9th Oct 2008, 13:13

I have a 2000 Mazda M.S. I've been reading some of the problems going on. Recently I bought my car, and a week later the car starting cutting back on me to the point at times it would cut off. I took the car back to the dealership, and they couldn't find a problem, even on the IDS machine; no warning lights.

A few days later it happened again, took it to Mazda; the same feedback, changed plugs. Nothing seems to work, and of course the dealership says after 30-days they won't fix it, go figure that, if anyone knows what my problem, maybe let me know, email me, terradecker72@yahoo.com. Thanks.

20th Oct 2008, 16:45

10/20/08 Jonny Rotten from S.J.

I got my 95 Millenia for $500 with 95k on it, from a friend who thought the ABS was going out.

The Miller cycle engine is very high performance! The compression ratio is 10:5 to 1, hence the high octane fuel.

After 25 years of stock car racing, I believe the lurching is a fuel starvation problem. Shut it off for 10 minutes and it almost always goes away!

The Miller cycle is a cool thing and helps the car pull from 80 mph to well millenia! It leaves the intake valve hanging open longer during the start of the compression cycle, at this point the super charger adds to the overall compression. Hence the growl of torque. Who knows how high it climbs? Maybe 12:1 or so. This can only work at high rpm's. Afterward the compression may still be up a bit.

This car should be driven as smooth as possible. Any jerking around in traffic, especially in hot weather and you may have race car problems, gaskets hoses.

If you want to beat on something, get a Chevy 350 cid in anything, the most reliable ever.

I have over 115k on the Mazda. Never left me stuck.

Get the K&N filter from Kragens for $50 and let it breath.

Oil change; use Castrol GTX synthetic, and change often.

Must use platinum spark plugs!!!

Seem to get bad gas once in a while, no good! A little octane booster may help a lot, I never tried... yet! Maybe some Sunoco 115 octane with a timing bump, yahoo.

I have no stereo and the sun roof stuck. Other than that, watch out 5 Series BMWs, Acuras and so on. I do it at the race track, but on occasion have to embarrass these cars with my $500 dollar rocket.

Have fun and google miller cycle. This is a serious motor, not a toy!

25th May 2009, 18:36

Well I have a 95 Millenia (not the S). Bought it new and 176k miles later I've had nothing wrong with the car. Nothing beyond regular repairs, like brakes yadda yadda.

From my experience people who don't know a lot about cars own Millenia's because to be honest, it's a beautiful car for a low price. Probably a 1st car for a lot of people.

The motor runs the same as it did when I pulled off the lot the first time.

So from my experience, it's the person, not the car :p.

Also thinking about getting an RX-8 sometime soon, love the rotary engine.

7th Aug 2009, 14:47

I still have my 1995 Mazda Millenia and absolutely love it. The car is gorgeous inside and outside. Got it in 1998 with 30,000 miles ($15,000) and now it has almost 230,000. Never took it to the dealer, no check engine lights, no problems. Everything is still original (engine, transmission, exhaust) and everything in the car is working (AC, power windows, stereo). The only repairs - replaced ECM myself (got it for $39.99 from eBay), replaced radiator and thermostat in the shop, timing belt twice (plus the usual - tires and breaks). Otherwise it was running year after year, mile after mile without any issues.

9th Mar 2010, 19:01

I have a blue 95 Mazda Millenia. It used to run quiet and smooth, but it always had a real subtle jerk when switching from first to second gear.

I've had this car for about 8 months, and paid 1800 for it. I've only driven the car for school and work.

I've had to change the crankshaft, a complete tune up, a distributor, the front valve cover was leaking a whole lot, and I've also had to change the ECM and my car is now back firing, spittin and the whole nine, so pretty much I can't drive the car, so it just sits there in the driveway looking pretty.

20th Oct 2010, 17:14

I have a 1995 Millenia with 112,000 miles. The car runs great, has some things here and there, but hey, it's 15 years old. We have changed the tranny at around 110,000 miles. The biggest problem I have had is getting the light assembly off to change the running lights.

27th Aug 2011, 23:51

I just read your litany of problems with your Millenia. I have owned two Milennias in the past, and have just bought a third.

I suspect that your problem with the Millenia when you first bought it, and it was consuming coolant, was a leaky head gasket.

The dealer was obviously giving you a line of BS, saying that a high performance engine uses a lot of coolant.

A coolant system should not be any different for a supercharged engine than for a regular fuel injection.

But I guess you know that by now.

My heart goes out to you.

Keary Hayes

Ball Ground Ga.

28th Aug 2011, 00:04

The light will stay off for a couple of hundred miles, and when the computer resets, it will come back on again unless the code that made it come on is cleared out.

But it will stay out long enough for a buyer to buy the car. That is how I found out about that. I bought the car, and then when I went to have it inspected, discovered that the former owner had disconnected the battery to turn it off.

The light is now on for me, and the code says it is catalytic converter needs replaced.

Keary Hayes.

Ball ground ga.

29th Aug 2011, 09:03

I bet that the code does not say that the catalytic converter needs to be replaced. I bet the dealer says that. The code says something else. May be insufficient warm up performance, or O2 levels out of range or something like that.

My suggestion: get the code, then Google for the code and see what people did to fix it. 2 hours of searching will save you more money than you likely ever earned in that time.

19th Feb 2013, 20:03

I have a 1995 Mazda Millenia S model as well. I've enjoyed it very much until now. I was driving, went up an incline into a gas station, my car went thump, and it was over. I could barely get it to stop when I put it in Park. When you try to move in reverse or any gear, it grinds and whines. I had to have it towed. There was a small oily ball when it was moved by the tow truck. Can someone please tell what may be wrong with my car? It has 178k miles and the engine light is always on.

19th Feb 2013, 20:24

To the owner that lives in Ball Ground, GA, could you give me your mechanic? I have so many problems with my Mazda Millenia S.