10th Feb 2008, 07:17

We bought the CX-7 about 6 months ago. We love it, acceleration is spectacular, cornering like it's on rails. The seating is very comfy with the heated seats we have, there is plenty of room in the back seat. A neat feature we liked was the ability to fold down the rear seats with out having to go to the pasenger door, a simple little latch in the back and down they go, now only if they could getthem to go up the same way.

The are two things we don't like about our CX-7.

1) The fuel economy on our is not even close to what it was rated for and is quite frankly all over the board. We noticed this on the first tank of fuel, and have been monitoring it ever since to see if it would improve it hasn't in fact the best miage we got was on out 4 tank of feul. We get any where from 18 to 25 mpg not even close to the 30-32 it is rated for. (we would like to know if others have experienced this as well) We are quite disappointed in this as fuel consumption was the main reason for purchasing a new vehicle.

2) This isn't near as a pain as the fuel, but the smart key has a feature that is bragged about a little, you can put the windows down from a distance as they say to let the heat out on a hot day... too bad they didn't think to put a window UP feature on it for days when it starts raining and you are inside. Seems kind of silly to be able to put them down remotely, but not up!!! Who designed his feature anyway???

25th Mar 2008, 12:56

Noway You can get 32 mpg in CX-7. It's hard to believe that you're getting 25 either.

It's turbo charged engine and EPA Mileage Estimates for cx-7 City 16 mpg and Highway 22 mpg.

21st Jul 2008, 20:06

OK interesting comments, but what is a BOV and a Forge BOV.

Also, I don't know what a CPE CAI air filter is.

1st Jul 2009, 12:10

BOV: Blow-Off Valve. Part of the turbocharger. Around $200 + install.

CAI: Cold-Air Intake. A pipe and filter assembly that replaces the factory air-intake system. Improves air flow to the engine. Around $300 + install.

I know these changes are usually done to improve performance, can't personally vouch for MPG improvement. If you're not going to install yourself, add 50-100% for a mechanic.

24th Dec 2009, 08:53

You DO NOT want to increase quantity of air drastically, going into a direct-injection, high compression, petrol engine. Both a blow off valve and cold air intake would cause more air to get in.

If the injection system doesn't compensate for this by increasing the quantity of fuel injected, therefore avoiding over lean mixture, you could be looking at burnt piston, or worse, due to detonation.

In a car engine, you rarely solve a problem or weakness of the concept by changing just one part...

Better advice would be to learn not to accelerate when it's not necessary, or try to just cruise at contant revs. That way you could reduce your consumption.

2nd Nov 2010, 07:11

I most definitely would not recommend altering the vehicle. Mazdas are built to be dependable and sturdy. Removing and replacing factory parts with aftermarket ones is like playing Jenga. Also it drastically affects the trade-in value of the car. But, if the MPG is really that big of a deal then by all means... I haven't calculated MPG on mine yet, but from what I've noticed thus far, it's no different than a V6.

I have to say I am impressed that Mazda got a 4 cylinder to 250 hp. I love the AWD because it gives me a piece of mind now that a harsh winter is setting in. It's almost as nice as an Audi or Lexus for half the price. And Mazda has a reputation for making solid, dependable vehicles. Not to mention the "Dizzy" (DZI) 2.3 Liter engine is award-winning to boot. Awesome truck from my experience so far. Mileage 28404.

5th Apr 2015, 15:52

I drove this vehicle 14 hours straight, and she drove like a dream, other than seeing 200 gas stations.

Its handling is amazing, and there's tons of room for camping stuff.

It has a great turbocharged engine.

Ugly orange dashboard.

Great looking on the outside, with nice big tires.

Can't go wrong in my opinion.