21st Jul 2009, 23:57

I owned a 1993 Mazda MX-3. This car is the best car I ever had. I bought it in 2002 for few bucks and I mean this car runs good.

Since I had this car, it ran for 5 years without any problems, but after that I changed the brakes, radiator, tires, alternator, and clutch evenly seats. I will buy another one because I love this car and it will stay with me forever.

11th Sep 2009, 20:49

You must have horrible luck. I found a 17 yr old MX3 for 1300 and it's given me no problems at all and handles/drives wonderful. I would highly recommend this car to anyone who wants a unique, sporty car that is well built.

27th Apr 2010, 22:56

Most fun to drive, but I now have no spark.

Got a distributor from the USA for $250, and a no spark - am trying another ECU located on the floor behind the ash tray.

Will keep it going.

15th Mar 2016, 02:00

Same problem on my wife's MX-3 GS. No spark.

New head gaskets, valve cover gaskets, head bolts, timing belt, timing belt tensioner, fuel pump, fuel filter, HEI mod to bypass the commonly faulty ignition module, new battery, new plugs, and still no spark.

Before you go swapping ECUs, consider the ignition coil itself inside the distributor - it sits flush against where the distributor sticks into the cylinder head, and there's the potential for oil leakage there.

I replaced the disty twice, and all three of them wouldn't fire. So I took one of them apart to inspect the coil itself, and it was covered in engine oil! The guts of the disty is supposed to stay bone dry. An oil-soaked ignition coil will most certainly refuse to fire.

You can order the ignition coil separate by itself for $12 to $20. Part number H3T021

Just use a phillips head screwdriver to disassemble the disty and replace the coil yourself. Make sure you mark where the rotor is pointing before removing it!

If not, before reinstallation, set the timing to TDC, then install the disty without the cap on it - the rotor should be pointing to "Number 1." If not, adjust the ROTOR.