1995 Mazda MX3 RS 1.6 4 cylinder from North America


A sexy little car


Since I had the car it's had an alternator belt that need to be replaced, but I think it was the dealers fault for spraying degreaser on it. I then needed to replace the rotor, ignition wires and distributor cap because my rpms would drop to about 300 until it cut off whenever I put the rear defogger, headlights, and a/c on. I still need to change my Valve cover gasket, there's an oil leak coming from there that spills onto the engine and creates gunk all over it.

General Comments:

I expected a little bit more from my Mx3 performance wise, but I don't think it's the car. I think it was the previous owners neglect that has caused the problems with mine because with all it's flaws she's still been very good to me and I drive her a lot. The pick up can be sluggish at times, there's a burning smell from the spilling engine oil out of the valve cover gasket being cooked, but at least I know what it is and it's fairly cheap to fix. I could actually fix it myself if I'd take the time and gather the bravery. I'm already attached to my little Mx and hope that I have her for years to come.

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Review Date: 9th March, 2004

1995 Mazda MX3 RS 1.6 DOHC from North America


Fun, Sporty, and Economical!


Nothing has gone wrong with the car during the time that I have owned it. However, I knowing bought it with a few dents, and interior cosmetics that needed to be fixed.

General Comments:

Mazda's Mx-3 was a great car when it was new, and still is now. The earlier RS models (1990 - early 1993) weren't quite as quick off the line because of the SOHC, but the late 93+ were upped to DOHC giving a respectable 105 HP. Although it won't beat many of the rice rockets out there, it will give you nice pick up when needed. The only thing that should be remembered about these car's power - its all high end. This car's peak hp and torque were taken at its relatively high end red line of 6,500 rpms. So remember if you want this car to get somewhere fast, wind it out like it was meant to be.

This car loves taking on long, empty curving roads (if you can some). The steering is tight and responsive, and the car is low and compact. Both of these allowing for some seriously fast cornering (especially if you buy a rear end crossmember off a wrecked GS).

There are only three things I would recommend doing to this car.

1. Replace stock air intake system with either a simple cone air filter or Cold air intake (which can be made cheaply out of 3" PVC).

2. Unless you change to a force induced system then upgrade your exhaust system to a max of 2 1/4" system (2" is ideal with naturally aspirated).

3. Watch out when using your keys in the trunk or in cold weather. It seems to be a trait of Mazda keys to be long and weak. In cold weather they snap like twigs. Also if you try to pull up and the hatch with the key, (like I used to in any car with a trunk), you will garunteed break your key despite the air pistons that hold the hatch open.

You might have noticed that I gave the dealer a 0 on rating, that has to do with the third problem. When I bought the car, a key was broken off in the hatch from the previous owner. After some oil and needle nose pliers I yanked the broken key out. However, the key in the ignition didn't open the hatch. So in hope that the lock hadn't been changed, I went to the dealer and got an OEM key made. After spending $20 dollars, the new key worked on nothing (not even the glove box). So then I made my way to a lock smith, got another OEM key made by them. This time the key opened everything, including the hatch. So then I tried to get my money back from the dealer, and to make a long story short, it took weeks and the Attorney General of WA to get my refund.

Overall, I would recommend this car to everyone that wants something fun, sporty, and economical. Great Car!

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Review Date: 1st February, 2004