2002 Mazda Millenia from North America




What has not gone wrong?

First, I had to replace a hose.

Then, the snow fell down, making me hydroplane twice, so I spent several hundred on all new tires.

Then, my spark plugs blew out.

My catalytic convertor is broken.

The driver's side bum warmer is broken, along with the heat as well!

I had to replace the timing belt, and my headlights - which need to be replaced again, not even 1 full year later!

Also, the sides of the car, where the rear tires are, are completely rusted, along with my backing plate, causing the car to ROAR as I accelerate, which the car now barely can.

The sway link is broken as well, causing me to be very close to one side of the lane I'm driving in, so I have to drive with the wheel slightly turned left to remain in the middle.

The check engine light is constantly on, AND I don't even have working airbags...

This car is also VERY low to the ground, causing me to scratch and scrape the underneath of it EVERY SINGLE BLESSED TIME I roll over a speed bump.

Latest problem: my car accelerates on its own and now the brakes aren't working!

This car lasted me just under 5 years.

General Comments:

When I first got this car, it was a dream. The looks, on the outside and inside, sure are great for such an old car. The stereo is unbelievable, along with how comfortable it is for me (a 20 year old female). I loved the tan leather interior that went very well with my tiger print car mats and my red exterior. It sure did turn heads!

But unfortunately the clock was very cruel with my 2002 Mazda Millenia, as this car does not age well. But what I can say is that this car has gotten me through the NJ floods and survived two accidents before finally retiring. It truly breaks my heart to give up such a great first car.

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Review Date: 29th January, 2015

29th Jan 2015, 22:34

Most of what you listed here are purely maintenance items.

30th Jan 2015, 17:12

For the issue of the vehicle accelerating on its own and the brakes failing, a nice advantage of that is you will tend to be earlier for appointments and work.

2002 Mazda Millenia S 2.3 turbo from North America


A nice car to have


Not much at all... The trunk is a little squeaky... but never had any lubricant applied... my issue...

A little low to get in and out off, but rides as comfortable as any car we've had.

The heated seats are weak. I figure that the age is affecting the resistance in the heaters.

General Comments:

We've generally enjoyed it, and have taken trips in

it and have been pleased... a nice change from an SUV.

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Review Date: 19th March, 2014

2002 Mazda Millenia S 2.3 Supercharger from North America


Choose carefully


Two days into ownership and 60 miles later, the check engine light came on, and it's been nothing but problems from that point on. My OBD-II trouble codes are:

The engine knock sensor had gone bad.

The catalytic converter reads warm up catalyst efficiency below threshold.

EGR valve shows not ready.

The evaporative system also shows not ready.

Transmission shifts harsh from first to second gear.

General Comments:

If you must have a Millenia, try to find one from an original owner. Make sure all of the required maintenance was performed on time. This is not a simple car to work on, and only the experienced should work on it.

Tall drivers may be surprised by the lack of leg room; a couple more inches of seat travel would have been great. The car does not squeak or rattle, and gets nice MPG.

Drives straight, but the ride quality is a sport sedan. I would have preferred "cushy".

In closing, I think it's an okay car if you pick the right one.

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Review Date: 1st May, 2012