2004 Mazda MX5 Mazdaspeed 1.8L turbo from North America


Perfectly balanced driver's car with spot-on handling and solid power


Nothing as of yet... driven only 85 miles!

General Comments:

As soon as I left the dealer for a test drive -- we hit the highway. By third gear, and the turbo kicking in -- I was hooked. I wanted a tight-handling, quick roadster, and this was it. This car will keep you engaged and thrilled -- would unquestionably recommend!

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Review Date: 3rd April, 2015

2004 Mazda MX5 Euphonic 1.8L from UK and Ireland


An outstanding car, that is as cheap as chips to run


In the four years I have owned this car from new, I haven't had to change as much as a light bulb. Routine servicing with no other work required. Exceptional.

General Comments:

An extremely reliable car; it looks good, and drives and handles well. Not the fastest considering it's a 1.8i, but that's not the reason for buying it.

Very economical to run with reasonable insurance costs.

The Euphonic is one of several MX5 limited editions however, this must be the sportiest looking special edition they realised. Striking in Velocity Red (only 500 manufactured in this colour), with matching black and red leather trim finished off with graphite 16" wheels.

My only minor issue is it seams to eat tyres. Would have expected to have got another 5000k miles out of them.

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Review Date: 26th September, 2008

2004 Mazda MX5 Mazdaspeed GT 1.8 liter turbo from North America


A better version of an already spectacular roadster!


To start, I bought the car with a few known issues, all of which were covered under Mazda's 3 year/36k mile warranty. Issues were:

Shifter bushings worn (common issue).

Driver's top latch not sealing properly (broken nipple guide).

Dealer fixed problems without giving me too much hassle. The only real issue was that since the shifter sits right on top of the transmission, the faulty bushings and broken ball created a gap for fluid to leak out, run down the transmission, and onto the catalytic converter causing a burning smell. I got the dealer to replace the transmission-driveshaft seal as well, just to be safe, and since then, the smell has disappeared.

I have not had the car long enough to experience any real issues otherwise.

General Comments:

Let me start by saying that I work for a used car dealer from who I purchased the car. Out of all of the Honda S2000s, Porsche Carreras, Audi S4s, and BMW Z4s I have driven on the job, no car really excited me as much as this little Miata has.

I believe this car is the perfect roadster, and many critics agree. It has everything you got in the original Miata, but since the engine is now turbocharged, the complaint of lack of power has gone away.

Steering is very precise and offers great feedback, and just the right feel and resistance.

Seating position is very good, although since I am 5'11" I would have liked to sit a little lower, but I never have any visibility or comfort issues. Some bigger/stiffer bolsters would have been a great choice for this Mazdaspeed, but the stock seats are great as well.

Power is good, combined with the short gearing, it really makes great use of the engine. The only downside is that at 60mph in 6th gear I am at 3000RPM, 80 at 4000RPM, 100 at 5000RPM, and since redline is only 6500RPM, the car would run out of gearing at ~130mph, but that's not what this car is about.

Handling is near top of the line. Upgraded OEM Bilstein shocks really make a difference, producing less body roll and sharper response than the regular Miatas. The stock Toyo Proxes 4 tires are nothing to brag about, but even with them, this car can pass just about anything on the outside of a corner.

Shifting action is great. Clutch travel is short and pedal offers great resistance, and the shifter is short and precise with just the right amount of gating.

Brakes are responsive and strong, even with my somewhat worn pads.

Throttle is very responsive, although I could have asked for more resistance in the pedal.

Fuel economy is good when you take into consideration that it's a turbocharged sports car; I generally get 22mpg city with spirited driving on occasions.

I have upgraded this car with an intake kit from FlyinMiata, which upped the power pretty significantly, and turbo spool is now much louder, and seems a bit smoother.

Stereo system is great, BOSE 6 speaker with a 6disk in-dash changer are great for longer trips.

I love this car!!

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Review Date: 29th July, 2008

28th Jun 2009, 23:56

Owned the car for a year now, figured I'd update.

No real issues since purchase, mileage is coming up to 51k.


FM Intake

FM Downpipe


FM Springs

FM Sways

BBS Wheels

Hawk HPS Brakes.

Car pulls a random misfire on me every few months, doesn't last more than a few seconds and throws a CEL. Then the car drives like it should, no issues, just a freak bug somewhere in the system I guess.

20th Dec 2009, 15:43

Coming on 2 years now, been facing an issue for a few months that I cannot diagnose, probably something stupid that I am overlooking, and it's never happened in the Mazdaspeed Miata community before.

Otherwise, the car is still trusty and fun to drive, with the power delivery problem sorted out, I am excited to open the car up again this summer.

1st Dec 2011, 12:30

Still the original reviewer here, been a while with this car. Not a daily driver anymore, now a once-a-week car with 71k miles or so.

The "mystery" issue I had turned out to be a jumped timing belt. Replaced the belt, pulleys, and water pump as standard maintenance, and it runs like a beast again.