1991 Mazda MX5 1.6 from North America


Best value in a sports car ever!


I've had it for less than a year and had the O2 sensor replaced to pass smog when I registered it.

I had ~$3k worth of work done to it before I picked it up so that it would be 100% when I picked it up including new brakes, radiator, AC changeover, added cruise, etc. The car had ~$8k of upgrades including body kit, silver metallic paint, hardtop, exhaust, JR intake, strut tower brace, 5zigen wheels, 205/40-16 tires, new leather seats, indiglo gauges, carbon fiber trim, adj shocks, lowered, etc.

General Comments:

I flew to TX and drove it back to CA. It's more fun than the 240SX and the Mustang SVT that I had. It corners extremely well and the small wheelbase, stiffer suspension and lowered riding position makes it feel like a slot car.

I'm 6'0" 200# and I fit in it very nicely... not cramped at all unless you're used to an "arm's reach" laid back seating position (I'm not). My exhaust is louder than stock which makes it even more exciting to drive.

I considered buying an early Boxster or Z3 but after driving them vs. the Miata, it was a no brainer (if you like fun more than image). The body kit makes the car more unique than the other brands, too.

I'll never sell it...never. Next year I'll add the chassis braces and a turbo kit and you'll never get the smile off my face!

It's a great car stock, even better with a few mods and with a lot of mods like mine, it's a better choice than a new Elise... and a lot better looking. And...maintaining/fixing an English-made Elise out of warranty (oh my!). Same for Porsche and BMW.

It's the best value in a sports car ever made, whether kept stock or modified. Forget buying a newer one; get an older one, fix it up and you won't regret it.

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Review Date: 31st July, 2006

1991 Mazda MX5 Base Model 1.6 from North America




Bough the car when it is 14 years old with 75k miles. Like everything else that gets old, "ALL" of the usual wear and tear parts (rubber parts) needed to be replaced/rebuilt (rebuild calipers, replace valve cover gasket, rebuild clutch slave, etc). These may sound bad, but trust me it is NOT, easily done by a handyman and there is a lot of information and how tos for the MX5/Miata so anyone can do it. Other than that, this car is a rock!

General Comments:

Handles like every says it does! If you are considering this car, try to stay away from open differentials as they have poorER traction.

Everyone should drive one, in fact everyone should share theirs to allow others the joy of driving it even if just for once.

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Review Date: 23rd February, 2006

19th Oct 2007, 22:38

I could not agree with you more. Please someone toss me your keys. I already have my fingerless gloves ready. Miata's are fantastic little runners :-) Thanks guy for your review.

1991 Mazda MX5 1.6 petrol from Australia and New Zealand


Great handling, reliable roadster. Would gladly buy another


210,000km whine from rear differential. had it replaced.

205000km, play in the steering rack meant it failed a 'warranty of fitness', so rack was replaced.

Drivers door lock would not unlock, just wear and tear. replaced lock.

Very little actually.

Just regular maintenance: tyres, brake pads, spark plug leads, cambelt and water pump, and oil changes.

General Comments:

Although not absolutely perfect reliability-wise. Mostly wear and tear stuff. It is now a 14 year old car. Considering the mileage I have done in 7 years of ownership, and the sometimes aggressive driving style, the car has done very well. Still on the first clutch, but I feel it slipping a little on quick gear changes.

Have changed the air filter to make more air get in more directly, perhaps a small performance gain.

Bigger tyres on 16" alloys, better grip in the wet, the old 14" felt skittish and scary in the wet.

Reasonable performance and economy, great handling. Still turns heads after all these years even.

More fun, economical and quicker than the boring Toyota Camry which is the other car, although that is more comfortable and safer.

Great little car, that's why I've kept it so long.

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Review Date: 14th November, 2005