2002 Mazda Millenia P 2.5 DOHC V6 from North America


Great Florida car, horrible Ohio car


Oil pan was rusted out at 54,000 miles. Cost $400 between labor and part to fix.

Car is now leaking coolant at 57,000 miles, no idea where it is coming from.

Check engine light on sometimes depending on temp of outdoors, or if I use premium or regular gas.

Very rough/harsh shifting, especially when the traction control kicks in.

$700 for one headlight.

General Comments:

This car is a great summer car. Seating is comfortable, audio system is great, acceleration is not bad, however when the A/C is on, the car will barely move, and car will shift very harshly when shifting at higher speeds.

And in snow, forget it! This car goes nowhere, whether it is one inch of snow or slush, and if you hit the brakes in the snow, the anti-lock is super sensitive and will engage.

Handles great on dry roads, but in snowy and slushy roads, it fish tails going 20 mph, and if you are going 50 and hit a slush pile, the car severely pulls, and almost sends you off the road.

However the interior is great in the winter with the heated seats and all.

If you live in a sunny state and can find a used one, go ahead and get it; great value, but in a snowy state, beware!

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Review Date: 5th February, 2011

7th Apr 2011, 20:16

Just updating on my review: check engine light came on today. Took it into Autozone, and the codes came up for a variable intake solenoid #2, EGR circuit malfunction, and cylinder 6 misfire. This is ridiculous, I baby this car, and yet it still does nothing but give me a hard time. I don't know if I could recommend this car for someone on a budget, because this is gonna be an expensive fix for all this CRAP!!!

2002 Mazda Millenia S 2.3 Supercharged from North America


Great car just bad luck this time


O2 sensor (All 4) at 137,000

Transmission issues (Torque Converter) at 140,000

Transmission issues (Overdrive Solenoid) at 141,000

Transmission issues (internal leak) at 150,000.

General Comments:

This is not the first Millenia I have owned. The first model was a 1997 standard Millenia with the 2.5 in it. I have zero complaints about that car, the only problem I had with that car was the O2 sensors (which is common for a Millenia) and when I traded that car in the mileage was well over 250,000.

Now the current Millenia I own is a total different story. This one is the 2002 Millenia S (Supercharged). Nothing but issues from day one. I flew up to NJ to pick up this car and drive it back to SC where we currently live and the problems started in Richmond VA. Went to pass a car and the check engine light came on. I thought nothing new just a O2 sensor I'm sure. Got home and that's what the light was on for. Just went ahead and had all 4 of them done at one time (475$ parts 200$ labor). Thought OK just like the last one but I'm sure that will be the only issue.

Well a few thousand miles later I am going down the interstate here and heard a pop noise and once again the light was on. Back to the mechanic I went. He said it has a TC code which is the torque converter. Took it to a Mazda dealership to verify and sure thing that's what it is. Since it was a big job I had the dealership do the work. (1,489$ part 1100$ labor).

Back on the road again not a single noise or warning something was wrong and the light came back on. Just went right to the dealership with it this time. Now I have a OD solenoid that has gone bad. You can't just buy that one you need to buy the entire kit. Lucky for me its external parts so they only had to take off the pan. (900$ parts 900$ labor).

As the story goes on yet again the light came back on the other day. Went to Mazda yet again (now were on first name bases) and they said the transmission has an internal leak. Now I have to rebuild the transmission. I have not had that done yet but my estimate was 2,900$.

So if you have been adding up the totals were up to 7,964.00. Now if you look at Kelly Blue Book the car is worth 7,785.00 with my mileage and under good condition.

Other than the transmission issues I have had everything else with the car is top notch. Engine is real strong; no oil leaks, no smoke or anything like that. The inside of the car is GREAT nice leather 7 speaker Bose system is very nice. The only option that is not in this car is the nav system with the integrated phone. And all of it is great quality down to the carpet.

I just happened to get one of those cars that is having a lot of issues. I also posted a review on the 1997 model I owned and that was 9-10 all the way down the board. I couldn't of said better things about that car. So I know that Mazda makes a great product it just seems funny that I get a S model and have transmission issues.

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Review Date: 5th April, 2008