11th Feb 2002, 12:24

Sounds to me like absolute abuse.

I owned mine in Germany, the V-6, 1992 model. I of course, maintained it. I did that myself. It's not too hard to do.

I used to drive mine at speeds exceeding 130 MPH on a daily basis for over three years. I never had leaks, or any of these problems you're describing.

I suggest, you take a closer look at your next used-car purchase, otherwise I fear you'll be adding another bad car to your never to own again cars.

11th May 2002, 15:36

I've had my MX3 for about 5 years now. I had quite a few problems with it, especially lately. However, I should note that it has 290,000 km on it right now, so that would be 110 years old in a human. Just now I had a transmission or/and clutch problem, which will probably cost me a bit (if I decide to fix it). Here is what I have replaced so far:

- both drive shafts

- alternator

- water pump

- timing belt

- rear calipers/rotors/bearings

- front rotors.

Things that still don't work.

- power windows buttons from driver's side

- sunroof (would not close properly)

- check engine light is on full time (crank angle sensor is gone)

- and now looks like transmission is gone as well.

10th Sep 2002, 08:20

For anyone reading the top original comment, don't listen to it! I own a 92 GS, I drive it hard, fast, and I all I have had to replace is the brake pads. Nothing is wrong with these cars. They are in fact, probably the BEST car you could buy in it's class. The GS can blow any Honda or Acura off the road, while still maintaining a respectable sport-class fuel economy. Given that not many of these cars were ever produced, some parts run higher than a Honda, but that is obvious because there are millions of Hondas everywhere you look. As long as you get the car thouroughly inspected by a professional before purchasing it, you should have no problems except for cases of just bad luck.


25th Feb 2003, 16:12

I also own a 92 Mazda mx3 gs, and the only things that have gone wrong with it are things that I have caused. I had an accident with mine (i hit a truck) and it crumpled up like a sheet of paper. I did not scratch the paint on his vehicle, but I nearly wrote mine off. the replacement parts such as a headlight or hood are VERY hard to find and are quite expensive. for example the headlight costs over 250 dollars Canadian, new. the car however, is quite good when used and NOT abused for example change the oil more religiously than you go to church.

13th Dec 2006, 18:53

OK I own a 1992 Mazda mx3...For some reason it quit running... i have it in the shop right now and they are telling me it could be the computer...Now I'm having a real hard time finding a computer for my car.. can n e 1 help me out.. or do you know the correct name for the computer... thank you...

29th Oct 2007, 13:05

I own a 1994 V6 and wouldn't part with it although I'm having problems with the power steering leaking and attempts to fix it seem to be in-vain.

I'm now going to have to let a garage deal with it, but it is an incredible car to drive and problems seem few and far apart. One of the best cars on the road.

5th Nov 2007, 10:13

I have a 92 MX3 with a 174,000 miles on it. (4c ylinder)! This car is great. I got it for $100 (US), put 1600$ more into, which included new tires, breaks, rotors, brake lines, full exhaust, frame pull, body work, new full paint job and about 2.5 weeks of my hard work. Did it all with some minor help. This was a project car.

This thing is great!!! I beat the living hell out of this car!! I usually cruise around 80mph to 105mph on the highway and race it through the streets of Philadelphia. Any american car under these conditions most likely would have died by now..

The clutch has been slipping for 4 weeks or so, but it comes and goes, very odd.

The engine leaks oil from a valve cover, usually taking in an extra 1 to 2 qts of oil for every 3000 miles.

Other than that it, drives great, handles awesome and never leaves me hangin on the side of the road waiting for a tow truck.. In fact I just hit a deer with it and am going today to find parts to fix it up.

The MX3 is a small little pocket racer, and parking it in the city is awesome. Best car I have ever bought and fixed for the money.. it's my 5 or 6th car that I have rebuilt and drove.

The guy on top just got beat and bought one that wasn't taken care of and not maintained. Next time take it to the shop for a overview and opinion of a GOOD mechanic.

17th Jan 2008, 17:39

I own a 92 MX-3 1.6 liter, and I have owned every car under the sun. I have driven this car for two weeks without oil in it at all and not a problem. Granted, I had to replace both C.V. axles, radiator, and brakes, but to me that's minor and a lot cheaper that a new engine. This I must say is the only car that can keep up with me. I have owned all American cars brand new ones and all of them junk!!! The MX-3 is one car I would not get rid of for anything!!!

18th Jan 2008, 05:20

13th December 2006:

If it won't run it could be ignitor module failure, which is quite common on all the V6 engines. It's easy to check.

The ECU (computer) is usually behind the centre console and failure is almost unknown unless it's physically damaged. If the garage is insisting it needs a new ECU take it to another.

9th Mar 2009, 18:46

Own a 1992 4 cyl MX3, 235k miles. Drive 120 miles per day at 80 mph. The body is rough now but runs great. Original clutch. Toggle switches on doors broke so I use moon roof for air. It still gets 34mpg. Would like to find another.

29th Jun 2009, 03:50

I bought my 92 MX3 1.6 4 cylinder 3 years ago when it had 187,000 miles on it. It now has 217,000 and still kicking. It's been up and down the east coast numerous times. Paint is now fading cuz of the southern sun beating on it, but when I ran through a security gate, there wasn't a scratch or dent on the bumper.

When I got it I eventually changed: alternator, head gasket, timing belt, spark plugs, fuel filter, fuel intake sensor, power steering belt (the A/C compressor went out), and brake pads. 3 years later my radiator cracked and my exhaust manifold broke in 2 places. So I now ride exhaustless, refilling the reservoir every 2 rides and with no A/C, BUT the car is still kicking.

I have another car, but I just can't seem to give this one up. Probably cuz it hasn't on me. This car is a beast.