1994 Mazda B3000 3.0 from North America




Air conditioner replaced at 101,000

Starter at 125,000

Radiator at 130,000

Clutch at 132,000 only because of pulling a trailer over weight limit.

Arm Rest broken at 120,000

Radiator replaced at 131,000.

General Comments:

Very good truck. No complaints.

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Review Date: 8th December, 2005

22nd Aug 2007, 01:29

Yep, sounds like mine too. My Armrest was busted from the day I bought it. Either the previous owner was a circus strongman, or a very LARGE dog used to hop over it regularly to get in the back. Either way, I never bothered to fix it.

1994 Mazda B3000 3.0L V6 from North America


Very average


Overall, this truck is nothing special, no more than average. I bought it nearly 3 years ago. I immediately had to get the transmission fixed as it leaked oil. This is a very common and well documented problem in mid-90's Ford Truck manual transmissions. Read all about it here:


The engine also burns oil, about 1.5 quarts every 3000 miles.

At 100,000 miles I had to replace the clutch, clutch master cylinder, clutch slave cylinder.

Don't waste your money and time on the 3.0 L engine - it's not worth it. The power is not amazing, more like barely adequate. If you really need the HP, get the 4.0. The problem is that the gas mileage isn't that great. I get ~ 17 mpg, and that's after I replaced both of the O2 sensors. So if you need gas mileage, I'd get the 2.5 L, and if you need HP, I'd get the 4.0 L. This engine is really the worst of both worlds.

When I used to drive this truck in cold weather, the brakes would hang up sometimes. When you pushed the brake pedal, it would brake very jerky and hard.

Speaking of cold weather, the 2wd is undriveable in any real snow. I had 300 lbs. of sand over the rear axle and very nice brand new tires, and I still had to call in to work whenever it snowed. The tires spin and rear end swings around at the first sign of any real snow. I also have problems when it rains hard.

I've also had problems with the tail-lights. They get moisture in them and stop working.

General Comments:

First of all, for anyone considering buying a B-series, be aware that any Mazda truck built after 1993 is a re-badged Ford Ranger.

I'll start with the good. The car doesn't leak any oil or coolant, although I had to fix a transmission leak. It always starts, it idles good, A/C still works, interior has held up. I drove this car on a 2000+ mile trip hauling a trailer, probably totalling around 3,000 lbs. of stuff. I was able to make it without problems, but I BARELY made it. Driving through the mountains I had the truck in 3rd with the pedal on the floor. I couldn't maintain highway speeds in 5th. But, I made it.

Overall, this truck is nothing special, no more than average.


Better looks than Ford counterpart.

Adequate power.

Parts are easily available since it's mechanically identical to a Ford Ranger.


Not a Mazda - it's a Ford.

Interior has held up OK, but it's crappy plastic.

Not a good powertrain. Engine burns oil and transmission / clutch needed work at 100,000 miles.

Poor handling in bad weather, even with good tires and sand over the rear axle.

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Review Date: 16th November, 2005

26th Oct 2009, 09:56

I agree with the comments about oil leak (my fix was costly) and engine sluggishness.

Good sides: I live in the northeast and my '94 B3000 has little rust. Gets me where I'm going. I love it!

1st May 2011, 20:32

I must also agree with the oil problem, but hey it's not a new one. But as far as the handling in bad weather goes, I couldn't disagree with more.

We've had my truck for about 6 or 7 years and always run it straight through the winter. A couple winters ago the roads weren't even plowed yet, but I had to go.

There was over a foot of snow. I was pushing through it with the bumper. I had no idea it'd make it, but it sure did. There wasn't any weight in the back, just decent snow tread.

And rain, really? That isn't anything. My front tires are getting worn, but I drove home through curvy roads without a problem with it in the rain.

My truck handles great for me and I love it.

26th Jan 2016, 21:30

A clutch at 100k is normal.