Millenia S 2.3

Expensive in all regards, but great

137 words, North America

Millenia L 2.5

Even though of its age, the Millenia still has its sleek sharp look!

142 words, North America


Paying $400 for a lemon for three years are very depressing.

58 words, North America, 2 comments

Millenia S

Great car

26 words, North America, 1 comment

Millenia L 2.5 V6

Very attractive and unique, but not worth the time, energy and money!

177 words, North America, 3 comments

Millenia S 2.3L

Luxury feel until something breaks

224 words, North America, 26 comments

Millenia L 2.5 litre V-6

A blast to own and drive!

43 words, North America, 12 comments