1994 Mazda MX5 C pkg 1.8 from North America


Fun, reliable, cheap, noisy


Nothing under my ownership. It's been great, but I've only had it for a bit. But it's my second Miata, fourth Mazda, and I'm sure it will last forever.

General Comments:

The car is in every sense a go cart. Handling is superb, suspension sophisticated and stiff, torsen LSD is incredible, never slips up, 5 speed transmission has great short throws and very positive engagement. 1.8l is reasonable in terms of power, feels faster then it actually is. Gas mileage is excellent, I average 31-32 mixed, which is better then 95% of cars out there.

Sadly, the car is hindered by a very rough and noisy ride. Even the slightest road imperfects can upset the chassis, and with the top down there is noticeable cowl shake. The car also suffers the chronic 65 mph vibration that is common with NA models.

My 95 was also noticeably quicker (94 horsepower was actually lower than printed and fixed in 95)

Great weekend smooth road car, but I'd look into an NB model if you can, I'm getting a 2001.

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Review Date: 15th April, 2008

1994 Mazda MX5 S 1.8L from UK and Ireland


Superb. The most enjoyment you will ever find for the money


Red paint has faded somewhat (such is a car of this age unfortunately).

Minor leaking on occasion near driver and passenger A pillars.

General Comments:

Having owned the car for three years, I can say that despite replacing it with a significantly more expensive car, I am still very sad to see it go.

The MX-5 is a true sports car in the British sense. It's nimble, handles perfectly, and is stylish. The 1800 is also pretty fast, with the power delivered promptly and consistently.

I spent a fair amount on the car, but purely through love of wanting to keep the car pristine. I bought a new mohair roof, wind protector and walnut interior fixtures Other than that the car has been exceptionally reliable.

Despite it being such a fantastic car to own, there are negatives and this is what leads me to replace the car. Mainly the cockpit is noisy at high speeds due to it being a soft top. Being a sports car, it is also a somewhat hard ride; this is great whilst cornering on a smooth road, but isn't great for pot holes!

As a rear wheel drive car, it is possible to spin the wheels in less-than-perfect conditions and I sometimes hit ABS in wet weather and frost/ice. As such I would highly recommend a model with ABS.

I would highly recommend the car and am truly sorry to sell it. If I could keep it in the family, I would definitely do so.

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Review Date: 1st March, 2008

1994 Mazda MX5 1.8 from Australia and New Zealand


Lots of fun and very reliable


Leaking coolant hose at 172000km, which was easily replaced.

General Comments:

Has been very reliable. Have travelled about 17000km in just over a year since I bought it, with just the usual oil and tune up needed when purchased, and after 10000kms.

I have taken it on numerous long distance trips, including a 2000km trip down in the South Island of New Zealand, which included a drive up a narrow 4WD road, which was steep, windy and lots of fun.

Has been my daily driver. Always fun, especially around round-a-bouts in the wet, when you can easily slide the backend if you want, with just a quick turn of the wheel.

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Review Date: 29th November, 2007

30th Jan 2010, 19:13

Original poster here. Have now travelled 206000km, with just routine maintenace. Replaced radiator and cambelt at 194000. Great car, but will be sadly selling soon as I need a larger car for everyday use.

20th Sep 2011, 20:03

I finally sold my MX5 at 226000km, only because I have bought a larger, more practical car. I'm sure the MX will keep going and going. All in all, a great car. May end up buying my old one back one day, as I sold it to a work mate.