17th Jul 2006, 11:24

I just bought a 1998 for $7500, I had it 2 weeks and I was told the super charger was going bad. Prices for ONLY parts was $3178... I couldn't believe it, 2 WEEKS after I bought it! Is there any advice???

4th Aug 2006, 08:54

I have a 95 Mazda Millenia S. I love it so much. It's pretty, fast, and reliable.

I have had it for like 2 years, and it has 140,000 miles on it.

I have had to do some work though, like new radiator, valve cover gaskets, new hose and my key-less entry went out.

The security button still comes on when I lock my car, I think it needs to be reset, but the dealership wants too much just to look at it. I'm sure I'll figure that one out one day.

I think that's all, oh yeah, and a driver's side window switch, that the dealership wanted almost $300.00 for, but my man went to the junk yard and got it for $5.00. Smart huh?

Advice, don't ever go to the dealership for parts or work unless you totally have to.

My wood grain is peeling too, but I found wood grain on ebay for $100, I can't wait to get it, it will look so nice. I love my car, I pray nothing ever happens to it that I can't afford to get fixed, until I get my benz.

Good luck with all your Millenias!

4th Dec 2006, 19:51

I bought my 1995 Millenia S 3 years ago with 60k miles on it. It has just turned 140K. I love this car and although I've had a few problems I wouldn't trade it. I'm having a bit of an issue with the coolant level dropping after 2 weeks, but hopefully it's a small leak somewhere. I've found a good and honest mechanic and count myself truly lucky in that respect because the dealer will NEVER see me.

8th Feb 2007, 22:59

Hello everyone, I am thinking of buying a 1995 Mazda Milenia S for $4000, It has 70,000 miles on it and looks in pretty good condition. Had a paint job and new rims. What do you think? Is there anything I should look out for or make sure I check?

19th Jun 2007, 01:31

Well I also have a Mazda millineum s and it is a nice car to have, especially that year and make. However I purchased the car with 140 thousand something miles 4 years ago this month and really had no problems, when I purchased the car it needed valve cover gasket work which run you 600 easy just for labor, so basically I had a serious oil leak. Not most technicians want to work on these cars and as you have previously read it is very expensive to maintain, maybe that is why there are many on the market that is available. The parts are also expensive and hard to locate. The car is nice, but it make you wonder is it really worth it, just because they say foreign cars are good and last.Hummh!I spent about about 3900 for my car and put at least that amount into it over the last 3 years, so I guess I can say I came out kind of even, but now, I am considering a different car. Not to mention these cars are hard to sell considering the issues that they have, usually they are found at auctions or through private owners. Tell me what you think.

8th Aug 2007, 09:59

I have a 98 (not the S) that I bought in 02 with 38k on it. The check engine light came on soon after. Mechanic replaced EGR. Light came back on. Replaced oxygen sensors. Light came back on. Dealer replaced plugs, wires, and another oxygen sensor. 6 months later, light came back on. Told me code said transmission trouble around 60k. Had a trans guy look at who said trans was bad. Trans still works at 140k. Light has been on for years now. Latest was bad knock sensor. Wanted $850 since it is inside the motor. Light tends to go off for a few days when its hot and humid, so that's when I take it through inspection. Long story short, it seems there is a lot of problems with these cars and few people who know how to work on them.

12th Sep 2007, 11:33

Well I have a 2000 Millenia (s) Millenia Edition.

I have had my run in with part replacements. Had struts replaced twice, all of my 02 sensors and ignition coils replaced, half shaft replaced on both sides; heck I need it done again on the right side.

Also my door motors went bad on all 4 doors; I had to replace.

To top it off, right now as am driving down the freeway, my TCS light comes on and my car begins to jerk and lose power until I have to pull off the freeway. I have to restart my car then everything is fine until it does it again.

I went to the dealership and explained to him my problem; he said that it sounds like a bad sensor or a valve problem. But here is the crazy part. This car has many sensors/valves.

Could some one help me out here? By reading everyone else problem, I know someone must have been through this.

If so, hit me up on antt.man@gmail.com

24th Oct 2007, 14:40

What is up, Millenia? People, this car has had so many problems, my mechanic doesn't know what to do! He has tried everything, but my car keeps shutting off whenever it wants to. If anybody has had this problem (and knows what is wrong), my email is bolder956@aol.com

Thank you.

13th Feb 2008, 14:09

I just got my Mazda Millenia used with 104,000 miles on it. The car fax report looked good and the car runs great. Well 2 days ago the check engine light came on. The guy I got the car from says to unplug the negative battery cable and it will go away. Any other suggestions. Its great on gas.

13th Feb 2008, 18:33

Hey, this is david@deholland.com if anyone wants to write me with suggestions or just commisserate with me on my problems!

My Millenia is like a lovely lady you fall in love with, but treats you badly... you WANT to leave, but man it's hard to do -- if it weren't for it's totally frustrating engine problems, I'd TOTALLY fall in love with this car - it's very posh inside - leather, power everything, quiet, powerful ride and a gorgeous exterior -- what's not to like? Well...

Seems like a lot of us are kind of having the same issues, so it's frustrating to see that. Ugh.

So I purchased my shiny Black-on-Grey 1999 Millenia S, with 124k miles, on Craigs list about 6 months ago. The guy who sold it to me seemed nice enough, but I discovered right away that the gas gauge was considerably off. After about 200 miles of driving, it had dropped to zero... so I topped it off thinking "Wow, this car gets HORRIBLE gas mileage".. but in reality, the tank was still 1/2 full. So basically the gas level sender unit and/or the gauge are bad. That's frustration #1.

Frustration #2 is something that didn't crop up until about 3 months after I got the car. Then I took it for a drive to buy christmas presents - it started fine, ran fine. I made several stops along the way, and when I got back on the highway, the car simply started lurching and loosing power. I was able to pull over to the side of the highway, and LIMP to the place where I usually get repairs (LUCKY!) -- after leaving it sit in their parking lot overnight, the next day they called me and said that it was running just fine for them... no engine error codes, no nothing. So... I drove it away feeling...hmm.. somewhat nervous and let-down, but... the car drove just fine. So weird. Then, about a month later, the same thing happens to me. This time only about 10 minutes after leaving the driveway, and not at highway speeds. Just begins to loose power, knocks, and again I was able to limp to a parking lot and park it. This time, I let it sit again overnight, and whaddaya know, when I come back the next morning (MAN, what a PAIN!!) it starts up and runs just fine. And now... it's been another month... and today I try to start it up in the driveway, and guess what? I put it in reverse... it starts the same ol' knocking and the engine just DIES. Right then and there... it didn't even get out of the driveway. So that's why I'm here - to tell you my story of woe. I guess if I let it sit overnight or whatever it might "fix" itself again, but... WTF?

My theory about this is that -- hmm... maybe it's something related to a fuel issue? It's NOT overheating, so that's not it. Could be be some sort of weird fuel "vapor lock" or some water in the line?? It's certainly behaving as if it's fuel-starved... Ugh. Ugh ugh UGH! So horrid not knowing what's causing this. Anyone else have any suggestions as to what to try, what to do, where to look?!

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks and good luck -- -Dave.