10th Apr 2011, 23:20

Not so fast! These OBDII codes are only pointers and hints. They are not verdicts. There could be a vacuum leak or a clogged vacuum passage that causes a bunch of codes. Check your vacuum lines first, then clean the EGR valve. Clear the EGR ports in the manifold, check for vacuum leaks at the intake manifold gasket etc. Check for loose electrical connectors and shorts.

Of course if you give that car to a dealer and say "fix it", he will replace anything that he can blame the codes for.

25th Apr 2011, 20:27

And how do I clean all this stuff out? If you could please tell me?

28th Apr 2011, 09:30

Sure. Your Millenia is very similar to other Mazda cars. So I like to point you to my review of an '98 Mazda Protege "Lovely Little Runner" and comments. I am listing plenty cheap fixes there. Buy yourself the Haynes Manual so you know your way around the engine bay and go for it.

Good luck!

13th May 2011, 17:16

Thank you. The check engine light has shut off, but today another problem arose while driving; the ABS, brake, trac-off, and TCS lights all came on, and I don't know why???

16th May 2011, 14:29

If they came on at the same time, it is likely caused by one malfunction. I suspect a wheel sensor. All the systems you mentioned, except for the brake, depend on input by the wheel sensors.

First, disconnect the battery negative and then step on the brakes for a few seconds. That drains all memories and should turn all lights off by resetting the control modules. If the lights turn on again, clean all wheel sensors and check their wiring. Also clean the toothed wheels that the sensors are reading. Check for loose wheel bearings as well.

Search for videos that explain how to do these things.

Once more: Good luck!

16th May 2011, 14:39

I forgot to mention: check the brake fluid. If it is dark replace it. If it is clean but low, top it off. If your brake pedal feels soft, bleed the brake system. You can find how to videos on all of that.

20th May 2011, 23:45

Thank you for all of the helpful info.

13th Aug 2011, 15:35

Well I got rid of this piece of crap!!!

10th Apr 2012, 16:58

I wish I'd known about the handling issues in snowy conditions before purchasing the same car for my wife. We live in Michigan's U.P., where we have no issues with the car during the summer months. When winter arrives, the car turns into a death trap! Any snow or slush on the road, and forget about traveling the speed limit. You're white-knuckled just to drive 40 MPH.

Although I tried to talk her into trading the car in on something (anything) else, she likes the car enough during the summer months to gamble during the winter (takes her an 45 minutes to travel 17 miles to work one way).