2002 Mazda MPV LX 3.0 from North America


Good, dependable, comfortable transportation


Transmission - 36,000 - dealer replaced under warranty, now at 170k plus miles with no issues.

Engine coils - replaced 2 out of 4.

Currently has a very, very slow oil leak. No oil on the ground, but you can smell it after driving.

Rear passenger auto door lock recently went out.

Rear hatch has to be firmly closed for a proper seal.

General Comments:

Very dependable vehicle. Great for long trips and for scooting around town. Averaging 21-22 mpg.

Exterior has held up very well over the last 10 years with only minor chips. Still has a good shine to the paint, no fading.

Leather seats have held up very well, but are now showing wear on the driver's seat, but very good for the age of the van.

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Review Date: 17th November, 2011

2002 Mazda MPV EX from North America


Cheap excuse for a family vehicle


Integrity of car is poor, things tend to pull off or fall off inside the car easily.

O2 sensor is on several times a year, needing some costly repair.

Most of the seals and gaskets have been replaced a few times. Plastic fittings on things tend to break easily.

Oil pan gasket cracked within 4 years. Multiple oil leaks in different parts of the engine.

General Comments:

We chose this vehicle for its safety and its features, i.e. all windows rolled down, both sides opened up, smaller minivan. This is a minivan and used mostly by people with children. We have used this vehicle as a primary vehicle, and have repaired anything and everything as recommended by the dealer. Still, it has had numerous issues, and we have spent thousands of dollars in repairs.

When I ask the dealer how it is that parts seem to break so easily on this vehicle, they tell me they have no idea. They just add more to the list of things wrong with the vehicle. Today was a $2300 repair. Getting rid of it!!

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Review Date: 11th February, 2011

2002 Mazda MPV from North America


I like my van, and would buy another


There is rust inside the lower section of the doors.

The engine light is usually on. I've had it checked, and they said it was a sensor for $500.

I do not like the low clearance of the van, because it is hard to drive through snow on the roads.

Repairs (if needed) are expensive.

General Comments:

I like my van, it is comfortable to drive, and there is a lot of room for passengers. It looks nice, and I like the windows.

It has enough power to pull a good sized tent trailer.

It is good on gas, and is reliable for the most part, but it is expensive to repair (if needed).

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Review Date: 12th December, 2010

2002 Mazda MPV 3.0L DOHC DURATECH from North America


I liked this van and treated it good, a shame, as it is a lemon


Catalytic converter changed under warranty. (Close to end of warranty) $700.00 job.

Transmission computer re-flashed at 39,000 kilometers, under a re-call/warranty.

Rear heater lines replaced under a re-call.

PVC line changed under a re-call.

Spare tire seized under vehicle.

Head lights fixed under a re-call by dealer.

Replaced section of the exhaust myself, very expensive. Nearly $400.

Transmission overdrive button stopped working at 97,000 kilometers. Took it to dealer, they said they looked at it, but my wife had to bring it back as a wire was off. Yet, it worked after she took it back from dealer.

Changed all six ignition coils at 103,000 kilometers (62,000 miles). Replaced platinum plugs at same time. Did job myself, still cost nearly $600. Coils went while travelling from Canada to the USA.

Transmission failed on family trip to Florida. Failed with 128,000 kilometers (78,000 miles) Replaced with transmission from 2005 model with 20,000 kilometres on it. $2600 job.

General Comments:

Nice for travelling with family, pets, and general hauling around larger items.

Nice for longer trips, did fairly well on fuel, and performed well.

While under warranty, things breaking were fine, as Mazda fixed it.

A completely unreliable, and untrustworthy vehicle, good for getting your wife and kids stranded though.

Sitting in my driveway with "For Sale" ads in place.

I had planned on another Mazda, but after the transmission that cost $2600, I won't own another Mazda.

This vehicle was never abused, and it was mostly highway driven. Always run on synthetic oil since I owned it. Never used for towing, hauling heavy loads, etc.

I now have a vehicle worth approx. $5000-$6000 Canadian, I owe the bank $2800, and I just paid $2600 for the transmission. I am trying to sell it to break "even", if it sells.

If I have any luck it will get stolen. I would feel sorry for the thief.

I tried doing my homework before purchasing, as the lemon aid guide, etc. recommended it. It is easy to see though as miles and time went by, that this vehicle is a total lemon. The biggest fault being the transmission, which is obviously faulty. It should be re-called, or someone should take legal action against Mazda for making such junk.

Shame on you Mazda.

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Review Date: 20th December, 2008