1992 Mazda MX3 GS 1.8L from North America


Makes Honda's easy prey!


Battery replaced; radiator hoses going; muffler and exhaust replaced; brake pads fading.

General Comments:

I've recently purchased a high mileage MX-3 V6 (195000km), and I'm still driving it at 204000+ km!

Nice fast car!

It's a small 1.8 V6, but with a lot of power, especially around 3500 RPM with the good gas.

Mods of done to date: Cold air intake with heat shield and custom "Ram-Air" set-up. It pulls even harder around 4000+ RPM with the Ram-Air. Dual tip high performance chromed muffler - very LOUD, with deep throaty sound; but not so loud above 60km/h.

With these few mods it pulls even harder than before and you can reach 140 km/h easily than before! Try it! That is, if you use the 94+ octane gas; some gas treatment, and fuel system cleaner (all sold at CDN TIRE!)

Oh, I've done a weight reduction... lost the spare tire, jack, rear truck panels, car mats, and insulation under the hood.

Soon I need a tune up and ignition wire change, and replace the drive belt.

Very nice!


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Review Date: 27th July, 2004

16th Sep 2004, 20:05

Hey bro how are you,

I have a 1993 Mazda MX-3 GS and I am trying to give it a little more horse power! I cannot find a cold air intake kit anywhere as well as an exhaust kit for it. I am getting freusterated because nobody will help me out with out charging me 5-6 hundred dollars for a custome cold air!!! Can you help me out man by letting me know how I can get a cold air intake and exhause or any other tips/Ideas you will be willing to give me? I would sure appreciate it man!

My name is Jason Eaks and you can contact me using my EMAIL. I am at djeaks@adelphia.net, I sure would appreciate it! Thanks a lot.

22nd Oct 2004, 21:33

Hey, the pull you're feeling around 3500 rpm is the second butterfly opening, its actually pretty cool if you know how to set if off whenever you want, I have a new air system and it throws me back in my seat, but yes, my buddy is going to hook up the 2.5 litre and transmission from japan for 700$, my friend has the same set up with a 50 shot, and he can beat a new SS Camero by a half of a second, have fun, and experiment with the second butterfly.

19th Apr 2005, 18:33

What do you mean making the second butterfly come out? I would like to know about this Butterfly so when I buy mine I know what I'm doing with it.

29th Aug 2005, 01:17

My friend, I have just the source for all parts for this car! I have attached the link for you and ALL MX-3 drivers... plus something for almost every car in North America.


1992 Mazda MX3 GS 1.8L V6 from North America


A fun car to drive, costly to keep up!


Leaks from the sunroof.

Leaked from the gas tank/sending unit - replaced at 140,000 km.

New tires - watch out for this one when purchasing an used MX3, try to buy one with already new tires, as replacements can be costly (up to $130 CD).

In a span of 42,000 km, I have replaced the calipers, all four rotors twice, and all pads twice. Some may say that it is my driving habits, but I never push that car over 110 km/hr and drive highway 90% of the time.

The paint on the roof panel has begun to drastically chip off in the past couple of months.

The distributor failed at 145,000 km, and the cost for a rebuilt one was $400 not including installation.

The rear seats are ripping at all seams.

The power window on the drivers side has a glitch when it gets about half way up (slows down, sometimes stops dead).

The air conditioning, when running, takes a lot of power from the overall operation of the vehicle and the shifting becomes quite rough. (maybe the refrigerant needs to be topped up, any suggestions?)

The carpet has started to lift from the floor in places.

The spark plugs have been replaced due to oil getting inside.

The timing belt and water pump have both failed (difficult to replace).

The doors have a poor design, in which when raining the water all pours right into the car if the window is open.

I ordered a bra from the manufacturer, but it does not seem to fit properly.

The BIGGEST problem I am having with this car currently is that the car will not start whether it is warm or cold. The gas pedal must be held down for a couple of seconds while turning over. I have taken the car to the dealer three times now for this problem, as well as to a couple of mechanics. The dealership could find no readings and said that it could be any of a list of ten different possibilities (half of which are included in the list above!). I decided to go with a couple of their suggestions i.e. oxygen sensor, etc., none of which was successful. The mechanics that I took it to just turned me around and sent me back to the dealership. If anyone has any suggestions as to what may be the problem, please help!!!

Note: You may also jump to conclusions and say that I did not take care of my car, but a complete maintenance has been performed every 4000 km since the day I have owned this car. Trust me, I did not want to pay for all of these repairs!

General Comments:

Overall, I find that this is a great car to drive, just costly to keep up. I do not blame the manufacturer or any other person for these defects (except maybe the previous owner ;)!) This car has simply turned out to be a lemon!!

I just hope that whoever may own this car next not be burdened with the same amount of problems I had to deal with.

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Review Date: 14th July, 2004

27th Jul 2004, 08:38

Concerning your issue with the no-start and holding in the gas pedal I may have a solution. A few months ago I had the same issue with my car (92 mx3) & also tried replacing the O2 sensor. That, as in your case, did not work. What I ended up doing, and it worked great, was to get a can of heavy duty injection cleaner. I don't recall the name, but the small can cost me about $20. The theory in this was that the injectors were clogged or sticking open/closed. After I put that can in the car has worked great for the past 6 months. Give it a try.