comments:

This has been an outstanding truck.

Has never left me stranded.

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Review Date: 15th April, 2007

19th Apr 2007, 15:14

Wow! What a response!

Please note that I said Emergency Brake not regular brake.

The emergency brake is for parking, engine off, only and I am certain it is engaged every time I wish to.

As far as the manual transmission, the gears engage properly every time, otherwise, the truck would not move. What happens is that 1st and Reverse gear do not engage smoothly unless others a chosen first. If you have any idea of how a manual transmission works, you would have no fear.

Finally, I trust my thorough knowledge of these two systems more than a mechanic whom I do not know and who likely doesn't care about safety or me, as much as I do.

I am dubious about most mechanics ethics and pride of work and this comes after many years of experience. I am 63 years old and have been often disapointed. I also read my service manual.

Relax, all is well.

22nd Aug 2007, 01:22

I think what might worry people is the fact that Emergency Brakes are designed for just that... an Emergency. If your regular brakes were to ever fail you should always be able to rely on your Emergency Brake as a backup. You should probably have it checked out. Maybe it's just a simple adjustment of the cable.

30th Apr 2008, 15:20

That depends if you call it a parking brake (like the owners manual does) or an emergency brake.

4th Jan 2012, 17:13

The man said it does not endanger him or anyone else. Gotta be smarter than your emergency brake, and don't walk away assuming it's engaged. Sounds under control to me. Backyard mechanics forever.

1994 Mazda B3000 Ext Cab B3000 from North America


Wish America would make more like this


(1) Freeze Plug after 125,000 miles.

General Comments:

The only money I had to put into this vehicle has been standard things, like tires, wipers, oil changes and brakes after 75,000 miles.

I have taken this vehicle to Europe, and across America twice and it has never let me down.

It still looks like a new Truck, the paint job still looks after 12 years.

The backseats in the Ext cab could be a little bigger with a little more leg room.

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Review Date: 5th December, 2006

5th Dec 2006, 12:22

This is a great example of how Mazda trucks becoming Ford Rangers in '93 has made a dramatic, and very noticeable improvement in the quality of the trucks. The Ford 3.0 engine is a bullet-proof design (though I think the Mazda version still uses the more problem-prone aluminum heads) and is good for 300,000+ miles easily. We owned a Mazda made before Ford took over, and it was one of the most unreliable and poorly built vehicles we ever owned. We've owned 4 Ford Rangers (exactly the same vehicle as the post-'93 Mazda trucks) and they have been the best built trucks we've ever driven. Never a problem of any kind, in spite of some rough and rugged use. Congratulations on a great truck, and thanks for the review.

23rd May 2007, 14:35

My 1994 Mazda B3000 extended-cab was built in Michigan, has an American engine, and "Ford" is imprinted in the wheel wells. I believe the manual transmission is Japanese. My B3000 has been much more dependable than my previous Toyota truck.