13th Nov 2004, 13:44

I just got a 1990 Mazda MX6 LX and my mechanic said it looked great. The car drives smoothly and runs great, but the drivers side window makes an odd click sound and takes a while to roll down. Other than that the car is great and fun to drive!

19th Dec 2005, 14:10

0.60 in 7 seconds??? have you had NOS fitted.

27th Jul 2006, 14:27

I also have a '91 Mazda MX6, With approx 248.000 miles on it, I have had older people who have no idea on the year of a car from looking at it, ride in it and ask if it was a '05 or an '06 model.

The car is smooth as silk with the speedo sitting on 90+ mph.

One thing I love, but cannot get used to is the illusion you are going 30 mph when you are actually going double that. I first thought the speedo was wrong, but then I started getting tickets for the exact speed I was showing on it, and solved that mystery. I've got 3 to date from the speedo gradually creeping up on me when I forget about it.

It is a 4 cyl. 5 speed manual with the clutch still strong as new, and never been replaced. Matter of fact, the only part ever replaced was the electric cooling fan on the radiator - Used=$25 and the heater resistor - Used=$20. I believe the humidity and weather were to blame, cause the fan motor was rusted almost in half & the resistor had turned into green chunks from corrosion. Humidity stays 90% + all year here!

And of course the regular maintenance required - Timing belt (NOT TILL ALMOST 200.000 MILES THOUGH). It was due at either 60k or 90k, I don't remember.

Even still has original rear brake pads.

I ran an Import Repair Shop for 7 years and worked my whole life in garages. Plus have owned at least 100 cars over the years.

I feel this is without a doubt the best car I have ever owned ever.

The exhaust system rusted off, as it does with every car here, and I replaced it with a Universal converter and (2) Glass Pack straight thru flow. Using (2) gave me a almost totally unrestricted system and made it quiet enough to pass for nearly stock + shot my gas mileage up to 35 mpg on highway, and 20 mpg in town, and I do 80 mph on the freeway and drive like a fool elsewhere. You would not believe the extra power. Well worth it in cost.

A lot of people are figuring out how good these cars are, cause the price keeps going up for a good one. Hope this info helps someone! Steven.

10th Jan 2008, 12:57

Car is not built for fat sound system, especially with a sun roof.

31st May 2010, 13:17

I also have a 1991 MX6. Great car, loves the corners, has lots of pep in 3rd gear. Love this car.