16th May 2004, 07:07

I share most of the positive responses and the drawbacks to the 2000 B4000.

Solid mini pick-up. Comfortable, relatively quite interior. Convenient 4 doors. Drawbacks are: mileage (15-16 mpg city/highway mix), and yes it has a "bouncy" bed when empty (be careful on those highway merge ramps... turns + bumpy road + speed + light load = almost loss of vehicle control!).

Last peeve -- front brakes, seem to be wearing faster than one would expect. Anybody know what Performance front rotors and pads will fit & work better than OEM?

26th Jun 2005, 10:55

I'm very disappointed about the trouble I'm having with my 2000 B4000. With less than 50K, we have cracked engine head (or leaking... it's still drivable right now). I really like the truck itself - good interior layout (roomy bench seat, rear doors on the ext. cab., sideways-facing jump seats), but am facing major repair costs. My mechanic recommends I trade the car, as he foresees further headaches, even if I go through with the pricey engine work. A real let-down. But I did like the truck very much.

9th Oct 2005, 00:57

My 1999 B4000 has 80,000 miles on it. It has only had two problems, thermostat, and mass air flow sensor. The thermostat is normal wear and tear, the mass air flow sensor is my fault because I installed a k&n air filter wrong. This truck has been excellent to me.

4th Apr 2006, 09:57

I had a stalling issue on my 96 Ranger... low idle, stalling at traffic lights, etc. Replaced the idle air control, but no change. Also pulled code P0171 and another one I cannot remember (lean condition codes). There was an air leak... turned out to be the EGR valve. It had rusted enough that there was a tiny hole underneath the UFO-shaped part. Put new one on and no problems since.

2nd Dec 2006, 08:36

I have a 1999 Mazda B4000 with 120,000 miles on it. Bought it brand new. Avoiding a Deer on a dark road rolled it back in 2001. Here are the list of things that I have had to repair or need to on my truck. Rack and pinion steering, power steering pump, Roters, drums, brakes 3x (pads and discs) clutch, rear differential 2x, front bushings, Ball joints both sides, wheel cyl both rear. of course tires 2x, special size, 265 R16, usually not in stock, always have to pre order.

Need to fix:

Door locks stopped working, either in vehicle or by remote, Passenger window drags, CD player only works when it wants to, power steering pump is whining, again. Power Mirrors stopped working, (checked all fuses), bushings in bed need replacing, squeaks.

Over all, I love this truck. I live in the north and have to drive in snow very often, yesterday I had to pull a chev 2500 with plow out of my driveway. while plowing he got stuck. this truck handles snow better than anything I have ever driven. The rear end is light, but with a few hundred pounds of sand tubes you can drive through 3 feet of snow, no problem and I have done this. (no plows on my roads).

Does anyone know what the door lock problem may be?

5th Dec 2006, 17:32

I have a 1999 B4000 that gets very bad gas mileage. I'm talking 7 to 9 just driving around the mountains to maybe at best on highway 13! It has 124,000 miles on it, seems to run good except for the mileage. The only other problem is it seems to shift funny, seems to have some slack at first take off. I don't know, the tranny just doesn't seem right. Any answers on the gas mileage would really help me!!

23rd Jan 2007, 14:54

And I forgot, the entire interior electronic system is full of bugs: dome light doesn't go off, door ajar on since I've owned it, left two bulbs in the dash lights have been off for a year now, but used to fluctuate, rear bed light/brake light permanently on (pulled the fuse, fixed the problem right away) sometimes when I press the windows down buttons simultaneously the door ajar light will go off for a few minutes, until I hit a bump again. Nothing that really hinders the driving though...

22nd May 2007, 04:46

I have a '98 B4000. One winter a year or so ago I had a problem with the engine stopping/quitting/stalling just as it warmed up to operating temperature. I would stop for a red light and the engine would simply stop/die/quit. Because area dealers charge so much, I was determined to find the cause myself. The problem was the idle air control solenoid. I bought one from NAPA for $65. One elctrical connection and (2) bolts later, my B4000 is running fine. The problem has not occurred for over a year now.

26th Jul 2007, 16:25

I have a 2000 mazda b4000 truck runs like a champ, but ever since I changed my front brake pads my brake light don't come on when brakes are applied, but yet I have running lights. what the hell???

18th Aug 2008, 22:35

I have a 1997 B-4000 pickup that used to stall at idle speeds. Used to be a real headache, especially at stoplights. At times the truck would die on me in the middle of an intersection. After some troubleshooting I changed the spark plugs, the front and rear O2 sensors. That fixed the annoying stalling problem.

17th Jul 2009, 23:28

I have a 2000 B4000 with 228,000 miles. I had to replace the auto transmission once at 78,000 miles, otherwise it has been a great vehicle. Mileage has always been around 18 mpg.