1992 Mazda MPV Base 2WD 3.0L V6 from North America


Great value


Nothing, other than routine maintenance. We take really good care of our cars.

The only big thing that failed on this van was the rear A/C. It was going to cost $1600 at the time, so we decided to just live without it. So, us kids in the back just had to suck it up and deal with it. It wasn't all that bad though, once the cold air from the front started to circulate throughout the cabin.

The only downfall with these vans is that they rust/rot out. But that is also due to our harsh Canadian climate where they salt the icy roads. So it's inevitable that it rusts even when oil sprayed. But this is true with all cars of this lineage.

General Comments:

This wasn't my car exactly, but it was my parents. But I did grow up learning how to drive and maintain it since the age of 14.

We bought this van brand new off the lot in 1992.

It was so reliable that I bought one for myself just recently in 2012. But I got a 97 model.

Nothing ever failed on the van, other than the rear A/C. 365,000 kms with all the original power-train and drive-train. We made sure to religiously change the fluids, keep on top of major service items like timing belts and etc, and it treated us well.

The only reason why we had to get rid of it was because the rust/rot started getting really bad; like holes through the floors.

That's too bad. The engine and transmission could've gone another 300,000kms easily.

Like I said earlier, I bought another one for myself to be used as a work van. I decided to go for another MPV, because I already had first hand experience with its durability and proven track record.

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Review Date: 4th March, 2012

6th Mar 2012, 18:13


How did this not get the happy face? I meant to put a happy face (positive).


7th Mar 2012, 14:04

The happy and sad faces are just a rough indicator, and are based on a calculation that looks at the numerical ratings you've given, and your answer to whether you'd buy another car from this manufacturer. The lowish marks for Performance, and also Dealer Service and Running Costs are just enough to push this into having a neutral face.

Steven Jackson


1992 Mazda MPV 3.0 V6 from North America


Great around town vehicle


O2 sensor went out at 118000 miles, it had been replaced at 103000 miles.

Transmission has started to slip intermittently at high speeds when it is very hot outside and both front and rear A/C are on.

Minor tick from one lifter on passenger side.

Most interior lights do not work or only work intermittently.

The light for the LCD display on the radio does not work.

Leaks a little oil from the right side valve cover gasket.

Starter just went out this last week. No warning, just stopped working out of the blue.

General Comments:

Very handy little van. Has been very reliable for the most part and can haul a lot of stuff.

Engine seems really nice, has three valves per cylinder, decent power and torque, and seems to run pretty smooth. Does not use oil between changes.

Van has front and rear A/C. Very nice for the passengers in the third row of seats.

Van has the self leveling shocks in the rear, which work great now, but I wonder about the expense when they finally stop working.

Handling and brakes are both just so-so. I have little faith that I would be able to avoid an accident if I where required to swerve sharply or brake hard at freeway speeds.

Overall it's a great van for my wife to drive the kids around town and perfect for trips to Costco or Sam's Club, but not the vehicle I would want to take on a road trip.

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Review Date: 29th August, 2004

3rd Jul 2005, 17:28

Yo man! This van is hot. What are you talking about? I just took it to California from Cornwall, Ontario and it was awesome.

28th Feb 2010, 17:16

Have you replaced your front and rear sway bar links? The handling on mine felt dangerous, but when I replaced them, the handling tightened right up, and my car stops really quick with the ABS in the rear and all.

1992 Mazda MPV from North America


Treat it well and it will serve you for many years


Cooling fan belt broke after a year of driving. Costs $50.00

Replaced timing belt at 110,000km. Costs $150.00.

AT 155,000km replaced the timing belt again because a water pump leak damaged the timing belt. Costs $300.00.

General Comments:

The previous owner kept the van in good shape.

I performed the oil change myself at every 4000km.

Replaced antifreeze every 30,000km.

We have a lot of snow in the winter (Canada). My van is rear wheel drive and is very slipper in the winter.

Compare with my 91 Honda accord, gas mileage is not very good.

I don't take my van to the deal, they charged a lot of money for the service. I have an in-law that owned a repair shop and I take van there for service.

This van is slow at pickup, but stable on the highway.

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Review Date: 15th August, 2004

16th Jun 2010, 23:17

Couldn't disagree more with the comment "Treat it well and it will serve you for many years".

This is easily the worst vehicle I have ever owned. Expensive, problematic, terrible fuel consumption, terrible brakes, don't get me started on oil leaks, and the stupid design of water hoses that you have to remove the starter (4hours labor on a 4x4) to get at. And you have to get at it, because the inevitable oil leaks will destroy the rubber.

Stay away.