13th Feb 2004, 13:51

Just another comment on the sqeaky brakes. Sometimes brakes just sqeak due to the type of pads or rotors you have. If you have aftermarket pads the materials in them cause the to wear down fast because the are a harder material. When the connect with the rotor the squeak due to this. Its not a big deal at all, but do get the check to make sure the pads are still good.

12th Aug 2004, 19:33

Squeaking brakes can also be the result of organic pads. When I had mine in Germany, now I have it back in the states (I loved it so much I had it shipped home), I replaced the pads shortly after arriving. The mechanic said that I had non-asbestos pads on the car, and they're also forbidden in Germany, and that contributed to the squeaking with my factory rotors.

My MX-3 GS is twelve years old, a '92, and it has yet to be anything, but reliable. There is documentation to support hard starting in cold weather with the K-08 engine, but even in the minus and sub-zero temperatures in Montana, this car started every time, and it does well in the snow; albeit, with the proper tires. I can refute the hard starting issue because of how it easily starts in the temperatures of Montana as well as, the fact I left it for fourteen days in -20 weather while on vacation in Austria. When I returned my neighbor said it would start no problem, I was reluctant and bet him a rack of mineral water it would not start. Imagine my surprise when I cranked it over, and it started without issue. Then imagine my next surprise when the mineral water cost over $14 for twelve 750 milliliter bottles.

I've been driving it now steadily for over seven months, after it sat for five in the Montana cold. It has never let me down, and now I've got countless people offering me to buy it because of its excellent handling. Nope, I am keeping it until the motor quits, then I'll replace that with the KL-ZE 200HP motor. It drops right in, and I have no rust,... the car is completely aluminum and galvanized steel. I love my little car, although I know how fast it will go, 143mph I have to keep it below 75 in Montana. I miss the days of running with the upper line BMWs of the day. In the city now, I drive it with extreme moderation and am able to coax 29 miles to a gallon in the city. On a trip from Reston West Virginia to Saint Ignatius Montana, two-and-a-half days later, average speed 70-85 I averaged 36 miles per gallon. That's no fib, that was a surprising reality.

I will probably by an RX-08 to treat myself after I get my Psychology degree, if they are still available from Mazda at the time.

To anyone who has this car, regularly scheduled maintenance and tender loving care otherwise will yield as much luck as I have had.

I intend to have it for another twelve plus years.

7th Jul 2006, 08:32

Yes I own a Mazda MX3 GS, fully loaded and the BEST car ever. I have been putting expensive oil in it and she purrs like a kitten. This car was built in Japan in the summer of 1992. I just recently put 140,000 miles on it about ready for my second timing belt. I am hoping to get it to 200,000 miles. I too have the front right brake squeak, but my stereo is always on so I don't hear it that much. I have replaced the Distributer, Radiator, Exhaust Boot (cracked??) and routine maintenance like new Transmission set up, Air, Oil and Fuel Filters a must. I just recently did a major tune-up all new wires, spark plugs, rotor & distributer caps. This car is expensive to keep up, but if you keep it up it will last forever. I hope...

Thanks, Dawn.

8th Jan 2007, 23:28

I have a Mazda MX-3 and I also have problems with the radiator and the alternator. I have put 4 alternator belts on the car in the last 2 weeks. It needs replaced, but as far as the Car, She has been really good to me. I have been trying to find new or used seats that are in good condition, but I can't find them anywhere. If any one has any Ideas please let me know.

Thanks Bridgett