12th Nov 2005, 13:10

Good point in the last comment..

19th Jun 2007, 18:35

Your maintance repairs are going to be expensive because labour on any work on or in the engine compartment is expensive - you're better off doing it yourself. Also, it's a sports car; its going to have firm suspension so you can feel the road. You should have looked into what you were buying.

13th Sep 2007, 00:11

I currently own my second MX-3. The first one, a 1994 model was badly damaged by a deer. I now drive a 1995 to get to and from work. I bought this one because the first one was economical (about 40 mpg from the 1.6liter engine) and very reliable. I have nearly 200,000 miles on the '95 and repair and maintenance costs over the last 4 years have been less than $2000usd. That includes replacing the distributor, tires, oil changes, and a radiator. The clutch and transmission are original. My guess is the complaints are about a car that was not properly taken care of by the previous owner (s). You can't blame that on the manufacturer.

20th May 2009, 01:16

I agree with the above comments.. sounds like it wasn't maintained properly. I have a 1995 MX-3 that I purchased brand new 14 years ago. I have put 175,000 miles on it and had minimal maintenance. Basically just the wearables - belts, tires and brakes. I did have to replace the radiator this year but that's understandable since I live in a subtropical climate. It has been a virtually trouble free car and it still handles awesome and is a really fun ride.

2nd Oct 2009, 15:36

Yea that first comment surprises me also. I bought a 94 mx3 used in 2000, it had 121,000 miles on it then, & today I am going on 206,000. Aside from normal wear & tear like tires, belts, tune up, I have only had to replace my radiator (totally my fault) and the alternator. I have had such great luck with my car that I am currently looking for another one with less miles. I love my car,